1. Casserole bit
  2. Bean
  3. Pasta strip
  4. Thin pasta strip
  5. One old tatty ribbon
  6. Like a melon
  7. Turkey is something you eat
  8. Penned by blackmore, l. doone - revolting, silly person
  9. Food item getting line in no poem
  10. Something in the soup
  11. Tubular foam piece used in pools and lakes
  12. Sick person's soup that also contains chicken
  13. Pasta strand
  14. Head for pasta
  15. If one were to get no dole like this, one would be in soup
  16. Improvise on the ivories
  17. Stir-fry ingredient
  18. If you're so foolish you'll be in the soup
  19. Narrow strip of pasta, or foolish person
  20. So silly that he may be in the soup
  21. The head wants a bit of pasta
  22. Such a simpleton as to get in the soup
  23. Slurpable bit of pasta
  24. Pad thai tidbit
  25. Something in the soup, perhaps
  26. Ramen piece
  27. Lasagna strip
  28. Semolina strip
  29. Alphabet soup "letter"
  30. Slangy head or pasta strip
  31. Ribbon strip of pasta
  32. Lasagna divider
  33. Onion or bean come upon in your soup?
  34. Foolish person or slangy head
  35. Local fool with no dole arrangement
  36. Pasty-looking nincompoop!
  37. Pasta -- much unfinished after ending in bin
  38. Lo mein ingredient
  39. Back on the dole, splashing out on food
  40. Fool about, elevating line in verse
  41. Pasta tube
  42. Slang head or foolish person
  43. Fool to put back a party during noel, perhaps
  44. '... trip, like the --s of hog's-norton, where the pigs play on the organ' (scott, woodstock)
  45. Simple person - in the soup?
  46. Pasta ribbon
  47. Thin strand of pasta
  48. Lo mein morsel
  49. In other words, no dole for local fool
  50. Pasta; simpleton
  51. Such a fool to be in the soup!
  52. Pasta strip for foolish person
  53. Brain (sl.)
  54. What noel is about to do to get in the soup (6)
  55. The old bean
  56. Alphabet soup letter, e.g
  57. Cook one old piece of pasta
  58. Piece of pasta - fool
  59. Fool dog with head transplant
  60. Bit of pasta
  61. See silly person strip in the kitchen
  62. Simpleton; piece of pasta
  63. Bringing up age old variation in food
  64. Silly enough to get into the soup
  65. Blockhead's long strip of food
  66. Silly enough to be in the soup
  67. Pa's ta is for the simpleton
  68. Nut's part of vegetarian diet
  69. Nitwit with unfinished pasta
  70. Such a simpleton is sure to get in the soup
  71. Mug one may put one's teeth into?
  72. Ribbonlike pasta strip
  73. 'thou wouldst trip, like the -s of hogs-norton, when the pigs play on the organ' (scott)
  74. Strip of pasta in soup
  75. Flat strip of pasta
  76. Strip of pasta; simpleton
  77. Silly person, old one in trouble
  78. A long time back, incarcerated the silly old fool
  79. ... one old confused simpleton
  80. Strip of pasta
  81. Simpleton - strip of pasta
  82. Fool (in the soup?)
  83. One old silly blockhead
  84. Pool toy
  85. Ribbon-shaped pasta
  86. One old reformed simpleton
  87. Soup strip
  88. Silly person's food
  89. Simple enough to be in the soup
  90. Ramen morsel
  91. Simpleton - pasta
  92. Pasta strand especially in chinese cuisine
  93. Chow mein ingredient
  94. Improvise some pasta
  95. Stir fry component?
  96. Bit of ramen
  97. Soup letter
  98. Dried strip of egg dough

Crosswords containing the word "NOODLE"

  1. Noodle soup noodle
  2. Noodle bar noodle
  3. Japanese noodle type
  4. Noodle dish
  5. Like a wet noodle
  6. Noodle house noodles
  7. What do you call a fake noodle? an impasta” e.g.
  8. Noodle count in one of arizonas largest cities?
  9. Japanese noodle
  10. Noodle-and-vegetable soup