1. Bakery treat
  2. Turnover, e.g.
  3. Napoleon, e.g.
  4. Kind of baked food
  5. Danish ___
  6. Cream puff, maybe
  7. Danish, e.g.
  8. Piecrust; small cake
  9. Food store changing name for sabbath
  10. Cream puff, for one
  11. Baked dough
  12. Baker's specialty
  13. Father's attempt to produce some baking
  14. Puff __ flaky treat with layers of fat
  15. Sweet baked dough eaten for dessert or breakfast
  16. Puff __ french many buttered layers
  17. Pie or tart
  18. __ cake
  19. Pie, e.g
  20. Patisserie purchase
  21. Prune danish, for one
  22. Outdated lines in confectionery
  23. Danish model parts with yankee
  24. Bear claw, for one
  25. Choux —; puff —
  26. Prune danish, e.g.
  27. Sweet baked dough
  28. Cooked dough
  29. Small cake in larder one bridge player provided for partner
  30. Good person replacing centre of 10's cake
  31. Dad's attempt to be crusty?
  32. Eg, pie crust
  33. Danish or tart
  34. Foodstuff flattened with a rolling pin
  35. Flaky piece of catering food
  36. Pie or cream puff
  37. What the historian is looking at in half of bury for crusty type
  38. Turnover or danish
  39. Crust of pies, tarts etc.
  40. Old man's effort to make some dough
  41. It's spent on railway food
  42. What makes crust start to rise in pie?
  43. Pie base
  44. Parental effort making dough
  45. Rejected noodle: go for baked food
  46. Dough for baking
  47. Tasty bakery offering
  48. Eg, danish
  49. Tart old line?
  50. Danish or cream puff
  51. Breakfast or dessert item
  52. Dough used in pie-cases
  53. It can be puff, shortcrust and flakey
  54. Perhaps a danish aide's shot
  55. Dough of flour, water and shortening
  56. Secretary's attempt to make dough
  57. 'it may be puff, shortcrust and flakey (6)'
  58. Dough made for pies, etc.
  59. Dough made from flour, fat and water
  60. Danish, for one
  61. Dad's attempt to make a cake
  62. Finished railway after getting dough
  63. Dough base
  64. Maybe danish father's precursor to conversion?
  65. Father's 13 across in the kitchen
  66. 'dough of flour, fat and water (6)'
  67. It is used to make a pasty with last of flour
  68. 60-across for one
  69. Dough of flour, fat and water
  70. Danish __; baked treat with sweet filling or icing
  71. Sweet or savory; flour, water, shortening dough
  72. Outer coating of beef wellington
  73. Baked good, sweet or savory
  74. Shortcrust, rough puff or filo
  75. Outer layer of an apple pie
  76. __ cutter, wheeled kitchen tool used to trim pies
  77. Food comes in flaky, choux and shortcrust types
  78. First franco-mexican war, feud over baked produce
  79. Raised energy, endeavour and turnover, say
  80. Old man’s attempt to make some dough
  81. __ brush, baking aid for glazing pies
  82. Cake — tart
  83. Cordon bleu specialization
  84. Bakery product like an eclair
  85. Dessert such as danish
  86. Baklava, e.g
  87. Eg turnover from discontinued lines
  88. Flaky crust that covers pies
  89. After fools sent back, taste sweet dish
  90. Item of bakery

Crosswords containing the word "PASTRY"

  1. Breakfast pastry
  2. Birds take issue with pastry dishes
  3. Breakfast pastry for haml
  4. Cutting pastry
  5. Spanish pastry
  6. Diminutive pastry later recreated in trinidad and tobago
  7. Each pastry dish has cool wrapping
  8. One cold coffee is brought over, and a type of pastry
  9. Layered austrian pastry
  10. Little pastry