1. Like
  2. Food in a shell
  3. End of fairytale story upset one in bed
  4. Food sometimes eaten with
  5. Mother-of-pearl
  6. Edible bivalve mollusc
  7. Awful story about english seafood
  8. Kind of fork
  9. Shellfish
  10. With 54-down longtime long island home of theodore roosevelt
  11. Pearl producer
  12. Funny story about english aphrodisiac?
  13. Marine mollusc
  14. Enjoys terrine containing seafood
  15. Secretive person in the pink
  16. Source of natural pearls
  17. Bivalve mollusc
  18. Conclusion of narrative in unfolding story, a world of possibilities?
  19. Regrets you had about eating seafood
  20. The world, according to p
  21. Shellfish found in broken toys by european river
  22. Mushroom that sounds like seafood
  23. Marine food delicacy; two-shelled mollusk
  24. Atlantic wing-__is a bivalve mollusc
  25. Pearl-producing animal can change genders
  26. Saltwater clam valued for its meat and pearls
  27. Shellfish
  28. Shellfish (maybe the world!)
  29. Playboy stereotypically gobbling reputed aphrodisiac
  30. Parent of the pearl
  31. Shade of greyish white
  32. Zinc-rich delicacy
  33. Food that may be caught in cowboy's territory
  34. Flat shellfish
  35. Edible marine bivalve mollusc
  36. Shellfish - colour
  37. Bivalve that grows pearls
  38. Seafood in a shell
  39. If perhaps shelley had shut up
  40. Meat rich in zinc
  41. Metaphorical object of exploitation
  42. Perhaps shelley provided food for carroll's carpenter
  43. It may be rot, yes, but it's all shelley, by the sound of it
  44. The world, in metaphor
  45. Very uncommunicative person in tolstoy's terminology
  46. London's ____ card was introduced in 2003
  47. Concocted story about oriental mollusc
  48. Source of an advantage, figuratively
  49. Boy's terrific bags a pale pink
  50. Pearl maker
  51. Pearl harborer?
  52. Faceless pin-up covering end of dormitory's an aphrodisiac?
  53. Pearl source
  54. Pearl-producing bivalve
  55. Bivalve in a bed
  56. World of the fortunate caught by shore bird
  57. Edible marine mollusc
  58. Hangtown fry ingredient
  59. Morse might have eaten it with chips
  60. Bivalve at a bar
  61. Whitstable resident making way into hall, topless
  62. Marine mollusk
  63. Pearl's house?
  64. Silly story about egghead and aphrodisiac?
  65. Tasty bivalve, may carry pearl
  66. In the story 'e will not be forthcoming
  67. Pearl-producing shellfish
  68. Little boy's terrified of shellfish
  69. Pearl container?
  70. Strange story about the end of expensive seafood
  71. Boy's terrified catching sea creature
  72. Food shellfish
  73. Destroy decrepit touring vehicle - use this to get round instead
  74. Is 'e in a story of shelley, perhaps?
  75. Food sometimes eaten with a small fork
  76. Delicacy of deep regrets you're holding back
  77. Secretive type hiding in boy's territory
  78. Bivalve
  79. Start off to destroy wild seafood
  80. Bed denizen
  81. Secretive person set to differ with roy
  82. Would shelley, perhaps, have shut up like this?
  83. Pearl creator
  84. Bluepoint, e.g.
  85. Succulent shellfish
  86. Taciturn native?
  87. Gem holder, maybe
  88. Uncommunicative figure in boys' territory
  89. The world, to a go-getter
  90. First off, aster exchanged with oscar around fourth of july at pearl¿s home
  91. Perhaps it was the carpenter swallowed shelley
  92. Proverbially reticent shellfish
  93. Native found in bed
  94. Mollusk with an irregular shell
  95. Bill losing head swallows unknown shellfish
  96. Source of pearl
  97. Seafood item sometimes eaten alive
  98. Seafood sometimes served kilpatrick
  99. Item in a shucking contest
  100. Pearl-generating bivalve
  101. Onyx set near every other jewel's origin
  102. One eaten by walrus and carpenter
  103. Bed occupant
  104. Seafood in a 'shooter'
  105. Funny story about english person unwilling to communicate
  106. Attract attention to disturbed rest in one of the beds
  107. Seafood snack
  108. Perhaps it's from shelley that 'e gets the story
  109. Toys get broken with 'er with shell
  110. Some teddy boys terrorised native
  111. It produces pearls
  112. Shellfish that's shucked
  113. Type of mollusc
  114. Regrets you harbour when looking back rather grey
  115. Maybe grey, but the world may be yours
  116. Perhaps it was shelley made up a story about the east
  117. Raw-bar selection
  118. Native, possibly, in the shade
  119. Shellfish gobbled by boy's terrapin
  120. Group inside enjoys terrific shellfish
  121. Reputed aphrodisiac in the world of proverb
  122. When man quits monastery abroad he's tight-lipped
  123. Involved story about eastern native
  124. Funny story about european shellfish
  125. Succulent bivalve, may bear a pearl
  126. Some boys' term for marine creature
  127. Pearl-making mollusc
  128. Greyish pink bit of chicken meat
  129. Succulent bivalve
  130. Sea creature partly annoys terrapin
  131. Perhaps shelley made toys with 'er
  132. Shellfish in a bed
  133. Bivalve shellfish used as food
  134. Pearl's home?
  135. Storey remodelled by secretive person
  136. Rock's blue ___ cult
  137. Pearl holder
  138. Pearl-yielding shellfish
  139. Seashell where you might find a pearl
  140. Bivalve that may nurture a pearl
  141. Means to cross london that destroys terraced houses
  142. Strange story about european that lies in bed under water
  143. Content of stew offers all one could desire
  144. Bluepoint
  145. Storey (anag.)
  146. Pearl-bearing creature
  147. Pale grey creature with sealed lips
  148. Seafood offering unlimited possibilities?
  149. Certain stew ingredient
  150. Succulent bivalve swallowed quickly
  151. Only select emptier shells for seafood
  152. Secretive person's source of profit
  153. Pearl-bearing sea creature
  154. Only partly enjoys teriyaki seafood
  155. Edible bivalve
  156. Silly story about english mollusc
  157. Bivalve shellfish
  158. Bivalve - may be pearl carrier
  159. A world of personal opportunities?
  160. Raw bar mollusk
  161. Edible marine bivalve mollusc found on the seabed
  162. No black children regularly rejected their raw seafood
  163. The world per merry wives . . .
  164. Seafood morsel served on the half shell
  165. A pearl may grow in it
  166. Perhaps shelly has broken the toys with 'er
  167. Might shelley have made a story about the east?
  168. It's got shell to break the toys with 'er
  169. Creator of a pearl
  170. Rough-shelled edible mollusc, some with a pearl
  171. Quote from shakespeare: "the world is my __"
  172. Rough-shelled mollusc, sometimes eaten raw
  173. __ sauce, thick brown liquid made from shellfish
  174. __ sauce, brown chinese dressing from sea shells
  175. The world is your __, a seafood analogy
  176. Prairie __, cocktail with an egg and tabasco
  177. Mollusc, beautiful shells, pearl maker, delicacy
  178. Shut up for shelley?
  179. Would that shelley had shut up like this!
  180. Is roy all set for shelley, perhaps?
  181. Shut up with shell
  182. 'e gets in troy's shell
  183. 'e is in the story of shell
  184. Shellfish considered an aphrodisiac
  185. Native aphrodisiac?
  186. Funny story about oriental, one spending life in bed
  187. Seafood roy's arranged around empty table
  188. Funny story about english native enjoyed by the carpenter?
  189. Occupant of bed regrets you're taking it back
  190. A mollusk in which you might find a pearl
  191. Shellfish usually eaten raw
  192. World metaphor in shakespeare
  193. Head concealed in publicity material, shielding unknown secretive person
  194. Offering at a pier restaurant
  195. Offering at a pier restaurant
  196. The world, to ambitious types
  197. The world to ambitious types
  198. Shucked shellfish
  199. Horrible story about european seafood
  200. Losing head, violently destroy marine mollusc
  201. Food often eaten on the half shell
  202. An item like a clam, that sometimes has pearls
  203. Energy packed story adapted for silent type in bed
  204. Mushroom found on tree stumps, not in the ocean
  205. Edible body of a marine mollusc
  206. Bivalve used in a popular chinese sauce
  207. Shellfish that may contain a pearl
  208. Strange story about european seafood delicacy
  209. Shellfish might be a different story if ingesting source of effluent
  210. Fabulous story involves english travel card

Crosswords containing the word "OYSTER"

  1. Like non-oyster months
  2. Oyster ___
  3. Oyster's home
  4. Oyster's place
  5. Oyster's treasure
  6. Oyster, e.g.
  7. Oyster's kin
  8. Oyster gem
  9. Oyster's center
  10. Oyster bed diver