1. Advice given when one is leaving work
  2. Advance warning
  3. Catch sight of
  4. Pay attention to
  5. Spot
  6. Not miss
  7. Foreknowledge
  8. Spot water that's still liquid?
  9. Time allowed for preparation once varied with it
  10. Sign posted in a public place
  11. Review - poster
  12. Announcement to put up in french resort
  13. Small print advertisement
  14. See running water or vapour, then?
  15. Spot bulletin
  16. Written communication
  17. Observe or regard
  18. Heed warning to quit
  19. See how unfrozen it is
  20. Statement that one is to leave job on given date
  21. See water or steam?
  22. See that it isn¿t 15 across
  23. Review advice that's given at work?
  24. Posting, say
  25. Warning at thawed rink?
  26. You'll be able to see that this isn't hard
  27. "wanted" poster, e.g
  28. Don't miss - review
  29. Leaving work?
  30. Something posted
  31. Advance warning of job resignation
  32. 'hypnotic entertainment' - only part of this theatre review?
  33. Just see that it isn't frozen
  34. Sign relating to hearing organ in confines of nave
  35. Warning - proclamation
  36. Spot something warmer then?
  37. See that it's not frozen
  38. Bulletin
  39. See; advert
  40. Intention to resign
  41. See something on board
  42. You'll see that this isn't 27 across
  43. See it isn't hard water
  44. Notification
  45. Unfrozen, see?
  46. Observation of good book in mediterranean city
  47. Sounds as if this sea hasn't got frozen
  48. 'take heed of, perceive (6)'
  49. That hasn't been frozen, see?
  50. Become aware of; review
  51. See if it isn't frozen
  52. See to it that it isn't frozen
  53. Mark books in european city
  54. Advance warning of an event
  55. Observe, become aware of
  56. It isn't so hard to catch sight of this
  57. Announcement or warning
  58. Observe the placard or sign
  59. Nothing frozen for 17 across
  60. See that it's unfrozen
  61. That's unfrozen, see?
  62. A review that says 'don't miss'
  63. Observe, review
  64. See what water is after it thaws
  65. Bill and max deducted from income tax
  66. Close to zero temperature in pleasant spot
  67. It may be given before leaving
  68. Literary review produced in no time, and it's cool!
  69. Advance indication of intention to resign
  70. It's served, sometimes
  71. Take heed of, perceive
  72. Spot old books in mediterranean resort
  73. See that it isn't frozen
  74. See learner has time for verse
  75. Just see that it isn't frozen, look to it
  76. Bill's unpleasant — heartless
  77. Public announcement
  78. Catch sight of review
  79. Advance warning given of resignation
  80. See you don't skate here!
  81. You'll see to it that it isn't frozen
  82. Announcement of an event
  83. Observe books in pleasant surroundings
  84. Observe - about to resign?
  85. You'll be 11 across that it isn't frozen
  86. It's often given two weeks before leaving
  87. Information of future events
  88. Bill and max detached from income tax
  89. Announcement about a future event
  90. Work it out before you leave
  91. See that is isn't frozen
  92. Bulletin board posting
  93. Formal advice - to quit?
  94. Become aware of books with fine covering
  95. Information about a future event
  96. Announcement of a future event
  97. Spot something that's worked out finally?
  98. That isn't hard to see
  99. See something that's melted, then?
  100. Become aware of warning
  101. Poster; observe
  102. Bill's comment about phony diamonds
  103. Spot - review
  104. Warning - observe - review
  105. 'perceive, observe (6)'
  106. Bulletin giving verdict on false diamonds
  107. It isn't ice
  108. Take cognisance of, observe
  109. Observe - warning
  110. Mark breaks into church
  111. You'll see that it isn't frozen
  112. Books appearing in amusing advert
  113. Announcement (of the sack?)
  114. Nips out of inspection to get some attention
  115. Just see that it hasn't got frozen
  116. Warning of thaw?
  117. Bill needs to go back into french resort
  118. It needs to be worked out from old books in mediterranean city
  119. This isn't frozen, see?
  120. Announcement with information about a future event
  121. Observe; advertisement
  122. Spot head of company in informal dress?
  123. Stress or accent
  124. Observe, perceive
  125. Observe, percieve
  126. This is usually given before quitting job
  127. Observe, discern
  128. Perceive, observe
  129. 'observe, discern (6)'
  130. You'll see that this isn't 10 across
  131. You'll perceive it isn't so hard
  132. You'll perceive it says the water isn't hard
  133. See that it's not been in the freezer
  134. See to it that it isn't 23 down
  135. It won't be so cold it it's given for going
  136. Your 14 down will tell you that it's not frozen
  137. Announcement, warning, note
  138. Announcement or warning
  139. Observe remark upon details
  140. See that it doesn't get frozen
  141. Give it and go - it isn't so cold
  142. You'll see that it isn't 27 across
  143. 'thawed, see? (6)'
  144. Mark how it isn't frozen
  145. "let me point out . . ."
  146. See the sign?
  147. Someone else the establishment - cavalier lot - won't take 21down 13
  148. Detect water or steam
  149. Spot water, presumably?
  150. Spot something
  151. Formal declaration to end employment
  152. Old square in mediterranean city gets attention
  153. Bills idiotic definition of steam?
  154. Catch sight of
  155. Short __, with little or no warning
  156. Observe increasing feature of arctic after time taken into account
  157. Pleasant around even parts of north observe
  158. Quitters might give two weeks of this to employer
  159. Recognise description of fake diamonds
  160. Period, number of weeks before leaving a job

Crosswords containing the word "NOTICE"

  1. Notice without being meant to notice
  2. After passing, notice cycle right away
  3. Angry? i'm v angry, endlessly upset, notice
  4. Notice small vessel
  5. Be brave at first in bending the rule of law in advance notice of possible charges?
  6. Timetable: notice article containing information
  7. Leaves with notice
  8. Notice man with a package, perhaps
  9. Suddenly took notice
  10. Greedy person (female), notice, produces a large cask