1. Eye of ___ (witch's item)
  2. Pond dweller
  3. Small amphibian
  4. Swamp dweller
  5. Plays for a sap
  6. Pond denizen
  7. Speaker's name?
  8. Politician gingrich
  9. First name on capitol hil
  10. Politico gingrich
  11. Former house speaker ging
  12. Former speaker gingrich
  13. Young cowboy in "lonesome
  14. Amphibian once associated with bad spirits
  15. Its eye is needed in a "m
  16. Adult eft
  17. Pond creature
  18. Pond amphibian
  19. Witches' brew necessity
  20. Grown-up eft
  21. Slender amphibian
  22. Lizard look-alike
  23. Lizardlike amphibian
  24. Eye of ___ (witches' brew
  25. Lizardlike creature
  26. Medical worker
  27. Witch's brew ingredient
  28. Red-spotted ___
  29. Colorful salamander
  30. Amphibian
  31. It becomes aquatic during
  32. Little amphibian
  33. Salamandridae family memb
  34. Creature wife caught in trap
  35. Colorful amphibian
  36. Small salamander
  37. Man of the house?
  38. House speaker between tom
  39. Salamander
  40. Gingrich of politics
  41. Eye of ___ ("macbeth" recipe item)
  42. Creature that's supposedly drunk, but not always legless
  43. Its eye is used in spooky recipes
  44. Terrarium creature
  45. Scientist forgetting old name for creature
  46. Pond critter
  47. Lizard point - dangerously wet!
  48. Little creature went off
  49. "eye of __ ...": "macbeth"
  50. Beside fresh tea in the water
  51. Pond dweller that can regenerate its eyes
  52. Fresh tea needs water
  53. Eye of ___ and toe of frog (ingredients in a witches' brew)
  54. Young cowboy in 'lonesome dove'
  55. House speaker between tom and dennis
  56. In for the water and on for the science (4)
  57. "contract with america" name
  58. Snare with trapped animal
  59. Congressman gingrich
  60. Bright salamander
  61. In the water for fresh tea
  62. ___ scamander ('fantastic beasts and where to find them' hero)
  63. Survivor in the movie 'aliens'
  64. The tea is fresh with water to get on with science
  65. A little creature makes fresh tea for the listener
  66. Eye of __: "macbeth" witches' ingredient
  67. Gingrich who said 'females have biological problems staying in a ditch for thirty days because they get infections and they don't have upper body strength'
  68. A witch might use its eye
  69. Amphibian, original model
  70. Speaker of the house before dennis
  71. In water or on land, got on with science
  72. Smallish salamander
  73. In air or water or fresh tea
  74. Gop pundit gingrich
  75. Small, lizard-like amphibian
  76. Get in water and on for science
  77. Eft
  78. Has to get on to be a scientist in water
  79. Seventh-year exam in harry potter
  80. "macbeth" eye donor
  81. Amphibian - a ken livingstone pet?
  82. Might this get on in the water with gravity?
  83. Campaign '12 name
  84. Cold-blooded creature changed temperature
  85. Put some fresh tea on in water for the scientist
  86. Brightly colored amphibian
  87. Brightly-colored salamander
  88. Went to find a sort of eft
  89. Being 3 down, one was able to get on in physics
  90. Eye of ___ (witch's-brew item)
  91. Creature that can regenerate its limbs
  92. Former man of the house?
  93. Speaker before gingrich
  94. Witches' brew ingredient
  95. Eye of _____ (part of a witch's brew)
  96. Garden-pond amphibian
  97. Semiaquatic animal
  98. It is starting in fresh water
  99. Eye needed in a ''macbeth'' recipe
  100. Certain semiaquatic salamander
  101. Semiaquatic critter
  102. One might get on in science in the water
  103. One got on with gravity in the water
  104. In the water, he got on with gravity
  105. Small, semiaquatic amphibian with a long body and tail and short legs
  106. Semiaquatic amphibian
  107. It needs water to make fresh tea
  108. Small tailed amphibian
  109. Former house speaker gingrich
  110. Went into the water this way
  111. This went into the water
  112. Make fresh tea in the water
  113. Mr. gingrich
  114. Such fresh tea might get on with science
  115. Icky creature
  116. Shakespearean recipe ingredient
  117. Metamorphosing animal
  118. 'contract with america' figure, familiarly
  119. Epitome of insobriety reformed over time
  120. An amphibious start for 23 down, by the sound of it
  121. Creature from 1-0 and 2-0?
  122. Salamander that metamorphoses
  123. Went to find kind of water lizard
  124. Salamander that is called eft during its juvenile phase
  125. Water-loving salamander
  126. 1995 political book subtitled 'leader of the second american revolution'
  127. Eye used in spooky recipes
  128. Supposedly heavy drinker, partly blinded for a spell?
  129. Aquatic salamander
  130. Eft, when mature
  131. Went to find amphibian
  132. Cousin of a congo eel
  133. Mesh cages opening for wild animal
  134. "contract with america" first name
  135. 'she turned me into a ___!': monty python
  136. Amphibious salamander
  137. Eye of ___ (part of a "macbeth" recipe)
  138. Type of salamander
  139. Brilliantly colored salamander
  140. Certain aquatic salamander
  141. Author/politician gingrich
  142. In water one might get on to be a scientist
  143. Former house leader gingrich
  144. "contract with america" architect gingrich
  145. First name in the 2012 republican primary
  146. Lizardlike critter
  147. House speaker before dennis and nancy
  148. 'fresh tea, just a little, in the water (4)'
  149. Went for an eft
  150. Salamander women caught in trap
  151. Speaker of the house who battled bill
  152. First name on capitol hill
  153. 2012 gop candidate whose staff is rapidly resigning, familiarly
  154. Eye source for a dramatic cauldron
  155. Brew necessity, maybe
  156. Recently created time for amphibian
  157. Salamandridae family member
  158. This on in water for gravity
  159. Frog kin
  160. A tailed pond amphibian of the salamander
  161. Fresh little tea and water for it
  162. Salamander family member
  163. Famous scientist gives up on amphibian
  164. It becomes aquatic during its breeding season
  165. Fresh tea in speech for eye donor in 'macbeth'?
  166. Red-spotted __: common amphibian
  167. Might the little beast get on with gravity?
  168. Amphibian such as the salamander
  169. Mature eft
  170. Went off creature
  171. Protagonist of fantastic beasts and where to find them
  172. Prey for a heron
  173. Semiaquatic salamander
  174. ___ scamander (fantastic beasts hero)
  175. ___ scamander from fantastic beasts and where to find them
  176. House leader during bill's presidency
  177. ___ scamander of fantastic beasts: the crimes of grindelwald
  178. Fictional fantastic beasts expert ___ scamander
  179. Get this on in the water to make a man of 21 across
  180. Is that what went into the water?
  181. The little creature got on with gravity
  182. Went for fresh tea at the end
  183. In ten up, double you for one of 18 down
  184. Great for science for him to have got on in the water
  185. He got this on with gravity
  186. Animal in a creek
  187. Former eft
  188. 2012 rival of mitt and rick
  189. Small semiaquatic salamander
  190. Kid in aliens movie
  191. Garter snake prey
  192. Little salamander
  193. Campaign 2012 name
  194. Former speaker of the house gingrich
  195. Small critter at a pond
  196. Tadpole's later form, perhaps
  197. Small amphibian whose species include the palmate great crested and smooth
  198. Certain tadpole
  199. Tailed amphibian
  200. Kaiser's spotted ___ (brightly colored salamander)
  201. Animal in the new testament?
  202. Political figure gingrich
  203. Fantastic beasts and where to find them hero scamander
  204. Animal wife evidently caught?
  205. Fresh water essentially where it may breed
  206. 1990s politician gingrich
  207. Magizoologist scamander created by j k rowling
  208. Its eye is in many a witch's brew
  209. Semiaquatic creature
  210. Eye of
  211. Nice weight outwardly for an amphibian
  212. Protagonist of fantastic beasts and where to find them
  213. Tiny salamander

Crosswords containing the word "NEWT"

  1. Immature newt
  2. Young newt
  3. New newt
  4. Small newt
  5. Newt, e.g.
  6. Newt-like amphibian
  7. Little newt
  8. Eastern newt
  9. Newt-born?
  10. Newt, once