1. Spiral-horned antelope
  2. Striped antelope
  3. South african antelope - sudanese city
  4. African antelope snared by many, alas
  5. Some loony alarmed antelope
  6. Two american cities invaded by a crested antelope
  7. City in western sudan
  8. Man is up for catching last baby antelope
  9. African antelope with a coat marked with vertical stripes
  10. Creature seen in many a lake
  11. Native african area between coastal cities
  12. White-striped antelope
  13. Creature found in sunny alabama
  14. Antelope present in many a land
  15. A s. african antelope
  16. Animal caged by many a landowner
  17. Many a laboratory cages such an animal
  18. Animal used in many a laboratory
  19. Animal seen in many a land
  20. Spiral-horned african antelope
  21. Antelope found in area between two american cities
  22. Not completely tiny, a large antelope
  23. Hoofed ruminant found in many a land
  24. Antelope located over in north america
  25. Antelope found in new york and alabama
  26. Animal used in ceremony, a lamb
  27. Wild animal in article about place to the north
  28. Antelope in area between two american cities
  29. African antelope with spiral horns
  30. Animal's area squeezed between two cities
  31. Large south african antelope
  32. Finally learn a poem about an antelope
  33. Any stranger may come to city as one of a herd
  34. Somewhat scrawny, a lanky antelope
  35. Extremely nippy, like long-legged african resident
  36. Seen in tuscany - a large antelope
  37. Outsiders coming in naturally like african native
  38. Antelope found in many a land
  39. Southern african antelope with a fringe of white hairs along the length of its back and neck
  40. White-striped kin of 8-down
  41. As seen in kenya, large antelope
  42. One bounds area between two american cities
  43. South african antelope with lyre shaped horns
  44. Article found between two american cities provides capital in south darfur
  45. Fuss around an essential component of life for a fighter
  46. One bounding area that separates two major cities
  47. Horny individuals new year in the french style
  48. Bloke heads north, overtaking first of young african runners
  49. Partridge about to seize unknown antelope

Crosswords containing the word "NYALA"

  1. African antelope related to the nyala and kudu
  2. Spiral-horned african animal, e.g. nyala or eland