1. Architectural feature i see in european city
  2. Covered entrance to a building
  3. Grand entrance
  4. Classical greek temple fe
  5. Covered walkway
  6. Porch with columns
  7. Attachment in classical a
  8. Porch, with support, i could put in
  9. Covered porch
  10. Covered entrance with columns
  11. Porch-like structure with columns
  12. Colonnaded entryway
  13. By which one gets entry into wine firm?
  14. Left in charge of old covered area
  15. Heard doc is in charge of leaders in front of the house
  16. Colonnade, covered porch
  17. One officer after drink getting the classical cover
  18. Some support i constructed for covered entrance
  19. One company supporting drink: it's regularly supported
  20. It's a bit pretentious out front to drink to one firm
  21. Grand porch
  22. Stoop to drink with one company
  23. Colonnaded entrance
  24. In disorder, riot cop covered entrance
  25. Monticello part
  26. Split, for example, one firm with a covered walkway
  27. Covered walkway left by one company
  28. Covered porch, perhaps with columns
  29. Porch left with painting unfinished
  30. Column-supported roof
  31. Troop out, squeezing first person caught in entrance
  32. Classical porch
  33. How one might make an entry for wine with one company
  34. Covered walkway with columns or pillars
  35. One supporting left -- communists' fifth columns
  36. Attachment to building, one put in by wine business
  37. Entrance with a roof supported by columns
  38. Drink i had with company in gallery, perhaps
  39. Opening with image cut below it -- an architectural feature
  40. Left in charge of old colonnade
  41. There's little shelter from drink - one needs the poison
  42. Left in charge of small architectural feature
  43. Entrance to building in harbour one small company used
  44. Classical greek temple feature
  45. Wine firm providing cover for independent series of columns
  46. Posh covered entrance to building
  47. A number of columns sensationalised police court overlooking new clue
  48. Left in charge of othello's first entrance
  49. Walkway lined with columns
  50. Covered porch with supporting columns
  51. The harbour starts the walk that's covered-up
  52. Left on board, one with him in command makes a grand entrance
  53. Covered entrance i start to construct in iberian city
  54. White house entrance
  55. Doorway, entrance, porch
  56. Extended grand porch on the front of a building
  57. Pillared entranceway
  58. Walkway with a roof supported by columns

Crosswords containing the word "PORTICO"

  1. Ancient greek portico
  2. Ancient greek portico some confess to admiring
  3. Portico in athens
  4. Greek portico
  5. Portico adornments
  6. Greek portico or colonnade
  7. Portico
  8. Portico in greek architec
  9. Portico's cousin
  10. Plato-era portico