1. St. genevieve, for 62-across
  2. Customer
  3. Regular guys
  4. Country singer switching centre for proprietor
  5. Sponsor
  6. Customer contributes little money to a pool of tips, mostly
  7. Saint of
  8. Financial supporter recycled no art under pressure
  9. Supporter of the arts?
  10. Art fan, perhaps
  11. Customer exactly right and not upset
  12. Benefactor
  13. No part exchanges for this christmas customer
  14. Pot ran out for protector
  15. Saint or angel
  16. Dolly turned heart of a customer
  17. Paying customer to make severe criticism about rotten first half performance
  18. Odd pieces of turbot served in dish for customer
  19. Sponsor or customer
  20. Sponsor or backer as of the arts
  21. Regular customer; backer
  22. Sponsor two small boys
  23. Store's customer
  24. Sponsor or supporter, as of the arts
  25. Bar regular
  26. Regular route finally barred, on going beyond river
  27. Two chaps, one customer
  28. Funding source
  29. Sponsor, glib diminutive man
  30. Customer apt to dither? right on!
  31. Restaurant customer ordered a port before noon
  32. Regular customer
  33. Dolly has heart turned by regular customer
  34. Sponsor as of the arts
  35. The sponsor's two little boys
  36. A torn out page headed 'customer'
  37. __ saints; every place has their own
  38. Everything contained in spam etc wrong for customer
  39. No part exchange for this customer
  40. Patrick for ireland, for example
  41. One gives financial or other support, to an artist say
  42. Type of saint
  43. Regular customer or sponsor
  44. Paying customer
  45. Protector or benefactor
  46. Customer
  47. Store visitor
  48. Sponsor or benefactor
  49. Two boys make one supporter
  50. The two boys have the one protector
  51. __ saint, guardian of a place, people or trade
  52. __ saint; heavenly protector or guardian
  53. __ saint; a national protector
  54. Art supporter
  55. No part in play for angel?
  56. One able to bestow a little money on art, perhaps
  57. Two men named benefactor
  58. Financial supporter - customer
  59. Famous figure who publicly promotes a charity
  60. Describes a national saint adopted by a country
  61. Girl and boys benefactor
  62. A financial supporter of an artist
  63. Influential supporter
  64. Customer runs into no bar backwards
  65. Regulars drunk last of beer on tap

Crosswords containing the word "PATRON"

  1. Patron of the high seas
  2. Sesame street character - patron saint of sailors
  3. Patron of pregnant women
  4. Bank patron
  5. Sailors patron
  6. Patron of the archdiocese of new york, briefly
  7. Patron of the hearts?
  8. Patron saint of norway
  9. Bar patron's request, wit
  10. Patron maybe notes untidy headwear