1. One of two to four in a standard orchestra
  2. Penetrating wind
  3. Orchestra member
  4. Long, slender instrument
  5. Bassoon's relative
  6. Its reeds are a pain / and the fingerings insane, per ogden nash
  7. Old violin player, say, a member of the orchestra
  8. Melancholy woodwind
  9. Symphony member
  10. Melancholy instrument
  11. Double-reeded woodwind
  12. Instrument played with th
  13. It has finger holes
  14. Baby bassoon?
  15. Instrument with cane blades
  16. Snake charmer, in musicia
  17. One of the winds
  18. High-pitched wind
  19. English horn, e.g.
  20. Instrument that's blown i
  21. Orchestra tuner
  22. Old boyfriend said to be member of orchestra
  23. Its pitch is high
  24. Musical instrument
  25. Reed in a pit
  26. Empty honour for a woodwind player
  27. Relative of a musette
  28. Instrument that an orchestra tunes to
  29. Instrument for johann jac
  30. Wind in front of a stage
  31. Sounder of the tuning not
  32. Letter before peter in the joint army/navy phonetic alphabet
  33. Slender woodwind
  34. Long, thin musical instru
  35. Instrument with octave keys
  36. Band instrument?
  37. Orchestra reed
  38. High wind
  39. Its usually behind a viola in an orchestra
  40. Musical instrument with a flared end
  41. One "in the woods"
  42. Wind instrument
  43. Mitch miller's instrument
  44. Double-reed woodwind
  45. Cousin of a bassoon
  46. Letter before peter in an
  47. Orchestra part
  48. Wind in a pit
  49. Cousin of an english horn
  50. Philharmonic part
  51. Wind up on stage?
  52. Orchestra seat
  53. One in the reeds
  54. Kind of concerto
  55. Musical instrument that's
  56. Certain band member
  57. Cousin of a heckelphone
  58. Tuning note instrument
  59. Hand-held musical instrum
  60. Slender instrument
  61. Old radio word for the le
  62. Light wind?
  63. Instrument you blow into
  64. Certain reed
  65. Concerto instrument
  66. Sweet-toned musical instr
  67. Shawm descendant
  68. Woodwind
  69. Double-reeded instrument
  70. Bassoon's little cousin
  71. Orchestra's leader invested in gong? blow me!
  72. Woodwind able to provide
  73. Cousin of the english hor
  74. Plaintive woodwind
  75. Clarinet's kin
  76. Tubular instrument
  77. Wind quintet member
  78. Word from the french for
  79. It's blown
  80. One in the orchestra regularly on booze
  81. Concert wind
  82. Member of a pit crew?
  83. Double reed
  84. Relative of an english ho
  85. Certain woodwind
  86. It's in the winds
  87. Wind with a wide range
  88. Bassoon's cousin
  89. Woodwind instrument
  90. Slender reed
  91. Reed instrument
  92. Wind that can be piercing
  93. Instrument heard in sonny
  94. Certain aerophone
  95. Penetrating reed
  96. Poulenc's "sonata for ___
  97. Kin to a clarinet
  98. Radio letter between nan
  99. Cousin of a clarinet
  100. Instrument held with two
  101. Kind of reed
  102. Reed section member
  103. Double-reed instrument
  104. Clarinet cousin
  105. Relative of the english h
  106. One found in the woods
  107. Ensemble part
  108. An honour to accept orbison's first instrument
  109. Long, slender woodwind
  110. Wind instrument used to set the pitch for an orchestra
  111. Black wind
  112. It has a three-octave range
  113. It's found among the reeds
  114. Be with twice nothing for the blower
  115. Order parts for old wind instrument
  116. Instrument that means "high wood"
  117. Pit wind
  118. Nothing in honours list title, blow it!
  119. Woodwind with nearly a three-octave range
  120. Contrabassoon cousin
  121. Slender black reed
  122. "peter and the wolf" woodwind
  123. High woodwind
  124. Modern shawm
  125. Wind ensemble instrument
  126. “an ill wind” woodwind
  127. Old afrikaner farmer's no romeo? cor!
  128. Something instrumental in rejection of neo-bourgeoisie
  129. Bassoon's little brother
  130. Blow that to get to be twice nothing
  131. Clarinet's neighbor
  132. Orchestral reed
  133. Orchestra instrument
  134. ___ family, including bassoons and english horns
  135. "an ill wind that nobody blows good"
  136. Clarinet companion
  137. O, there's only half an aeroplane, blow it!
  138. It gives the orchestra an a
  139. Leaders of board of education heard in the pit
  140. Orchestral wind instrument
  141. Woodwind in chamber music
  142. Mellow woodwind
  143. Conical reed
  144. "ill wind that no one blows good"
  145. Old bank of england, initially, as source of notes
  146. The duck in ''peter and the wolf''
  147. Woodwind member
  148. Pieces taken from trombone in order to make another instrument
  149. Instrument often made of african blackwood
  150. Slender reed instrument
  151. Double-reed wind instrument
  152. Heckelphone cousin
  153. "o" in old radio lingo
  154. 'an ill wind ...' instrument
  155. Bach concerto instrument
  156. Hooligan beheaded with anglo-saxon instrument
  157. Rather high wind
  158. A musician finding nothing in order
  159. Might 'e boo this and come to blows with it?
  160. It's among the reeds
  161. ___ d'amore
  162. 'peter and the wolf' duck
  163. Woodwind quintet member
  164. Haunting woodwind
  165. One-consonant instrument
  166. An orchestra tunes to one
  167. Wind among the reeds
  168. Wind that might be made of grenadilla
  169. Leaders of orchestra ban obnoxious electric instrument
  170. Instrument of ivory with note missing
  171. Word from the french for 'high wood'
  172. Hautboy, more commonly
  173. It's an honour to possess old instrument
  174. Sounder of the tuning note at the start of an orchestra rehearsal
  175. Certain orchestra instrument
  176. Reedy instrument
  177. English horn relative
  178. Slender woodwind instrument
  179. Slender wind
  180. It's instrumental
  181. Old boy with extremely obscure source of notes
  182. Symphony instrument
  183. Player's award covering second position in podium
  184. Certain reed instrument
  185. Instrument whose name sounds like a rebuke of obama's dog
  186. Orchestral ill wind
  187. Tuner in a pit
  188. Instrument on mariah carey's 'hero'
  189. Soloist in tchaikovsky's 4th
  190. Pitch-setting instrument
  191. Some wind from bared us bums
  192. Wind quartet member
  193. What's got blower knocking out odd pieces?
  194. Orchestra's pitch setter
  195. It's nothing to be around job centre for windy device
  196. Heckelphone's woodwind cousin
  197. Instrument to which an orchestra tunes
  198. It uses a double reed
  199. Sound of cockney tramp's instrument
  200. Featured instrument of ''peter and the wolf''
  201. Old bank of england, originally, as issuer of notes
  202. ___ d'amore (instrument)
  203. Empty honour for the instrumentalist
  204. One of the woodwind instruments
  205. Orchestra's "tuning fork"
  206. Orchestra wind
  207. Relative of a bassoon
  208. Instrument of which georg philipp telemann is the most famous player ever, according to ranker.com
  209. Mitch miller found it instrumental
  210. Instrument with a double-reed mouthpiece
  211. Letter before peter in an old phonetic alphabet
  212. Heckelphone's cousin
  213. Wind in the reeds
  214. Woodwind quartet member
  215. Woodwind with a haunting sound
  216. One's played for nothing in order ...
  217. Wood wind
  218. Instrument played with the mouth
  219. Bassoon kin
  220. Instrument for tramps to scrape off edges
  221. Bert lucarelli's instrument
  222. Bombarde's cousin
  223. Orchestral woodwind
  224. Instrument among the reeds
  225. Instrument whose name means "high wood"
  226. Shawm's modern relative
  227. Poignant wind
  228. Love hearing violinist's accessory instrument
  229. Instrument that's not broken, with odd bits missing
  230. Orchestra instrument with three vowels in its name
  231. Mozart's "___ concerto in c major"
  232. Clarinet relative
  233. Typically black woodwind
  234. Typically black reed instrument
  235. Treble woodwind
  236. Double-reeded woodwind instrument
  237. Hole found in gong — blow me!
  238. How booze regularly destroyed member of an orchestra
  239. Wind in the orchestra
  240. ''scheherazade'' soloist
  241. English horn kin
  242. Gong rings round part of orchestra
  243. Reed from russian river, one with no name
  244. None can be held in honour, blow it!
  245. Melancholy-sounding woodwind
  246. Bond's second to infiltrate order -- it's blown
  247. Bassoon relative
  248. Instrument in a wind quintet
  249. Chamber music woodwind
  250. Player giving lead on pitch
  251. Ring in order for instrument
  252. Clarinetlike instrument
  253. Letter before peter in a phonetic alphabet
  254. Instrument called 'an ill wind that nobody blows good'
  255. Shawm's descendant
  256. 'o' in the old army phonetic alphabet
  257. Instrument with a double-reed
  258. It has a brief solo in the first movement of beethoven's fifth
  259. Reed used to make music and crosswords
  260. Instrument usually made from african blackwood
  261. ''peter and the wolf'' instrument
  262. Reed that's often black
  263. One makes notes in 'oxford book of essays', initially
  264. Conservatory wind
  265. Instrument that begins an orchestra's tune-up
  266. Honoured officer carrying old instrument
  267. Love a note repeatedly played in the orchestra
  268. The blow this needs is not one to 15 across one
  269. Clarinet's relative
  270. Concerto instrument, perhaps
  271. Orchestral "tuning fork"
  272. It's blown in the wind section
  273. Type of woodwind instrument
  274. Philharmonic reed
  275. It means "high wood"
  276. Bassoons' kin
  277. Orchestra instrument with a reed
  278. Instrument made from african blackwood
  279. It is instrumental to mitch miller
  280. Award for securing old instrument
  281. Instrument in an orchestra
  282. Part of the winds
  283. Cousin of a cor anglais
  284. It needs reeds
  285. Symphonic wind
  286. Bassoon'skin
  287. Woodwind option
  288. Instrument in some baroque pop tunes
  289. Instrument similar to a cor anglais
  290. It can be played with honour when around ohio
  291. Instrument with metal keys
  292. Shawm successor
  293. Modified shawm
  294. Conical-bore instrument
  295. Walk with exaggerated movements
  296. Concert reed
  297. Long, narrow musical instrument
  298. Woodwind instrument of treble pitch
  299. Ensemble part, perhaps
  300. Heckelphone's kin
  301. 'i got you babe' reed instrument
  302. One woodwind
  303. Something that may be found in a pit
  304. Heinz holliger's instrument
  305. Instrument once called "hautbois"
  306. Slender woodwind in an orchestra
  307. ___ reed
  308. ''...an ill wind''
  309. Chamber music reed
  310. Orchestral member
  311. "ill wind that no one blows good": nash
  312. Nasty smell in one having spilled guts, something blown
  313. Instrument with a conical bore
  314. Instrument the band tunes up to
  315. Philharmonic instrument
  316. Vivaldi concerto soloist
  317. "o" to ham operators, once
  318. Slight wind
  319. Pitch-setting, hand-held musical instrument
  320. Player ought to wear decoration
  321. It's instrumental to solti
  322. Reed in an orchestra
  323. Woodwind with an octave key
  324. Instrument used in 1d
  325. Instrument with a reed
  326. Woodwind lower than a piccolo
  327. Tramp 'eard in the wind?
  328. Cockney tramp heard instrument
  329. It may be blown onstage
  330. English horn cousin
  331. Sarrusophone relative
  332. Musical wind emitter
  333. Certain chamber music instrument
  334. ___ d'amore (baroque instrument)
  335. Certain wind instrument
  336. Slender double-reed instrument
  337. Long, thin musical instrument
  338. Award covering debut for oliver reed's double in this
  339. It may be found among the reeds
  340. Source of notes on back of envelope, initially
  341. Clarinet kin
  342. Old boy, individual pouring out heart in instrument
  343. Reedy woodwind
  344. Symphony's "tuning fork"
  345. Reed to which an orchestra tunes
  346. Bassoon's smaller kin
  347. Radio letter between nan and peter
  348. Classical instrument
  349. Two-reed instrument
  350. Long, slender woodwind instrument
  351. Instrument whose name comes from the french 'hautbois' (high wood)
  352. 'gabriel's ___' (theme from 'the mission')
  353. Woodwind with a penetrating sound
  354. Yamaha product
  355. Instrument opens old bottle of eau-de-vie
  356. One of the woodwinds
  357. Plaintive reed
  358. Tenoroon relative
  359. Woodwind used as an orchestral "tuning fork"
  360. Wood wind instrument
  361. Orchestra reed instrument
  362. Wind with a flared bell
  363. You must reed this?
  364. Woodwind with good range
  365. Instrument made from african blackwood, often
  366. Instrument whose name derives from 'high wood'
  367. Alumnus gets circular oriental instrument
  368. Woodwind instrument having a mouthpiece with a double reed
  369. Plaintive wind, perhaps
  370. Instrument with a flared bell
  371. High-pitched reed
  372. Instrument martin's left is a trombone
  373. Shawm relative
  374. Instrument for johann jacob bach
  375. Instrument made from grenadilla
  376. Soprano instrument
  377. Chamber music instrument, sometimes
  378. Pastoral woodwind
  379. Orchestral tuning instrument
  380. Instrument often made from grenadilla wood
  381. Wind ensemble member
  382. Reed-section instrument
  383. Honour embracing old music producer
  384. Certain woodwind instrument
  385. Wind in the pits?
  386. Flute's symphonic neighbor
  387. Instrument in old phonetic alphabets
  388. Instrument called an "ill wind" in song
  389. Bassoon's smaller cousin
  390. Concerto soloist, perhaps
  391. Chamber music instrument
  392. Orchestra woodwind
  393. Order that secures old musical instrument
  394. Instrument that's difficult to tune
  395. Turning up mid-range of stereo boosts woodwind
  396. Letter before peter in old radio lingo
  397. Reed under ozawa
  398. Orchestra pitch-setter
  399. Slim woodwind
  400. Woodwind with a pastoral sound
  401. Instrument used to set the pitch for an orchestra
  402. Brandenburg concertos participant
  403. Nash's "ill wind that no one blows good"
  404. Instrument an 'omeless person heard
  405. Shawm follower
  406. The duck in prokofiev's 'peter and the wolf'
  407. Pipe smoker's tobacco about over -- look out for 'number 3'
  408. Instrument also called a "hautboy"
  409. ''leia's theme'' soloist
  410. Little chirp
  411. Old english go after outside broadcast with mouthpiece
  412. Instrument that tunes an orchestra
  413. Woodwind with a mournful tone
  414. Bum has opening removed with electronic instrument
  415. It's blown in the winds
  416. Double-reed orchestra instrument
  417. Producer of notes, starting on back of envelope
  418. Treble clef woodwind
  419. Cor anglais cousin
  420. Preceder of peter in a phonetic alphabet
  421. Instrument poor martin's left is a trombone
  422. High-pitched woodwind
  423. Strauss wrote a concerto in d for it
  424. Instrument of joy -- booze oddly absent
  425. Slender wind instrument
  426. Old radio word for the letter o
  427. Sweet-toned musical instrument
  428. Deliverer of a high pitch
  429. Slender orchestra instrument
  430. Oo! that's how a blower might be with this
  431. One in the wind section
  432. Chamber group woodwind
  433. An orchestra might tune to it
  434. Tubular wind
  435. Instrument that represents the duck in peter and the wolf
  436. Instrument with a three-octave range
  437. Woodwind instrument whose mouthpiece has a double reed
  438. Instrument only bands or ensembles originally used?
  439. You need a reed to play one
  440. Musical instrument with reeds
  441. Orchestral double-reed instrument
  442. Double-reed woodwind instrument
  443. Woodwind with a conical bore
  444. Musical instrument related to the bassoon
  445. English horn's kin
  446. Old alfie's instrument
  447. Vowel-rich woodwind
  448. Double reed woodwind instrument that plays in the treble or soprano range
  449. Orchestral pitch setter
  450. Reeded woodwind instrument
  451. Literally high wood
  452. Source of some penetrating notes
  453. Woodwind that is related to the english horn
  454. Heckelphone kin
  455. Slender double-reed woodwind
  456. Woodwind instrument with keys
  457. Woodwind instrument similar to a clarinet
  458. Former pupil round with eastern instrument
  459. Orchestras tune to one
  460. High-pitched orchestra woodwind
  461. Double-reed orchestra woodwind
  462. Wood reed instrument
  463. Woodwind with keys
  464. Long slender instrument in an orchestra
  465. Thin black instrument
  466. Bassoon's higher relative
  467. Lightweight woodwind
  468. Musical instrument that's a staple in orchestras
  469. Woodwind higher than a bassoon
  470. Woodwind that’s used to set the pitch for an orchestra
  471. 'hautbois,' today
  472. Type of double reed wind music instrument
  473. Instrument related to the clarinet
  474. Melancholy-sounding instrument
  475. Its french name means "high wood"
  476. Conical woodwind
  477. Blown orchestral instrument
  478. Thin instrument in an orchestra pit
  479. English horn’s cousin
  480. Duck instrument in peter and the wolf
  481. Woodwind once called the hautboy
  482. Philharmonic woodwind
  483. Clarinet-like instrument with double reed
  484. Black woodwind instrument
  485. Letter in the w.w. ii phonetic alphabet
  486. Melancholy wind
  487. Member of the woodwind family
  488. Perhaps owes to be on the blower
  489. Clarinet look-alike
  490. Kind of woodwind instrument
  491. Woodwind able to provide an orchestra's tuning note
  492. Soloist in schubert's ninth symphony
  493. Instrument with a bell
  494. Music producer in love with broker, oddly
  495. Source of notes of bank of england, originally
  496. Borrow from boyfriend to hear orchestral soloist
  497. Instrument called an ill wind
  498. Wind with nearly a three-octave range
  499. Former learner round with eastern instrument
  500. Instrument heard in madonna's crazy for you
  501. Instrument related to the cor anglais
  502. Instrument used for tuning
  503. Orchestral woodwind instrument
  504. Instrument often used to tune an orchestra
  505. Thin black woodwind instrument
  506. Musical instrument that rhymes with hobo
  507. It has cork and a bell
  508. What orchestras tune to
  509. Crumhorns relative
  510. Instrument with a brief solo in beethovens fifth
  511. An english horn is lower than it
  512. High-pitched wind instrument
  513. Poignant instrument
  514. Common woodwind
  515. High-pitched woodwind instrument
  516. Wind instrument in donovan's jennifer juniper
  517. Clarinet’s cousin
  518. Double-reeded musical instrument
  519. Woodwind instrument with a lot of vowels in its name
  520. It's seen among the reeds
  521. O, in a phonetic alphabet
  522. Slim instrument
  523. Long wind
  524. Alto woodwind
  525. Plaintive reed instrument
  526. Instrument in the intro to the carpenters' for all we know
  527. A reed
  528. Wind quintet wind
  529. Source of an orchestras tuning note
  530. Flute's orchestral neighbor
  531. Instrument in the intro to the carpenters for all we know
  532. Reedy sounding orchestral instrument
  533. Symphony orchestra member
  534. Thin woodwind instrument
  535. Peter preceder in a phonetic alphabet
  536. It leads the orchestra in tuning
  537. Reed in the pit
  538. Jennifer paull's instrument
  539. Instrument from the french for high wood
  540. Wind quintet instrument
  541. What could be played by homeless guy for hackney empires audience
  542. Reed in a pit
  543. Nasal sounding woodwind instrument
  544. Instrument in the woodwind section
  545. Relative of a clarinet
  546. Woodwind thats related to the bassoon
  547. Instrument has nothing on tenor
  548. Bassoons concert neighbor
  549. Easy-to-carry instrument
  550. Easy-to-carry instrument
  551. Zombie, regularly drinking a bit of oliver reed is probably in it
  552. Katherine needleman's instrument
  553. Tuning instrument in an orchestra
  554. Bassoon cousin
  555. Conical wind
  556. Symphony wind
  557. Instrument that plays an orchestra's tuning note
  558. Pre-performance pitch-setting wind
  559. Wind heard in dion's abraham martin and john
  560. Orchestra tuning instrument
  561. Wind instrument related to the bassoon
  562. Woodwind instrument with a flared bell
  563. Orchestras pitch setting instrument
  564. Skinny woodwind
  565. Hooligan beheaded with old english instrument
  566. Thin instrument in an orchestra
  567. Bassoons higher cousin
  568. Instrument that introduces the swan lake theme
  569. Leader of orchestra regularly broke wind
  570. Instrument featured in i got you babe
  571. Ariana ghez's instrument
  572. Instrument that represents the duck in peter and the wolf
  573. Bombarde's kin
  574. Old boozer regularly produces wind
  575. Source of some poignant notes
  576. Instrument thats round gongs round
  577. Double reeded aerophone with keys
  578. Instrument with three vowels in its name
  579. Instrument with which old boy regularly trimmed novel
  580. Strausss concerto in d major for and small orchestra
  581. Wind in the reeds
  582. Wind with a three octave range
  583. Instrument played by indie rocks sufjan stevens
  584. Instrument heard in the intro to madonnas crazy for you
  585. Its found among the reeds
  586. Cousin of a bassoon
  587. Instrument of empty honour
  588. Tom boozes regularly, producing a bit of wind
  589. Cockney tramp overheard, one found among the reeds
  590. Stop over to join regulars in boozer
  591. Smell repelled old european, one with wind
  592. Wind with two reeds
  593. Wind from the french for high wood
  594. Double-reed wind
  595. Woodwind instrument heard in the turtles happy together
  596. Pitch setting instrument in an orchestra
  597. Double reed in an orchestra
  598. The duck in peter and the wolf
  599. Wind with a range of roughly three octaves
  600. Thin reed

Crosswords containing the word "OBOE"

  1. Got oboe duet or toccata's earliest parts transcribed? unbelievably fantastic
  2. Clarinet, oboe and saxoph
  3. Oboe, e.g.
  4. Cousin of an oboe
  5. Oboe, for one
  6. Like an oboe's sound
  7. Oboe or sax
  8. Oboe or clarinet
  9. Double-___ (oboe, e.g.)
  10. Bassoon and oboe