1. Baroque
  2. Like the taj mahal
  3. More than fancy
  4. Like the architecture of many cathedrals
  5. Sumptuously decorated
  6. Fancified
  7. Flowery
  8. “fancy that!”
  9. Fancy a tenor being badly prepared
  10. Like corinthian columns
  11. Fancy-schmancy
  12. Intricate
  13. Plain's opposite
  14. Like baroque architecture
  15. Richly decorated
  16. Very busy
  17. Richly wrought
  18. Elaborate talk about ultimate in decoration
  19. Heavily decorated knight entering to make a speech
  20. Fancy having worn a tee-shirt as host
  21. Hardly spare
  22. Like the paris opera
  23. Victorian, in a way
  24. Fancy address outside the capital in norway
  25. Old sailors had a meal — fancy!
  26. Highly decorative
  27. In the rococo style
  28. Highly decorated
  29. Fancy gold and brown backing on rear of vehicle
  30. Like many a palace
  31. Elaborately decorated
  32. Speak grandly about new fancy
  33. Decorated
  34. Elaborately decorative
  35. To excessively decorate
  36. Really busy
  37. Really busy
  38. Excessively decorated
  39. Elaborately decorated, perhaps overdone
  40. Rich in decorative detail
  41. Showy
  42. Fancy fake tan rogue sports, in turn
  43. Elaborate talk about opening night
  44. Richly decorated, perhaps too much so
  45. Elaborately adorned
  46. Not plain fare, or the north dealt with it
  47. Are not all at sea decorated?
  48. Purple, as prose
  49. Like rococo architecture
  50. A tenor might be highly decorated
  51. Speak about number in flowery fashion
  52. Sacramento disregards scam? fancy that!
  53. Make a speech about the north that does not make things plain
  54. Elaborately designed
  55. Decorated old sailors at end of battle
  56. Florid
  57. Neat or uneven? fancy that!
  58. Talk about kitchen finally being decorated
  59. Is the ear not what makes this not so plain?
  60. Near to ruin - fancy that!
  61. Over-embellished
  62. Richly or elaborately decorated
  63. No tear can be so decorative
  64. Grandiloquent
  65. Fancy having gold on most of bottom?
  66. With trimmings, but not, by the sound of it, if you go by plane like this
  67. Pompous point to hold forth about
  68. Some bonnets worn at easter are flowery
  69. That's not the sound of a plane
  70. Far from simple
  71. Make a speech about the north but don't make it plain
  72. Hardly plain
  73. Decorated, and then some
  74. Speak about point that's embellished
  75. Over-elaborate
  76. Excessively embellished
  77. Highly adorned
  78. Overly decorated
  79. Ostentatiously decorated
  80. Decorated with neat lettering on gold
  81. Point to hold forth about and elaborate
  82. With a tern flying round above, is decorative
  83. Very fancy
  84. Not a plain way to speak about the north
  85. It's not plain that this would come to one rat
  86. It's not plain that that's what 28 across is
  87. Love the navy, consumed by it ...fancy!
  88. That's enough to make no rate not plain
  89. Neither plain nor tea
  90. Baroque art one reproduced
  91. More than richly decorated
  92. Over-decorated
  93. Fancy talk about the end of man
  94. Elaborate cereal, with no starter, devoured
  95. Fancy spout round back of urn
  96. Florid mineral with natural core
  97. Decorative old service appearing with tea prepared
  98. Like rococo art
  99. Almost too much
  100. It's not plain how one might make a speech about the north
  101. Nepalese and tibetan heads found in type of rock - fancy that!
  102. It's not plain just how torn ae was
  103. Talk about nocturne's opening being baroque
  104. Fancy being overwhelmed by scorn at eton!
  105. Fancy becoming a tenor maybe
  106. Fancy revealing name during talk!
  107. Decoratively fancy
  108. The speech you make about the north makes nothing plain
  109. Showily adorned
  110. Busy, design-wise
  111. Lavishly decorated
  112. No plane can make it, by the sound of it at no rate
  113. All fancied up
  114. Living in tower
  115. Decorated about noon, has to deliver a speech
  116. Heavily decorated
  117. Decorative bronze reflected in scandinavian capital
  118. Fancy, and then some
  119. Fancy there's some point in talk
  120. Not near to the sound of the plane
  121. Fancily decorated
  122. Near to elaborate
  123. It's not plain that ae got torn to bits like this
  124. Like the palace of versailles
  125. Lavishly showy
  126. Like bangkok's grand palace
  127. Trains are not busy
  128. Near to not being made plain
  129. Overly decorative
  130. Like chandeliers
  131. No tear that's not plain
  132. Fancy one soldier from start
  133. Like most wedding cakes
  134. Fancy talk about iran's end
  135. Fancy a tenor trembling
  136. It's not plain that a tenor could make it
  137. Busy as decor
  138. Intricately embellished
  139. Make a speech about knight being decorated
  140. Like elton john's outfits
  141. Elaborate showy
  142. Like art nouveau
  143. Embellished or terribly neat
  144. Decorative
  145. Fancy duck the navy consumed
  146. Flashy highly decorated
  147. Richly decorative
  148. Decorated with tan ore
  149. Richly adorned and elaborate
  150. Not a plain or a net
  151. Nor does this make tea a plain one
  152. Observe, when you look back
  153. No tear for what's not so plain
  154. Elaborate or decorative
  155. Elaborate, detailed and fancy designs on furniture
  156. Not just a plain mixture near to this
  157. What's not plain are not, maybe
  158. It's not plain that it's not with an ear
  159. No plain is no plane for 32 across
  160. Decorated antarctic explorer snubbed after inspiring navy
  161. Intricately decorated
  162. Showily decorated
  163. Busy or curiously neat
  164. Perhaps too busy to speak about the north
  165. Fancy nothing the sailors consumed
  166. Fancy 9 without borders out of control
  167. Like the kremlin
  168. Rococo
  169. Embellished or awfully neat
  170. Embellish to nero at riot
  171. Fancy lecture about newton
  172. Like some fancy stuff old sailors had
  173. Fancy some sweetcorn at eatery?
  174. With elaborate decorations
  175. Highly complex or intricate decorations
  176. Like baroque architecture
  177. Like rococo decoration
  178. Misshapen ear not decorated
  179. Speak pompously about knight decorated
  180. Very complex and decorative
  181. Regularly touring act hes busy
  182. Intricate and complex
  183. Like the inlay on the taj mahal
  184. Like rococo architecture
  185. Intricate pieces from flugelhorn at eisteddfod
  186. Speak about knight in flowery style

Crosswords containing the word "ORNATE"

  1. Ornate wall hanging
  2. Ornate centerpieces
  3. Ornate dresser
  4. Revulsion of empty hangar filled with gold, ornate ring tops
  5. Ship carrying nothing ornate
  6. Musically presented stories or airs too ornate
  7. Overly ornate
  8. Highly ornate
  9. Fancy ornate item that's got strings attached
  10. Ornate architectural style