1. Burnt, or practically so
  2. Trite
  3. Twice concluded that it is exaggerated
  4. Extravagant party held by old french writer
  5. A bit much
  6. Exaggerated
  7. Exaggerated; cooked too much
  8. Completed more than once? that's too much
  9. Ring jules about party getting ruined
  10. Exaggerated; burnt (meat)
  11. Drove off at lunchtime, having tired oneself out
  12. Finished twice? that's not rare
  13. Hammed up, through and through
  14. Being more than five hundred and one, it's not at all 25 down, perhaps
  15. It's not so rare to make it more than five hundred and one
  16. Carried too far
  17. It's not rare for this to be more than five hundred and one
  18. Exaggerated - far from rare
  19. Topless paramour getting close to loved one is immoderate
  20. When it's more than 501 it has no 25 down, perhaps
  21. Somewhat exaggerated character from measure for measure?
  22. Never so rare for this to come to more than five hundred and one (8)
  23. It's not rare to find this more than 501 (8)
  24. Again concluded that it is exaggerated
  25. Finished twice and it's excessive
  26. Cooked really well?
  27. It's by no means rare for it to be more than 501, perhaps
  28. One of shakespeare's mistresses, all dried up
  29. Shakespearean mistress taken too far?
  30. Cooked to excess
  31. Cooked too long
  32. Cooked too much
  33. Maiden cheated? that's by no means rare!
  34. There's nothing rare about this
  35. Cooked too much or carried too far
  36. It's not so rare to get more than 501 from this
  37. The bard's bawdy mistress is dried up
  38. Deliveries executed, but carried too far
  39. Like a medium steak that was ordered rare
  40. Excessive start to opera composer&rsquo s last in different form

Crosswords containing the word "OVERDONE"

  1. Not overdone
  2. Overdone
  3. Flamboyantly overdone
  4. Somewhat overdone
  5. Elaborately decorated, perhaps overdone
  6. Tastelessly overdone
  7. Overdone, as toast
  8. Overdone sentimentality
  9. Overdone advertising
  10. Become overdone