1. Prime-time time
  2. Evening
  3. Confusing thing, darkness
  4. “sweet dreams”
  5. Dusk-___-dawn
  6. Dark
  7. When to see stars
  8. Dark piece, not king
  9. With 9-down, hit sitcom of the 1980s-90s
  10. With most of the drink knocked back, it's time to sleep
  11. Terrible thing, darkness
  12. Government blocking insubstantial uprising at the end of the day
  13. Time for some shifts
  14. Period of darkness
  15. Bedtime call, informally
  16. Dracula's time
  17. Most of the booze is picked up late in the day
  18. When most people retire
  19. Dark strange thing
  20. Hours of darkness
  21. Dark weird thing
  22. Strange thing, but it's time for bed
  23. Dream time approaching, close to sunset
  24. Man on the radio when most of us are asleep
  25. Man said brief word of farewell at end of day
  26. Graveyard shift time
  27. At hand puppet's last occasion to perform
  28. Nearly time when one retires?
  29. Man on board loses head in dark
  30. Near heart of total darkness
  31. From dusk 'til dawn
  32. Time to retire?
  33. - school, - owl
  34. Most of the gin's drunk -- time for bed?
  35. Time to take hot drink and retire?
  36. Then lights up
  37. Black near, violet's close
  38. Near the start, but keep it dark
  39. The thing is that it's no light matter
  40. Closing time?
  41. Activity in the dark close to ending in embarrassment? ...
  42. 'burns' and 'bonfire' can both precede this word
  43. It falls but never breaks
  44. Near the beginning of 27 across or the finish of 30 across
  45. Close to the beginning of time?
  46. Black thing
  47. 'red sky at . . . . ., shepherd's delight'
  48. Graveyard shift
  49. It's near the time when one should be abed
  50. Dark piece on the radio
  51. Thing (anag.)
  52. Opposite pole to vision? darkness
  53. Saturday — fever (film)
  54. Day and - -
  55. The sound of a horseman after sunset?
  56. Time for bed? it's almost time
  57. It's almost beginning to be tea time after 16 down
  58. Dracula's waking hours
  59. It falls quite predictably
  60. Near east's ultimate period of gloom
  61. 'the dark cavalier' hides his head
  62. Time to sleep
  63. The time when lancelot, say, lost his head
  64. Dark period
  65. Near end of flight in the dark
  66. Ac/dc "___ prowler"
  67. From dusk until dawn
  68. Dusk-to-dawn period
  69. It falls daily but never breaks
  70. Word 4 of a christmas classic
  71. The fall that followed eve
  72. And 9 across: add anything to pieces to get a song
  73. Dark tower's beginning — hard drink knocked back
  74. Near to a little tea is no light matter
  75. Sir kay spent hours in darkness
  76. Upward time for stroll
  77. When to go to bed
  78. What proverbially follows day
  79. Elie wiesel work
  80. It's not light
  81. Day's partner
  82. Is the tea near to being so dark as that?
  83. Time between days
  84. ''twas the ... before christmas, when all through the house / not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse''
  85. Kind of court or school
  86. Nearly time to see the moon?
  87. Near back of hut it's dark
  88. Between dusk and dawn
  89. This still warm near end of august?
  90. It's close to tea, but keep it dark
  91. Dark time when king leaves such as lancelot
  92. Darkness close, end of daylight
  93. Dark - almost totally, to start with
  94. From sunset to sunrise
  95. Star's time to shine?
  96. Weird thing, darkness
  97. For most, the time for sleep
  98. Man’s heading off when it’s time to retire
  99. It's almost time when i should retire
  100. Dark front removed from piece
  101. When many people retire
  102. Dracula's shift
  103. Near to the start of darkness
  104. That could be the thing, sir, by the sound of it
  105. Activity in the form of entertainment after dark
  106. Thing suffering damage when it's dark
  107. Date time, often
  108. Time of darkness
  109. 'she walks in beauty, like the . . . . .' (byron)
  110. Illumination needed now towards end of event
  111. Cap or gown lead-in
  112. It's so dark it's almost tea
  113. When to see the moon near the end of august
  114. It's dark when headless horseman appears
  115. Time for turning in, almost on time
  116. Nearly time, time after sunset
  117. It's dark almost on time
  118. That's no light matter to be so close to tea
  119. Black piece, not king
  120. When bats fly
  121. Opposite of day
  122. Light returns with an end to whistling in the dark
  123. When one sees stars
  124. Late activity near west end
  125. Dark time
  126. Black phase man on board reported
  127. "'twas the ___ before christmas ..."
  128. Word that can precede either part of 17-, 25-, 38-, 54- and 63-across
  129. Loose garment that is stripped off in the dark
  130. Almost the sound of the end of 2 down, but keep it dark
  131. Odd thing is - this is one for the stars
  132. It begins to get close now that it's so dark
  133. Battle force turns to north when it's dark
  134. Close time?
  135. The first one is no light matter for an actor
  136. Near to tea it's no light matter
  137. Nearly time - it's late
  138. Strange thing to say repeatedly when tucking child in
  139. Darkness; see you in the morning
  140. Period of ignorance
  141. Word with club or stick
  142. Close on temperature for a usually colder period
  143. Busy time for bats
  144. Probably time for bed, as first of girls ensnared by rakish revolutionary?
  145. When stars are seen close to their leader
  146. Dracula's favorite time
  147. Dark period for titled fellow losing his 'k'
  148. Time to hand over the missing high explosive?
  149. When to make new observation, with first of stars out
  150. 'man,' you say, 'it's dark!'
  151. "... and the darkness he called ___" (gen 1:5)
  152. Dark near light, ultimately
  153. That starts near dark
  154. Time without 10
  155. The last thing you might wish to be good?
  156. Popular christmas carol
  157. Between sunset and sunrise
  158. Comment to one who's retiring, informally
  159. Period after sunset
  160. Brief last greeting sounds noble
  161. Black chessman - but not the king
  162. "what hath __ to do with sleep?": milton
  163. Time to see stars
  164. Busy time for fireflies
  165. Dark period 11 possibly reported
  166. Time for fireworks
  167. David gray's current record label
  168. Must be kept in the dark, sir, by the sound of it
  169. Expected arrival approaching end of twilight?
  170. Black bat near back of roost
  171. Noisy piece, the follow-up to 16
  172. Nearly time - for bed?
  173. A hard day's (the beatles)
  174. It's dark near tunnel entrance
  175. 1975 film thriller starring gene hackman and susan clark
  176. Dark, headless horseman
  177. 1981 novel by clive cussler
  178. Man beheaded, causing death
  179. Surname of britain's first green mp
  180. It regularly falls close to town
  181. Perhaps lancelot ousts king in the dark
  182. Fright _____, 1985 hallowe'en knee knocker
  183. Time for a tuck
  184. It gets dark
  185. Time when asleep
  186. Astronomer's prime time
  187. Piece not beginning when nocturne is expected?
  188. Dark and almost monstrous at heart
  189. It's near the capital of thailand, but keep it dark
  190. The thing is that this sort of headgear makes 2 down
  191. Near to being black tea?
  192. Sir, you sound black
  193. After today one will get almost a little tea
  194. When most dreams occur
  195. The thing is that it's not light
  196. Not far from black tea
  197. Nothing light for you, sir, by the sound of it
  198. Hard by a little tea if it's dark enough
  199. Chessman not initially black?
  200. It gets near to tea when day is done
  201. How this could make one follower of 32 across
  202. It's nearly time for bed
  203. Approaching the time which is said to fall
  204. Day nothing changed?
  205. Not quite time in the foregoing for a 10 (26)'s subject
  206. Fall behind it at the end of day
  207. 1991 comedy and drama film starring gena rowlands and winona ryder
  208. An awful thing, the moment when stars appear
  209. Man-at-arms announced time to retire
  210. Dark hours
  211. Spin intros to traditional horkstow grange in the dark
  212. In the heat of __; 40th oscar awards winner

Crosswords containing the word "NIGHT"

  1. Shakespeare character who says 'good night, ladies; good night, sweet ladies; good night, good night'
  2. 'good night, sweet ladies. good night, good night' speaker
  3. Night-night clothes?
  4. Like an alarm clock, night after night
  5. At night dog sounds a bird at night
  6. "silent night, ___ night ..."
  7. They hang around at night for what night-watchman does at lords
  8. Like a candle night after night, say
  9. Big drinking night, stop #5 (night club)
  10. '-- night, holy night'(see 8 across)