1. Ancient egyptian ruler
  2. Ancient egyptian king
  3. Villain in exodus
  4. A cheer goes up - dance around and around for the old king ...
  5. Dynasty member
  6. Rare museum display
  7. Many a mummy, in life
  8. Egyptian ruler
  9. Exodus figure
  10. Ah harpo! possibly one of the greats of yesteryear
  11. Admirer of joseph, in gen
  12. Ancient king at pub - one with real ale on hand, for starters
  13. Part of a serial
  14. Name given to the leader of ancient egypt
  15. Title of ancient egyptian ruler
  16. A ruler of ancient egypt term means great house
  17. Ancient egyptian monarch; ruler of the dynasties
  18. Ruler's beautiful love letter read out
  19. Royal ruler in ancient egypt
  20. Pyramid schemer?
  21. King tut's title
  22. King henry has an artist over in public house
  23. A harp that's broken - where? oh, in egypt
  24. Loser on account of the 37-across
  25. Ramses ii, for one
  26. Eg, tutankhamen
  27. Associated with some fellahs by edwards
  28. Cheops, for example
  29. Exodus tyrant
  30. Ikhnaton, for one
  31. Old egyptian gambling game, it's said
  32. King of ancient egypt
  33. Old king herod's beginning to punch soldier — what a surprise!
  34. 25 buried with his mummy
  35. Old egyptian king
  36. Headdress wearer
  37. Spooner's occasional enemy a member of ancient royalty
  38. Now mummy gets hot wearing jumper? i'm surprised!
  39. A rameses maybe
  40. Title of ancient egyptian kings
  41. Former egyptian ruler
  42. Old egyptian ruler
  43. Oh, that sounds reasonable for mummy
  44. Admirer of joseph, in genesis
  45. Old king's reasonable letter read out
  46. Title of ancient egyptian monarchs
  47. 24-across, e.g
  48. Pyramid rester
  49. Ruler is funny ha-ha or peculiar, primarily?
  50. Pyramid power
  51. Old king's ancientness: article westminster brought up
  52. Ancient ruler
  53. Egyptian king
  54. Ruler? just something wooden for shakespeare's chorus, we hear
  55. By the sound of it, not a brunette? oh, then it must be mummy
  56. 'aida' figure
  57. Ancient kilt-wearing ruler
  58. Pyramid builder
  59. Mummy, maybe
  60. Old king's reasonable line in speech
  61. Giza pyramid builder
  62. Ruler in ancient egypt
  63. National dog of malta: __ hound
  64. — ant small insect commonly found in kitchens and warm places
  65. Exodus oppressor
  66. Monarch of ancient egypt
  67. Ancient egyptian ruler
  68. Enjoined by moses to let his people go
  69. The title of monarchs in ancient egypt
  70. Title of ruler in ancient egypt
  71. Pyramid resident
  72. Previous egyptian spy that iran got the covers off
  73. Any ancient egyptian ruler
  74. Tut, e.g
  75. Ruler of ancient egypt
  76. Word derived from the egyptian for great house
  77. An ancient royal pub joins a row over hotel

Crosswords containing the word "PHARAOH"

  1. Pharaoh getting back scrubbed, hell amid gross depravity
  2. Pharaoh's cross
  3. Pharaoh's river
  4. A pharaoh vis-
  5. Pharaoh's symbol
  6. Pharaoh ___
  7. Pharaoh's head?
  8. Pharaoh's realm
  9. Pharaoh's deity
  10. The pyramids, for pharaoh