1. It "isn't what it used to
  2. False allegations the french dismissed as homesickness
  3. Yearning for the past
  4. Left in santiago, desperately yearning for the past
  5. With wistfulness
  6. Longing for something past
  7. Homesickness
  8. Lost again at sea, looking back over one's course?
  9. Scandalous christine's unable to finish university
  10. Longing for the past
  11. No way! a trainee soldier needs one for remembrance
  12. Regrets again with lots to turn over
  13. Pining again, lost in a daze
  14. After drama on the outskirts of sandhurst algeria's exiled king gets homesickness
  15. It's not what it was, thought simone signoret
  16. The yearning homer may have felt when he was away
  17. Sadly lost again, longing for yesterday
  18. Lost again uneasily longing for the old days
  19. Sentimental longing
  20. Feeling in want of a home
  21. A sentimental longing of analogist
  22. Gain lost ground — start to abridge "remembrance of things past"
  23. It 'isn't what it used to be,' said simone signoret
  24. Looking back with fondness to the past
  25. Lost again, disorientated, provoking homesickness
  26. It's a long rambling article producing fond reminiscences
  27. Aga lost in travels, pining for home
  28. Yearning to be free, lost again
  29. Developing area? it's long a wistful remembrance
  30. A longing for past times
  31. Laureate likened it to a "sweet pain in the heart"
  32. Sentimental feeling of analogist
  33. Lost again maybe, and longing to get home
  34. Love encapsulated by a lasting sort of sentimentality
  35. You'd never feel at home with such ill-feeling
  36. Sentimental yearning for the past
  37. Sentimental reminiscing of analogist
  38. Analogist's distorted reflection?
  39. 'a seductive liar': george w. ball
  40. Left santiago in distress, fondly looking back
  41. Longing for something past — isn't a goal (anag)
  42. What's lost again aroused such a feeling?
  43. Memory lane wistfulness
  44. Lots again suffering homesickness
  45. Wistful remembrance of analogist
  46. Lost again, lost in dreams of times past
  47. Sat in gaol, distraught, longing for the past
  48. Remembrance of things past gains a lot in translation
  49. Bemused, lost again in thoughts of 15 down
  50. What oldies evoke
  51. For fans with long memories
  52. Criminal sat in gaol, longing for home and family
  53. Memories of a lasting love, fragmented
  54. Fond remembrance
  55. Left in santiago, suffering severe homesickness
  56. Simone signoret thought it was not what it was
  57. Sentimental recollections of the past
  58. Recollection of a lasting love?
  59. '___ isn't what it used to be' (simone signoret autobiography)
  60. Sentimental feeling for old times
  61. Yearning for the past
  62. Leads to a fond trip down memory lane
  63. Santiago's half century of sentimentality
  64. It "isn't what it used to be": peter de vries
  65. Looking back in the manner of keeping soldier under? no way!
  66. Yearning for past - homesickness
  67. Warm recollections of and longing for the past
  68. Wistful feeling
  69. To miss something from the past
  70. Sentimental longing for the past
  71. Longing to be lost again at sea
  72. What one might feel seeing their old picture books
  73. Longing, looking back again, lots fancy
  74. Warm feelings for a past time or place
  75. Longing for battle, lost again
  76. Lost again

Crosswords containing the word "NOSTALGIA"

  1. Like a lot of nostalgia, become fixed in memory by degrees, initially
  2. Nostalgia stimulus
  3. Bit of nostalgia
  4. Nostalgia-evoking song
  5. Nostalgia elicitor
  6. Feel nostalgia, e.g.
  7. Surprised exclamation about capital city, recalled in nostalgia
  8. It might evoke nostalgia
  9. Place for nostalgia
  10. Boomer nostalgia?