1. Greek letter that represents the golden ratio
  2. Greek letter associated w
  3. Sorority letter
  4. #21 of 24
  5. Greek letter in previous answer
  6. ___ beta kappa
  7. Sound stimulus for prince
  8. Fraternity letter
  9. Letter in an honor societys name
  10. Greek consonant
  11. Beta preceder
  12. Golden ratio symbol
  13. Greek letter, equivalent to f
  14. Symbol for electric flux
  15. 21st in a series of 24
  16. Greek character appearing in amphitheatre
  17. The eagles for short
  18. ___ bete (honor society member informally)
  19. Honor society letter
  20. The golden ratio
  21. Greek letter f
  22. Honor society character
  23. Chi preceder
  24. Greek character’s fractured hip
  25. Frat letter
  26. Quietly greeting letter from greece
  27. Key opener?
  28. Upsilon's follower
  29. Key letter
  30. Quietly greeting greek character
  31. Upsilon follower
  32. Letter before beta in a s
  33. Greeting at bottom of page: "here i am!"
  34. 14th after 40-down
  35. Letter before 11 down
  36. Feta was originally spelled with one
  37. Letter on a key
  38. Greek letter associated with the 33-across
  39. Greek letter; sounds like expression of outrage
  40. 21st of 24
  41. Follower of upsilon
  42. Letter three before 15-across
  43. Letter from abroad that expresses disgust read out
  44. President greeting character from abroad
  45. Symbol of the golden ratio
  46. Greek equivalent of f
  47. Letter that rhymes with its two successors
  48. "beta kappa" head
  49. Greek letter that's also an m.l.b. city on scoreboards
  50. Page greeting exotic character
  51. Greek letter, spoken as f
  52. Letter before beta in a society's name
  53. The eagles, on a scoreboard
  54. Pa. team, on scoreboards
  55. Letter from pharos
  56. 21st letter
  57. The nfl's eagles on a sports news crawl
  58. It looks like an omicron with an iota through it
  59. Two before kappa on a key
  60. Greek letter sounding f
  61. The sixers' pa home
  62. The phillies, on scoreboards
  63. Letter before chi
  64. ___ beta kappa (honor society)
  65. Stop him snatching letter
  66. Greek letter; sounds like expression of disgust
  67. Foreign character's expression of distaste for listeners
  68. Letter that rhymes with the two that follow it
  69. Letter after upsilon
  70. 21st of 24 letters
  71. Twenty first greek letter, pronounced as f
  72. Was opponent, in the nl east
  73. Preceder of chi
  74. Letter between upsilon and chi
  75. ___ phenomenon (optical illusion)
  76. Honor society leader?
  77. Greek character set up one way to pay
  78. College key letter
  79. 21st greek letter
  80. ___, beta, gamma
  81. One greek is thirty percent of nine
  82. Golden ratio symbol which is an anagram of hip
  83. ___ beta kappa (scholars’ group)
  84. The nfl’s eagles on scoreboards
  85. Twenty-first letter of the greek alphabet
  86. The 21st letter of the greek alphabet
  87. ___ beta kappa (academic honor group)
  88. When repeated it's an island group in thailand
  89. ___ beta kappa (academic honor society)
  90. ___ beta kappa society the oldest american academic honor society
  91. First letter of the academic honor society
  92. 21st chapter of a frat
  93. Greek symbol for the golden ratio
  94. Character i express dissatisfaction about
  95. Highly acidic letter from rhodes?
  96. Pa. mlb city
  97. ___ beta kappa (scholastic honor society)
  98. Eagles, on scoreboards
  99. Letter seen twice in philadelphia
  100. The nba’s 76ers on a scoreboard
  101. Letter of public house, opening for inspection
  102. Greek letter that looks like an i and o superimposed
  103. Greek letter pronounced as f
  104. Magnetic flux symbol
  105. Letter before 35-across
  106. Letter on an honor society key
  107. Nyg nfl rival
  108. Chi lead in
  109. 21st of 24
  110. St of
  111. Symbol of the golden ratio
  112. Beta preceder in the fraternity group
  113. The nhls flyers on scoreboards
  114. 76ers on scoreboards
  115. Hard dividing an irrational number, which diophantus once showed
  116. It's three after 3-down

Crosswords containing the word "PHI"

  1. Book between gal. and phi
  2. Grateful dead bassist phi
  3. Phi follower
  4. Letter after phi, chi, ps
  5. Phi beta kappa mementos
  6. Phi beta kappa concern, f
  7. Where samson slew the phi
  8. Method answer is presented by phi?
  9. Pianist leader of the phi
  10. Delicate choice of terminology, possibly making me use phi, mark