1. Artist's paint mixing board
  2. Artist's need
  3. Item used for studio mixi
  4. Artist's range of colours
  5. Range of colourings allowed in meat paste
  6. Choice of colors
  7. Painter's equipment
  8. Where artists mix
  9. Artistic board's sense of taste discerned by audience
  10. Artist's board
  11. After start of picture, i, for example, limited range of colours
  12. Depicted in frans van mieris the elder's pictura (an allegory of painting), an artist's board for mixing colours
  13. Board on which an artist lays and mixes paints
  14. Range of colours spread across permit
  15. Artist's pigment-mixing board
  16. Renoir's range
  17. Artist's colors
  18. The old man, short character that is often very colourful
  19. Range of colors
  20. Item used for studio mixing
  21. Studio item with a thumbhole
  22. Paint-mixing board
  23. The artist's little friend?
  24. Board with a thumbhole
  25. Mister chips, though an old master, would not have used one, and that's flat (7)
  26. Flat piece of wood or plastic used by artists as a surface on which to mix their paints
  27. Diminutive friend in range?
  28. Old man, character not quite in range
  29. Allowed head round to get artist's board
  30. Board with a thumb hole
  31. Board on which painter mixes colours
  32. Range of colours allowed in processed food
  33. Atelier accessory
  34. Artists' need a sound sense of taste
  35. Allow this to be in tape for the artist
  36. Range of colours displayed by little female friend you fancy?
  37. Array of eyeshadow colors or an artists paints
  38. Range of colours - what artist mixes them on
  39. Artist's board with thumb-hole
  40. Range of colours showing taste, some say
  41. Artist's mixing board
  42. Painter's aid
  43. Head holds permit for painting device
  44. Spread around permitted range of colours
  45. Board for an artist
  46. Papa let terence enter board for painters
  47. Allow in the head's painting equipment
  48. Artist's colorful board
  49. Artist's colour range
  50. An artist mixes his paints on it
  51. Color-mixing board
  52. The old man, character not right for the board
  53. On which paint spread without hindrance
  54. Studio board
  55. The head's allowed in a range of colours
  56. Board allowed to block head
  57. Thing with a thumbhole
  58. Head about to permit a range of colours
  59. Part of the mouth said show a range of colours
  60. Painter mixes his colours on it
  61. Armour in a selection of colours
  62. Variety of techniques
  63. Artist's paint holder
  64. __ knife, blunt flexible blade for mixing paint
  65. Paint-mixing site
  66. Handheld board that painters use to mix paints
  67. Mixing board
  68. An artist's plate for mixing paints
  69. Painter's mixing board
  70. Type of board painters use for mixing colors
  71. The range of colours used to decorate a room
  72. Board on which an artist mixes colors
  73. What an artist mixes paint on
  74. Thin board used for mixing paints
  75. Painters set of colors
  76. Board for botticelli
  77. It helps the artist to get a girlfriend perhaps?
  78. Holder of the colours
  79. Flat surface for mixing paints
  80. Range of colours allowed in meat spread
  81. Porcelain or plastic tray for mixing paints on
  82. Bob ross accessory
  83. Something for an artist to have on hand
  84. Range of colors an artist uses in a painting
  85. Range of colour allowed in a spread
  86. Gamut of creative techniques
  87. Painter's utensil
  88. A place to hold and mix the paints an artist uses
  89. Paint board
  90. Eyeshadow tray found in a beauty subscription box
  91. Range of colours spread round holiday home
  92. Artists handheld board for mixing paints
  93. Range of colourings allowed having spread around
  94. Wooden board on which an artist keeps their paint
  95. Flat handheld board on which an artist mixes paint
  96. Flat dish upon which artists mix their paints

Crosswords containing the word "PALETTE"

  1. Choice from a painters palette
  2. Palette globs
  3. Prop found near a palette
  4. Grayish-green palette pig
  5. Palette supplies
  6. Paint palette accompanier
  7. Palette choice
  8. Palette color
  9. Part of a palette
  10. Palette choices