1. Root vegetable
  2. Member of the carrot fami
  3. Spar pin
  4. Garden root
  5. Vegetable
  6. Long, cream-coloured root vegetable
  7. Standard cut for root vegetable
  8. Vegetable available in standard and bargain price
  9. Stew ingredient
  10. Root for base rate cut
  11. Cream-colored root related to the carrot
  12. Root vegetable off-white similar to a carrot
  13. Vegetable crop is below standard
  14. Vegetable cut, no point having to cut again
  15. Almost separate, then trim, vegetable
  16. ____ river, british columbia
  17. Type of root veg
  18. Spar pin (anag) — vegetable
  19. Upset, puts the blame on food
  20. Lays blame over …
  21. Priest ignores duck, having little money for food
  22. They have a point to knock up to get the root of this
  23. Whitish edible root vegetable
  24. Sweet root vegetable
  25. Vegetable whose leaves can burn skin
  26. ... what's proverbial for the course, bargain vegetable
  27. Mean to cut vegetable
  28. Stew veggie
  29. Standard cut for vegetable
  30. Vegetable requiring an even cut
  31. Root cut, average previously
  32. Dad doesn't finish wild sprint for vegetable
  33. Carrot kin
  34. Plant with edible white root
  35. Carrot's cousin
  36. Fastens the blame over a radical type
  37. Talk up bargain veg
  38. Ran pips out of the vegetable
  39. Vegetable from an average crop
  40. Usual loss leader at the supermarket?
  41. Whitish root vegetable
  42. Bargain on the regular amount for vegetable
  43. Strong-scented root vegetable
  44. Root veggie
  45. Briefly trim and lightly cut vegetable
  46. Regular bargain at the greengrocer's?
  47. Fixes pan, served up vegetable
  48. Plant dad gets gardener finally to cut
  49. White root food
  50. Fixes blame on climbing plant
  51. Pale carrot-like vegetable
  52. Pale yellow vegetable
  53. Yellow root vegetable
  54. Musical monologue about prune root
  55. Carrot relative
  56. Norm to steal plant
  57. Vegetable is equal bargain
  58. Wintergreen family herb
  59. White edible root
  60. Knock up the top and cut off the bottom of the veg.
  61. Root vegetable that looks like a white carrot
  62. Root vegetable related to the carrot
  63. Root vegetable – like a white carrot
  64. After a knock-up they have a point up - that's the root of it (7)
  65. Vegetable: two, not one, a bargain
  66. Mostly trim and cut root vegetable
  67. Vegetable piece shortly cut
  68. Root thats roasted and eaten
  69. White root vegetable, looks like a carrot
  70. Dad&rsquo s pin up eating top of raw vegetable
  71. Pale, sweet root vegetable, shaped like a carrot
  72. Root vegetable similar to a carrot, but white
  73. Pale carrot like vegetable often made into soup
  74. Carrot-related vegetable
  75. What was used as a sweetener before cane sugar

Crosswords containing the word "PARSNIP"

  1. Edible part of a parsnip
  2. Parsnip, e.g.
  3. Mopy parsnip (debuted 1934)
  4. Carrot or parsnip
  5. Parsnip and rutabaga
  6. Parsnip, carrot, or turnip, for example
  7. Source of parsnip liquor, perhaps
  8. Odorous gum resin obtained from the roots of some species of parsnip, formerly used in medicine used in perfumery
  9. For vegetable fricassee get parsnip chopped
  10. Gum resin once used in medicine, obtained from the roots of a species of parsnip