1. Ancient writing material
  2. Surreptitiously photograph your american manuscript
  3. Material used in ancient egypt for writing
  4. Precursor to paper invented in egypt in 3000 bc
  5. Parchment in ancient egypt
  6. Egyptian water plant
  7. Writing material used by ancient egyptians
  8. Suffer endless scramble to secure page in historic paper
  9. Old writing scroll
  10. Bland stuff, your american manuscript
  11. Drivel introducing your useless old document
  12. Early form of paper
  13. Drivel written by undersecretary about year this document's dated
  14. Resort pays up to secure right old document
  15. Secretary reduced pressure, securing year’s writing material
  16. Document with a page covered in nasty syrup
  17. Pays up for recycling, putting in right kind of paper
  18. Egyptian writing surface made from plants
  19. Ancient paper
  20. Written on once
  21. Paper made from reeds
  22. Historian of ancient egypt may have scratched its surface
  23. Paper made from reed by ancient egyptians
  24. Ancient paper plant
  25. Egyptian paper
  26. Surprisingly pays up about mid-afternoon for old writing material
  27. Egyptian paper reed
  28. Typeface for early edition of paper
  29. Scroll material
  30. Ancient communication medium
  31. Plant from which the ancient egyptians made paper
  32. Material for the book of the dead
  33. Kind of paper used in old egyptian manuscripts
  34. Has father got a mixture of syrup for writing
  35. Ancient-styled paper, a gift from an egyptian stay
  36. Plant-based writing material in ancient egypt
  37. Egyptian paper made from reeds
  38. Ancient egyptian reed material used for writing
  39. Where egyptians made their inscriptions
  40. Paper-like material made by ancient egyptians
  41. Material of ancient scrolls and manuscripts
  42. Writing surface used in ancient egypt

Crosswords containing the word "PAPYRUS"

  1. Papyrus, e.g.
  2. Papyrus and such
  3. Form of a papyrus document
  4. Is written on papyrus?
  5. Papyrus plant, e.g.
  6. Roll of papyrus
  7. The finest papyrus
  8. For this one needs sugar daddy to abandon translation of papyrus
  9. Early record-keepers who wrote on clay or papyrus
  10. Heyerdahl's second papyrus boat