1. Bussing on a bus, for short?
  2. A peck in a park is one, for short
  3. Smartphone, e.g., for sho
  4. Unlawful behavior in strict muslim countries for short
  5. Iphone, e.g., briefly
  6. Blackberry, e.g., in brie
  7. Hi-tech helper
  8. Palm pilot, e.g.
  9. Handheld computer, briefl
  10. Hi-tech organizer
  11. Handheld computer, or hol
  12. Palm treo, e.g.
  13. Modern organizer, for sho
  14. Blackberry or iphone, bri
  15. Palm pilot, e.g., briefly
  16. Machine that fits in one's hand, briefly
  17. Smooching in front of your friends, e.g
  18. Smartphone predecessor for short
  19. Handheld device, for short
  20. Ipod touch, for one
  21. Kissing on a busy ave. say
  22. Samsung galaxy, e.g.: abbr
  23. Making out on the bus, e.g.: abbr
  24. Smooching on the bus, for short
  25. Blackberry or sidekick, briefly
  26. Kiss-cam product, briefly
  27. Bussing while busing for short
  28. Handheld computer
  29. Holding hands or kissing on the street in brief
  30. Handheld computing device, initially
  31. Making out in public, e.g.: abbr.
  32. Blackberry device (abbr.)
  33. David who wrote the famous 'coffee is for closers' monologue
  34. Reason to shout 'get a room!'
  35. Smooching on the subway, e.g
  36. Get a room elicitor for short
  37. Frequent e-mail destination
  38. Palmtop, e.g., in brief
  39. Handheld gadget
  40. High-tech 'appt. book'
  41. Blackberry, e.g
  42. Hand-held organizer, briefly
  43. Blackberry or iphone, briefly
  44. Palmtop device, for short
  45. Behavior that might gross out other people on the bus, briefly
  46. Palm zire, e.g.
  47. Palm pilot or blackberry, briefly
  48. Device with a stylus, briefly
  49. Device made obsolete by the smartphone
  50. Handheld organizer, for short
  51. Palm's zire, for one
  52. Blackberry, for ex
  53. Blackberry or palm pilot, for short
  54. Something that may make people go 'ick,' for short
  55. Iphone, for ex.
  56. Smartphone, for ex
  57. Hand-held organizer, in brief
  58. Electronic organizer
  59. Action that might cause someone to say 'get a room!': abbr.
  60. Obsolescent mobile device, briefly
  61. Kissing in public, for example, in brief
  62. Pupil of a snake's eye, often
  63. Handheld organizer: abbr
  64. Mobile info organizer
  65. Palmpilot or blackberry: abbr
  66. Hand-held organizer
  67. Little black book successor
  68. Blackberry or palm pilot, briefly
  69. Organiser ii was an early one
  70. Handheld secretary
  71. Blackberry, e.g., in brief
  72. Reason for some averted looks, for short
  73. Cell cousin
  74. Psion's organizer was the first one
  75. Droid or iphone, e.g
  76. Smartphone ancestor
  77. Hi-tech 'appt. book'
  78. Blackberry or ipod touch, for short
  79. Address book replacer, for short
  80. Handheld computer, briefly
  81. High-tech organizer, briefly
  82. Smartphone forerunner, for short
  83. Kissing in the park for short
  84. E-mail destination, perhaps
  85. One with an agenda?
  86. Smartphone
  87. Blackberry, for one
  88. Making out in front of everyone, say, for short
  89. Handheld secy.
  90. Smartphone, e.g., for short
  91. Mobile device, usually
  92. Kissing in a crowd say: abbr.
  93. High-tech organizer: abbr
  94. Kissing in public, e.g
  95. Smooching on the street, e.g., briefly
  96. Touch-screen gadget, usually
  97. Handheld computer: abbr.
  98. Smartphone ancestor, for short
  99. Canoodling on the sidewalk, e.g.: abbr
  100. Handheld device (abbr.)
  101. Handheld computer, or holding hands
  102. Blackberry, e.g., for short
  103. Blackberry bold, e.g.
  104. Making out in the mall say for short
  105. Smartphone relative
  106. Palm pilot, for ex
  107. Handheld computerized device, informally
  108. Kissing on the street, for example: abbr.
  109. Handheld organizer
  110. Kissing in a crowd, e.g., in brief
  111. Kissing at the mall for short
  112. Where phone nos. might be stored
  113. Palm pilot or blackberry
  114. What a hand-held - or hand-holding - may be, briefly
  115. Making out on the subway, e.g., for short
  116. Smartphone relative, for short
  117. Kiss in a busy store for short
  118. Kiss at the mall, briefly
  119. Iphone, e.g
  120. Smartphone predecessor
  121. Ipod touch, e.g
  122. Holding hands say for short
  123. Evoker of dirty looks maybe in brief
  124. Smartphone, for short
  125. Electronic memo bk.
  126. Palmpilot e.g.
  127. Get a room elicitor briefly
  128. Smartphone predecessor abbr.
  129. Smartphone forerunner briefly
  130. Holding hands or kissing on the street for short
  131. Downtown make-out sesh e.g.
  132. Overly obvious demonstration of love: abbr.
  133. Showing affection in the open: abbr.
  134. Out of fashion handheld pc: abbr.
  135. Smartphone forerunner
  136. Kissing in a park e.g.: abbr.
  137. Palmpilot for example: abbr.
  138. Bussing on a bus e.g. for short
  139. Activity that might elicit stares for short
  140. Bussing on a bus briefly
  141. Kissing at the mall maybe: abbr.
  142. Blackberry or palmpilot for short
  143. Kissing at the mall e.g.: abbr.
  144. Kissing in front of everyone, e.g.
  145. Blackberry for example: abbr.
  146. Holding hands in public e.g.: abbr.
  147. Handheld organizer like a blackberry: abbr.
  148. Kissing at the mall for one: abbr.
  149. Get a room elicitor: abbr.
  150. Cuddling in public e.g.: abbr.
  151. Kissing in a restaurant or on a bus for short
  152. Overt footsie and such for short
  153. Handheld computer for one: abbr.
  154. Kissing on the street for one: abbr.
  155. Blackberry device, e.g., for short
  156. Term first applied to the apple newton
  157. Obsolescent aid for a businessperson for short
  158. Kissing on the street briefly
  159. Kissing on the kiss cam say (abbr.)
  160. Kissing at the mall: abbr.
  161. Smooch in the street e.g. briefly
  162. Evidence of a couples honeymoon phase for short
  163. Portable organizing gadget briefly
  164. Kissing in the park: abbr.
  165. Kissing in a crowd: abbr.
  166. Cuddling in public say: abbr.
  167. Smack on the street e.g. for short
  168. Peck in the park, briefly
  169. Kissing on the street for short
  170. Kissing in public say: abbr.

Crosswords containing the word "PDA"

  1. Public display of __ also known as pda
  2. Pda, in part
  3. Pda delivery
  4. Pda communique
  5. Pda datum
  6. Some pda entries
  7. Pda entry
  8. Pda no.
  9. Pda pokers
  10. Pda notation