1. Like
  2. Observed
  3. Saw state of unfinished cake?
  4. Plain cake is observed
  5. Saw how a cake was left undecorated
  6. Some drink g and t like this, it's observed
  7. Plain cake saw?
  8. Saw it once disturbed by daughter
  9. Plain cake might be seen
  10. Seen what a plain bun is?
  11. Saw cake thus unfinished
  12. Reviewed as neat (no rocks)
  13. Became aware of
  14. Observed how the drinks may be served
  15. Seen to be off the rocks, so to speak?
  16. Regret about daughter showing bad manners
  17. Spotted, but spared assassination?
  18. Seen to be still warm
  19. Lacking its hard cover, didn't miss it
  20. Warm, as you may have seen
  21. Sighted off the rocks?
  22. If it isn't frozen, saw it
  23. Became aware of letter of resignation written by daughter
  24. Was observant
  25. Spotted, though lacking decoration
  26. Seen to it that it hasn't been in the fridge
  27. Saw edict on transport
  28. Observed or saw
  29. Became aware of gangster turning up over centre splitting diamonds
  30. Distinguished name of the listener editor
  31. Seen to be unlike the usual christmas cake?
  32. Observed bill and daughter
  33. This saw wasn't freezing
  34. Spotted cake with no decoration
  35. Saw forty per cent off tree by swinging on it
  36. Observed how plain the cake was!
  37. Marked, without lowering degree level?
  38. Recognised it's not connected to computers missing the first key
  39. Saw this had not been in the fridge
  40. Remarked how plain cake is?
  41. Spotted by cid finally after warning
  42. Saw how the drinks may be served at room temperature?
  43. Seen that it hasn't been in the fridge
  44. Observed what an incomplete birthday cake may still be?
  45. Seen that there isn't anything sweet on top
  46. You'll have seen it hasn't been in the fridge
  47. Saw cake hadn't been decorated
  48. Clocked high speed after ascent finished off
  49. Recognised by the critics?
  50. Prudence gets discourteous
  51. Heard to have been sorry for being impolite
  52. Seen to it that it isn't frozen
  53. Seen there isn't any sugar on top
  54. You've seen to it that it isn't frozen?
  55. Marked and marked, keeping one constant
  56. Became aware of, perceived
  57. How a plain bun can be spotted
  58. Detected without 1 across
  59. Caught sight of

Crosswords containing the word "NOTICED"

  1. Radiance noticed around husband
  2. Noticed the speaker's against put-up longlist, say
  3. Noticed team-mate swallowing cold drink
  4. Foodie’s saga, something tempting, not initially noticed
  5. Something noticed at a fi
  6. Noticed his revelling is devoted to pleasure
  7. Noticed old american over here in paris getting lucky
  8. Noticed in arena, mourinho’s charm?
  9. Noticed upturned furniture item fit for the skip?
  10. West country's first to get noticed: mad about it