1. Who said im black. i dont feel burdened by it . its part of who i am. it does not define me
  2. Puh-leeze!
  3. She played sofia in "the
  4. Comedian saying nothing about american icon
  5. Co-producer of the film "
  6. What "o" stands for in th
  7. The “o” of the magazine o
  8. Big name in daytime tv
  9. Afternoon tv staple
  10. Book club name
  11. Geraldo competitor
  12. Sofia's portrayer in "the
  13. Longtime staple of daytim
  14. Big fan of dr. phil
  15. Daytime tv staple
  16. Colleague of dr. phil
  17. What "o" stands for in pu
  18. Tv host winfrey
  19. Show of compassion?
  20. Where dr. phil got famous
  21. Popular afternoon host
  22. Player of sethe in "belov
  23. Hit tv show that ended in
  24. Tv host with a book club
  25. Show taped at chicago's h
  26. Big name in book clubs
  27. Winfrey who said "i still
  28. Tv's winfrey
  29. First name in book clubs
  30. Bookish hostess
  31. Syndication departure of 2011
  32. The "o" in o magazine
  33. She was awarded the presidential medal of freedom by barack
  34. Host with a 276-car stunt
  35. Billionaire talker
  36. Tv tycoon born in mississippi
  37. Friend of dr. phil
  38. Big-time talker
  39. Star with an 'angel network' charity
  40. The “o” in own
  41. Annie lee in ''selma''
  42. Winfrey of "beloved"
  43. Host who had a "favorite things" segment on her show
  44. The ''o'' of the own network
  45. Daytime talk show host
  46. Brother who didn't speak about tv star
  47. Sofia in ''the color purple''
  48. Whoopi's ''the color purple'' co-star
  49. Dr. phil was her frequent guest before getting his own show
  50. Own network vip
  51. Book club oligarch
  52. Longtime staple of daytime tv
  53. 'a wrinkle in time' (2018) actress
  54. American chat show host
  55. An executive producer of ''selma''
  56. Day star?
  57. Celeb on forbes' billionaire list
  58. What 'o' stands for in publishing
  59. Player of sethe in 'beloved'
  60. Ms. winfrey
  61. "beloved" winfrey
  62. The o behind own
  63. She signed off with the words 'until we meet again'
  64. Gayle's bestie
  65. Barack awarded her the presidential medal of freedom
  66. Big name in tv
  67. Book club leader for 15 years
  68. Talk-show host winfrey nicknamed 'queen of all media'
  69. Noted book promoter
  70. Top name in talk
  71. Longtime talk show
  72. Sofia's portrayer in 'the color purple'
  73. Tv talk tycoon
  74. Billionaire into books
  75. Daily tv staple since 1986
  76. "60 minutes" part-time correspondent
  77. -- winfrey, tv talkshow host
  78. Dr. phil's benefactor
  79. 2013 presidential medal of freedom recipient
  80. Actress in 'selma,' familiarly
  81. Media icon with an eponymous starbucks beverage
  82. Former book-club leader
  83. The 'o' of tv's own
  84. Her full name anagrams to 'horny rap wife'
  85. Winfrey of television
  86. Top talk-show host
  87. Daytime talk star
  88. Celebrity with a book club
  89. Longtime talk-show legend
  90. Winfrey of tv
  91. Guest on jay's last ''tonight show''
  92. She backed barack
  93. Star of tv talk
  94. She played sofia in 'the color purple'
  95. What 'o' on a newsstand stands for
  96. Mississippi-born tv mogul
  97. The 'o' in television's own
  98. Daytime megastar
  99. Celeb with a tv network
  100. Onetime rival of sally jessy
  101. Super soul sunday host
  102. Chat queen's piece gets applause
  103. Star known by her first name
  104. Hit tv show that ended in 2011
  105. Talk show ending in 2011
  106. Media mogul winfrey
  107. Producer, actress and host
  108. Chat show hostess's work gets a cheer
  109. Personality with an online book club
  110. Big name in talk
  111. Book club founder
  112. Talk show celeb
  113. O, the ___ magazine
  114. Media mogul who starred in 'a wrinkle in time'
  115. Oxygen network co-founder
  116. Media icon from chicago
  117. Queen of talk shows
  118. Dr. phil's mentor
  119. Winfrey who said 'i still have my feet on the ground, i just wear better shoes'
  120. Talk show tycoon
  121. 'you get a car! and you get a car!' talk show goddess
  122. Tv personality with the best seller 'what i know for sure'
  123. She slugged a sheriff in "selma"
  124. She's got her own network
  125. Celeb with her own tv network
  126. Stedman's steady
  127. Chicago-based tv talk show
  128. First name in daytime talk
  129. Queen of talk
  130. Talk-show host winfrey
  131. Star with a book club
  132. Chair of harpo productions
  133. Namesake of own
  134. The ''o'' in magazines
  135. Voice actress in disney's 'the princess and the frog'
  136. Queen sugar co-producer
  137. The 'queen of all media'
  138. Miss winfrey
  139. Media mogul from mississippi
  140. What 'o' stands for in the magazine business
  141. Head of harpo productions
  142. ____ winfrey american actress and talk show host
  143. Notable book club maven
  144. Entertainer marx / entertainer winfrey
  145. She played mrs. which in 2018's a wrinkle in time
  146. Media mogul with a noted book club
  147. The ___ winfrey show
  148. Celeb with a magazine
  149. Long-running hit tv show based in chicago
  150. Co-owner of own
  151. Long-running talk show
  152. Actress winfrey who plays annie lee cooper in selma
  153. Actress winfrey of hbo's the immortal life of henrietta lacks
  154. Famous tv personality ___ winfrey
  155. Actress winfrey who plays mrs. which in a wrinkle in time
  156. Winfrey of “a wrinkle in time”
  157. Part of own
  158. Actress winfrey of the immortal life of henrietta lacks
  159. Founder of harpo productions
  160. Own network proprietor
  161. Winfrey who created o magazine
  162. Talk host who had a satellite radio channel
  163. ___ winfrey tv celebrity
  164. Actress winfrey from the color purple
  165. Celeb with her own network
  166. Star on o magazine covers
  167. What the o of o magazine stands for
  168. Queen of all media winfrey
  169. Tv mogul winfrey
  170. Harpo productions ceo
  171. Talk show host in the national women's hall of fame
  172. Winfrey who starred in beloved
  173. Media mogul with a presidential medal of freedom
  174. Winfrey who maybe someday will mention my crossword books to her fans
  175. She has her own network
  176. Benefactor of south africa's leadership academy for girls
  177. Winfrey who was oscar-nominated for the color purple
  178. Kingmaker of drs. phil and oz
  179. Tv book club creator
  180. Talk show for 25 seasons, familiarly
  181. Winfrey who played deborah lacks
  182. Actress and talk show host winfrey
  183. Winfrey ceo of harpo productions who studied communications in tennessee state university
  184. The o of tv's own
  185. The o in o magazine
  186. Media mogul winfrey who was honored with a presidential medal of freedom in 2013
  187. Part of own
  188. Barack gave her the presidential medal of freedom in 2013
  189. Wealthy americans brother keeping silent in turn
  190. O the __ magazine
  191. Media mogul with a book club
  192. Winfrey famous talk show host
  193. The o of own
  194. Winfrey of hbo's the immortal life of henrietta lacks
  195. O magazine's o
  196. Celeb with an annual favorite things list
  197. The o in own
  198. Interviewer pay for her revised, and victory claimed
  199. High profile interviewer of harry and meghan

Crosswords containing the word "OPRAH"

  1. Award for oprah
  2. Longtime beau of oprah
  3. Oprah winfrey network show about a family farm
  4. King whos a friend of oprah
  5. “someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself” per oprah
  6. Saying oprah broadcast, one feminist title recalled
  7. Rival of oprah
  8. Author of the oprah's boo
  9. Oprah __ talk show host actress
  10. Oprah __ us talk show host