1. Do farm work quietly by irish lake
  2. Accompanier of a harrow,
  3. Large vehicle parking by irish lake
  4. Turn up the earth for farming with a plow
  5. Heavy __ dug deep changed european agriculture
  6. Fail to prepare the ground
  7. Farm tool and group of stars
  8. It enables farmers to make a good turnover
  9. Fail exam in agriculture?
  10. Seven stars on the farm?
  11. Accompanier of a harrow, in harrow
  12. One has a share in the softsounding water
  13. Stars fail to turn up on farm
  14. Farm implement in soft bog son removed
  15. By the sound of it, soft water has a share of this
  16. The . . . . . . and the stars (o'casey)
  17. What oxen pull in england
  18. Cut a way through group of stars
  19. Palestinian group unites with horror at big dipper
  20. Is the water soft enough, by the sound of it, to be of use to the farmer?
  21. Farm implement - same as 7
  22. Little money left: is duty bound not to close till
  23. Constellation known in the us as the big dipper
  24. Agricultural implement
  25. O'casey play 'the . . . . . . and the stars'
  26. Soil churner
  27. Turn over page on lake
  28. Turn up water pressure first
  29. Draught horse's pull
  30. Stars fail exam
  31. Lakeside parking provided for stars …
  32. Farm tool for cutting furrows
  33. Farm tool and star formation
  34. Play by seán o'casey: the __ and the stars
  35. Work on farm with seven stars
  36. Furrower of soil
  37. Snow __, vehicle that moves the white stuff
  38. Sight on an english farm
  39. Sight on an english farm
  40. Big dipper to brits
  41. Work from poet laureate four letters, having eight rhymes
  42. Monday, first monday after epiphany
  43. Seven stars break ground

Crosswords containing the word "PLOUGH"

  1. Plough furrow backwards, becoming swollen
  2. Plough into foundation of prison
  3. Mineral that is cut by reversing plough
  4. Neighbour to plough for us around mid-afternoon or after morning in
  5. I am beginning to plough into heather, making progress with difficulty
  6. Plough's rut
  7. There's some hairy trouble for the plough
  8. Plough through a translation from latin
  9. Don't plough oxford's young dandy — let someone else decide
  10. Plough lane was their home