1. Any song your parents lik
  2. Any platters platter
  3. Long-held record?
  4. Radio blast from the past
  5. Any song on a 78
  6. Nostalgic song
  7. Many a jukebox tune
  8. Doo-wop song, today
  9. Any beatles tune, now
  10. Nostalgia stimulus
  11. Circle line to end long-popular track, maybe
  12. Blast from the past
  13. Almost any doo-wop song
  14. Something golden
  15. Any hit by little richard
  16. Nostalgic number
  17. Classic song
  18. Song from the past
  19. Any song by the supremes
  20. Hit from grandpa's day
  21. Nostalgic tune
  22. Bit of nostalgia
  23. Nostalgia-evoking song
  24. Tune from the past
  25. Classic has to go behind painting that's heartless
  26. It might be golden
  27. Once popular song
  28. Vintage tune
  29. Any beatles song, now
  30. Any hit by elvis
  31. Mature person
  32. Classics station song
  33. Jukebox favorite
  34. Dated ditty
  35. It may be golden
  36. Almost any doo-wop tune
  37. Song from the 1980s, potentially, nowadays
  38. 'hound dog' or 'what's new pussycat?'
  39. It might evoke nostalgia
  40. Black-and-white film, e.g
  41. Any woodstock tune, now
  42. Any sha na na tune
  43. "golden" song
  44. The beatles' "all my loving," e.g
  45. Doo-wop number
  46. Any song by elvis
  47. Song by the drifters, e.g
  48. Like '50s song
  49. Vintage song
  50. Once popular song (perhaps 'golden')
  51. Film or song popularised some time ago
  52. Tune for the unhip
  53. Musical blast from the past
  54. Former song or film that is still well-known
  55. Golden enough to be the death of you after ten up - and dead soon, no doubt
  56. ''golden'' tune
  57. Any beatles tune, today
  58. Any '50s platter
  59. Out number
  60. Any song your parents like
  61. Many a 22-down record
  62. Golden veteran?
  63. Pop idol candidate's bottom wrinkly?
  64. Stamp on over-sentimental, hollow wwii song?
  65. Any record from 1952
  66. Everyone wanted this way back when heading off crew at cambridge
  67. Domino number, e.g
  68. 1949's 'careless hands,' e.g
  69. '60s song, e.g.
  70. Black-and-white movie, e.g
  71. Record held for decades?
  72. Dated song
  73. Look back and pine for classic song
  74. Veteran soldier takes it to heart
  75. It may be a goodie
  76. Man's lost wings hit of long ago?
  77. Crusts removed from breakfast toast for octogenarian?
  78. Any beatles tune
  79. 1950s song, e.g
  80. Venerable person/thing
  81. Song from the '60s, say
  82. Almost any doo-wop song, e.g.
  83. Fighter losing wings in forties film, say
  84. Any class reunion tune?
  85. Any hit by the everly brothers, e.g
  86. Elvis hit, e.g
  87. Little richard song, now
  88. Sock hop song
  89. Sock hop song, ___ but goldie
  90. Fifties record, now
  91. Aged person (colloq.)
  92. Classic movie or song
  93. Song from way back
  94. Beatles song, for example
  95. Any platters platter, now
  96. But it's a goodie
  97. Any song from the '50s
  98. "under the boardwalk," for one
  99. Hit tune from the past
  100. Song from the spinners, say
  101. ''return to sender,'' for one
  102. Maybe pensioner could drive, taking regular breaks
  103. Any beatles song
  104. Checker piece, e.g
  105. Many a class reunion tune
  106. Goodie
  107. Any song of the '60s
  108. Following 050, one will be no more
  109. Senior citizen shaving serviceman
  110. Popular song from the past
  111. Veteran fighter getting wings clipped
  112. Notes for the nostalgic
  113. Nostalgia-inducing song
  114. Memorable number?
  115. 94.7 fm cut
  116. Golden 35-down
  117. Pensioner, over hill, finally has to stop working
  118. Still popular hit
  119. "under the boardwalk," e.g.
  120. Publication with nothing left to pass on
  121. Aged person or thing
  122. Perennially popular song or film, often golden
  123. Any elvis tune, now
  124. It may be golden on a phonograph
  125. Any elvis tune
  126. Song on a 45
  127. 45 from the '50s, e.g
  128. Song from yesteryear
  129. "duke of earl," for one
  130. 'shine on, harvest moon,' e.g
  131. "blue suede shoes" or "runaround sue," e.g.
  132. 'some enchanted evening,' e.g.
  133. ''rock around the clock,'' e.g.
  134. '50s song, e.g.
  135. Veteran warrior showing guts
  136. Bluebird record, e.g
  137. Golden number
  138. "what a wonderful world," e.g
  139. Juke box selection
  140. Number from the past
  141. Doo-wop number, e.g.
  142. Doo-wop song, e.g
  143. Four tops tune, e.g
  144. Throwback jam
  145. Veteran fighter's content
  146. Many a tune played at a class reunion
  147. Blast-from-the-past tune
  148. Any frankie avalon song
  149. Doo-wop tune, say
  150. There's no longer a case for fighting fellow pensioner?
  151. Song from a best of album maybe
  152. Classic number
  153. Any '60s song
  154. 'smoke gets in your eyes,' e.g.
  155. A golden one like lynn davies?
  156. Hopefully a goodie also
  157. Nostalgic piece
  158. Behold how it turns up to pass away when it's this age
  159. Veteran, serving man at heart
  160. Any 1950s tune
  161. Any song by the flamingos
  162. Moldy tune
  163. Do lie about being past one's prime
  164. Classic song of the sixties by orchestra leader from longford, ireland
  165. Nostalgia-eliciting song
  166. Song on a reunion tour, maybe
  167. Veteran man fighting endlessly
  168. Any elvis recording
  169. Retro record
  170. Timeless disc
  171. Any errol flynn film
  172. Magazine, having nothing left, beginning to fail
  173. Any 45, now
  174. Any everly brothers tune, now
  175. Nostalgia source
  176. Any buddy holly tune
  177. Hoagy carmichael's 'star dust,' e.g.
  178. Parts of a chain necklace
  179. ''stardust'' is one
  180. Being aged, 050 pass away
  181. Nostalgia evoker
  182. Any buddy holly tune, now
  183. "the great pretender," for one
  184. Juke box favorite
  185. Senior commando following strip-act?
  186. Song that brings it all back
  187. Evergreen rock idol, with energy
  188. Love died in fiction of classic film perhaps
  189. Standard song
  190. Song from the 1990s, to some
  191. Any nostalgic record
  192. Song released on a 45
  193. Sinatra record, e.g.
  194. Senior military man is shelled
  195. Doo-wop song, say
  196. Look up, then fade away (as one expected to?)
  197. Veteran with nothing left to pass on
  198. Any tune by 55-across, now
  199. Might also be a "goodie"
  200. Hit from years ago
  201. 'grandad' perhaps, vintage record?
  202. Motown track, say
  203. Yesterday today
  204. Elderly person outside taken away from soldier
  205. Classic hit
  206. Any classic vinyl record
  207. Look back and snuff it - one tends to do both!
  208. Any song by the platters
  209. "golden" song of the past
  210. "itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini," for one
  211. Nostalgic record
  212. Hit number from the past say
  213. Doo-wop song, for example
  214. Song that brings back memories
  215. Song that's passe
  216. Classic hit from the past
  217. Song from long ago
  218. Serviceman cannot start or finish, but he is getting on
  219. Song from way back when
  220. One might be a goodie
  221. Any elvis song now
  222. Song such as yesterday
  223. Classic rock song e.g.
  224. Jingle bells or white christmas
  225. Song at a 50-year reunion probably
  226. Song that might bring back memories
  227. Many a karaoke song
  228. Hit from the 1950s e.g.
  229. Any song by the drifters, e.g
  230. Doo-wop song probably
  231. Classic tune
  232. Any elvis number
  233. Vinyl hit usually
  234. Any beatles song nowadays
  235. But goodie
  236. Any song on elvis radio
  237. Golden song of long ago
  238. Oap perhaps is bold going topless, i note
  239. Pensioner perhaps
  240. Early popular hit
  241. Any supremes song in 2020
  242. Song from way back
  243. Hit of yesteryear

Crosswords containing the word "OLDIE"

  1. Blast from the __ (song oldie)
  2. Lee marvin tv oldie
  3. American oldie arranged by criminal stealing number
  4. Go into care managed by an oldie
  5. Oldie recorded by midler in '72
  6. Tv oldie about johnny yuma
  7. Lonely oldie sat looking out of sorts
  8. Talk like an oldie about sixties attire, extremely commonplace
  9. Tube oldie, "the ___ kid"
  10. Olds oldie