1. Aquatic creature — supply at sea: about a ton
  2. Australian mammal
  3. Flat-tailed animal also embodies a tailless sort
  4. Egg-laying mammal
  5. Changing supply lines cheers up one with a large bill
  6. It is similar to a duck but no duck at all
  7. Ornithorhynchus anatinus semiaquatic mammal
  8. The duck you'll get billed for may not be a bird
  9. Aussie amphibian, a tailless sort, also going round
  10. Australian animal with ducklike beak
  11. Tom starts in sport with manx cat, an unusual creature
  12. Duck-billed creature
  13. Australian mammal with duckbill
  14. Odd-looking critter
  15. French plate has you mixed up with spy as down under bill follows duck
  16. Extremely goofy duck-billed creature
  17. Duck-billed australian mammal
  18. Duck-billed critter
  19. Creature seen in playtime to drink up
  20. Egg-producer distributes supply at random
  21. Time invested in sport - short, vigorous effort for australian resident
  22. Australian mammal with large bill and webbed feet
  23. Duck-billed animal
  24. Scaly cat losing its tail to animal in australia
  25. Animal act taking time with tailless cat
  26. A tailless species bitten by more venomous mammal
  27. Egg producer's supply at capacity
  28. Aquatic creature, a sort endlessly consumed in addition
  29. Duck-billed mammal
  30. Aquatic creature wrongly put, say, behind empty pool
  31. Odd-looking australian mammal
  32. Exotic animal supply at dances
  33. Egg-laying mammal of australia
  34. Supply different cage for a time for unusual mammal
  35. Duck-billed egg-laying mammal
  36. Mammal with a bill
  37. Primitive mammal, duck-billed
  38. Small, aquatic, swimming mammal with a duck bill
  39. An australian mammal that lays eggs
  40. A duck-billed __
  41. Semiaquatic mammal that lays eggs
  42. Marsupial that looks like a beaver with a beak
  43. Duck-billed mammal with venomous leg spurs
  44. State animal of new south wales
  45. Semiaquatic egg-laying, duck-billed mammal
  46. Phineas and ferb's tv family pet: perry the __
  47. Phineas and ferb's pet perry's species
  48. Australian egg-laying mammal with a duck's bill
  49. Egg laying, duck billed, beaver tailed mammal
  50. The only egg-laying mammal without spikes
  51. Odd creature with tail also includes a tailless variety
  52. Mammal with a duck-like bill
  53. Duck billed mammal that uniquely lays eggs
  54. Duck billed mammal found in australia

Crosswords containing the word "PLATYPUS"

  1. Platypus part
  2. Platypus, e.g.
  3. Like a platypus?
  4. Source of a baby platypus
  5. Platypus nest item
  6. Platypus feature
  7. Platypus-like, in a way
  8. 2000 olympics platypus mascot
  9. Home to an embryonic platypus
  10. Patti the platypus or garcia the bear