1. Animal that's old and can play dead
  2. Marsupial with a grasping tail
  3. American native suggests a pseudonym for eliot?
  4. After work, almost wrestling with large animal
  5. Pogo of the funnies
  6. Pogo, e.g.
  7. Pouch bearer
  8. Animal getting round cat writer, not old
  9. Smallish marsupial
  10. Western hemisphere marsupials
  11. Only marsupial found north of mexico
  12. Sleeps upside down and plays dead
  13. Animal that plays dead
  14. Thick-furred marsupial of the americas
  15. No positive amount coming from furry beast!
  16. Work big problem for marsupial
  17. Us marsupial
  18. Work on bone problem for marsupial
  19. Work extremely large amount to see marsupial
  20. Type of furry creature -- work with very large number
  21. The soup's there in order of merit to make it beastly
  22. Animal work leads to very big money
  23. American creature turned soprano into technical performer
  24. Marsupial's huge problem crossing river at turin
  25. Marsupial that plays dead
  26. Word from the algonquian for 'white dog'
  27. American marsupial with prehensile tail
  28. Critter that plays dead
  29. Arboreal marsupial
  30. Type of marsupial - work with very large amount
  31. American native with nothing on, i hesitate to say
  32. Problem after soggy food given to old retarded animal
  33. Work on total needed to capture very large marsupial
  34. Animal love, maybe? let me think...
  35. Marsupial to work with large amount
  36. One skilled in playing dead
  37. American marsupial
  38. Nothing cat-man can do for this marsupial
  39. So m would be quite beastly with the soup
  40. Thickly furred marsupial
  41. Work – outstanding amount for a small creature
  42. Order exotic soups for start of meal with beastly type from america
  43. Work on very big problem - a marsupial
  44. Small arboreal marsupial
  45. After work, huge number viewing marsupial
  46. Choose to remove tail, so climbing a problem for marsupial
  47. American tree-dweller
  48. Top boss? mum mouths off: 'animal!'
  49. Work on outsize problem for an animal
  50. America's only marsupial
  51. Type of marsupial
  52. Creature whose penis or vagina is bifurcated
  53. Fall that stops peg finding green man?
  54. Thick-furred marsupial of the americas with a hairless prehensile tail
  55. Nothing could get the moss up in so beastly a way
  56. Furry marsupial, also a dame edna greeting
  57. After work, so it turns to money. how beastly!
  58. A piece of music when a very large amount is pouched
  59. Small australian marsupial
  60. American arboreal marsupial
  61. American marsupial that plays dead
  62. Marsupial that can play dead
  63. A marsupial endemic to the americas
  64. Work on huge problem for marsupial
  65. Surgery has problem restraining very big animal

Crosswords containing the word "OPOSSUM"

  1. Opossum shrimp technically
  2. Hostility in opossum in australia when climbing
  3. Empaneled opossum
  4. Feature of an opossum's tail
  5. Amphibious opossum of south america
  6. Setter has opossum running round more quickly
  7. Opossum's grasping appendage
  8. Loss of a sound at the start of a word, as 'opossum' to 'possum'
  9. Comic strip opossum
  10. Indonesian opossum a tranquilliser's restraining