1. Butterfly gives a firm penetrating nip
  2. Like
  3. Kiss overwhelms a firm, vain fellow
  4. Bird with iridescent tail feathers
  5. In kung fu panda 2 po fights an evil __
  6. The bird where hera placed the giant argus's eyes
  7. Male bird that displays the feathers like a fan
  8. Proudest of birds
  9. Rainbow feathered bird immortal by greeks
  10. Bird known for its huge beautiful tail displays
  11. Bird to use beak set about old bill first
  12. Vain person in a heap after pe
  13. Top firm to be included as one given to ostentatious display
  14. Thomas love —, author
  15. A quick kiss, embracing a firm, gorgeous bird
  16. Vain individual with showy plumage!
  17. Nbc bird
  18. Avian symbol of pride
  19. Blue-green top covers crotch, oddly
  20. Show-off given top position - company about to be sunk
  21. Male fowl with long fanning tail feathers
  22. Gaudy bird
  23. Ornamental fowl
  24. Bird establishing a business in what hen does
  25. Recipient of argus's 100 eyes, in myth
  26. It has very long tail feathers that have iridescent eye-like markings
  27. Colorful nbc symbol
  28. Showy bird
  29. Proud one of the animal kingdom
  30. Bird brings bill round in bite
  31. Flashy dresser
  32. Love may separate thomas from this vain person
  33. Sitcom captain's a strutting sort
  34. Vain person
  35. Proud bird
  36. Thomas love --, author of 'nightmare abbey' (1818)
  37. Bird seed by pile of hay
  38. Nbc mascot
  39. Longtime network symbol
  40. Dandy having some veg served with chicken?
  41. Thick wheat flour japanese noodle
  42. Thomas love author of novels gryll grange and crotchet castle
  43. Bird with remarkable plumage
  44. Nbc symbol
  45. Showy fowl
  46. Type of eel, like bird that displays its tail
  47. Mrs __, elderly clue character
  48. Glamorous bird with magnificent tail of eyes
  49. Colorful bird
  50. The peahen is the female counterpart
  51. Colorful bird, or butterfly
  52. Bird identified by its large green and blue plumage
  53. Guard bird
  54. Hand-balance yoga pose, bird tail-feather display
  55. Katy perry song named after a bird
  56. Fancy-ass bird?
  57. Proud bird with beautiful feathers
  58. Showy flier
  59. Eat sparingly with a company in part of a muster?
  60. Male bird known for its extravagant tail feathers
  61. Flamboyant bird on berlin's pfaueninsel
  62. Blue and green bird with tail-feather display
  63. Exercise a fowl to produce a more beautiful bird
  64. A vain, strutting person, thomas love
  65. Bird that likes showing off its beautiful feathers
  66. Firm chaff initially swallowed by mountain bird
  67. Pheasant with an eye spotted train of feathers
  68. Showy person
  69. Impressively tailed bird often seen in dreams

Crosswords containing the word "PEACOCK"

  1. Brennan who played mrs. peacock in 'clue'brennan who played mrs. peacock in 'clue'
  2. __ peacock (suspect in clue)__ peacock (suspect in clue)
  3. ___ peacock (clue character)___ peacock (clue character)
  4. __ peacock (clue suspect)__ peacock (clue suspect)
  5. Imitated a peacock, maybe
  6. Stuff brill with syrup fried peacock hearts
  7. Peacock plume feature
  8. Peacock's walk
  9. Nbc's peacock and cbs's e
  10. Tv network whose logo is a peacock