1. A team game
  2. Seven-a-side game
  3. It's tricky to return
  4. Women's team sport
  5. Dance follows final game
  6. Rising number having great time in a sport
  7. Play losing tennis shot, giving game
  8. Figure recalled enjoyable time in sport
  9. Activity involving latticework, black completely
  10. Formerly clean bowled every game
  11. Team game, played mainly by women
  12. Ladies' team game
  13. A couple of things used in many sports, or one in particular
  14. Women's game
  15. Two requirements for tennis or another sport
  16. Two elements in tennis? another sport
  17. Profit on dance goes to sport
  18. Liberal party approaching pm's house raised game
  19. Game -- and how to score in it
  20. A couple of requirements for tennis or another sport
  21. Reason for a second serve
  22. Close call for venus
  23. Team sport
  24. Trap with bouncer in game
  25. Score in women's game
  26. Let maybe
  27. Effective shot in game
  28. Lab lent out for a game
  29. Sport played between two teams of seven players
  30. Practice session before dance and sport
  31. Team game for tall ben
  32. A couple of things needed for tennis or another sport
  33. Game to be announced when girl comes around
  34. Tennis surprise
  35. Shot that's tricky to return
  36. Tennis shot that's a little too low
  37. Foozle the tennis shot and it's game
  38. Little girl holds unannounced game
  39. Bent in bits and all for the game
  40. Game girl carrying new bat
  41. Two things that pass between opponents in tennis game
  42. Before the dance, catch the game
  43. Game with two essential elements of tennis
  44. School sport
  45. Sport to be arranged with female boxing
  46. Tricky-to-return tennis shot
  47. Orb thrown in women's team sport
  48. Tennis serve that's a little too low (2 wds.)
  49. Everyone bent round first game
  50. Esport? no
  51. Seven-a-side team game - all bent
  52. Seven-a-side sport, played on a court
  53. Team game, perhaps resembling basketball
  54. Team game similar to basketball played mainly by women
  55. After this, you get to serve again
  56. Game pms address brought round party
  57. 7-a-side ball game with a shooter and wing attack
  58. Sport in which the constellation cup is contested
  59. Goal attack is a position in this court sport
  60. Seven a side court sport with raised goal rings
  61. Before dance, trap game
  62. Clear everything to accommodate british sport
  63. Sport drag, perhaps, at society dance
  64. Seven a side team game tall ben

Crosswords containing the word "NETBALL"

  1. Badly soiled netball, not current sporting prize
  2. Some girls in netball turned up for another game
  3. Netball team training in court close to contest
  4. A lot of shots at netball?
  5. Ashen when attempting netball, initially
  6. Goal __, gs, netball player who can score goals
  7. Netball positions
  8. Goal __; netball players whose job is to score
  9. Goal netball players whose job is to score