1. Asian institute supports mate from sunderland?
  2. Asian from north-east india crossing china
  3. Katmandu resident
  4. Katmandu native
  5. Gurkha or sherpa
  6. Indian's neighbor
  7. Language of kathmandu
  8. Online friend entering part of the uk, asian national
  9. Himalayan native
  10. Certain himalayan
  11. Asian language with 14+ m
  12. Language related to urdu
  13. Rupee spender
  14. Write up on the greatest asian
  15. Himalayan denizen
  16. Language needing clarification - plain english!
  17. King gyanendra, for one
  18. Yeti sighter
  19. Asian from east china, uk resident
  20. Gurkha, e.g.
  21. Himalayan language
  22. Katmandu language
  23. Katmandu's language
  24. Language of a south asian kingdom
  25. Native of one himalayan state
  26. Language of katmandu
  27. Mountain kingdom which i am a citizen of
  28. Official language in katmandu
  29. Asian accommodating english friend in islington area
  30. Asian writer backing brick lane's monica
  31. Katmandu tongue
  32. Kathmandu native
  33. Sherpa, perhaps
  34. Asian plane diverted over capital in iran
  35. An asian in alpine resort
  36. Alpine characters shifted from mountainous region
  37. Early everest climber tenzing norgay, for one
  38. Language used to reject writer with a brief lie
  39. European captivated by translation of plain language
  40. Language spoken in bhutan
  41. Like the only nonrectangular national flag
  42. Man from katmandu
  43. Variety of alpine, one at home in mountains
  44. Asian in islington area entertaining english friend
  45. Katmandude?
  46. Like some sherpas
  47. Alpine ground for one in mountainous territory
  48. Regularly seen noel play; balthasar's third one from foreign land
  49. Foreigner in alpine resort
  50. Asian girl had pie and rolls regularly polished off
  51. Alpine form of language
  52. Language inappropriate in alpine resort
  53. Sherpa usually
  54. Man from kathmandu
  55. Native of kathmandu
  56. Sherpas, nationally
  57. Katmandu citizen
  58. Language heard in katmandu
  59. Writer reviews the greatest sherpa to scale the peaks, so to speak
  60. Asian friend in centre of newcastle, giving address
  61. I lead the french writer back to himalayan native
  62. Sherpas' language
  63. Language of south asia
  64. Many a yak herder
  65. Typical everest guide
  66. 'roof of the world' resident
  67. Like many sherpas
  68. Asian from eastern china stops returning home
  69. Kathmandu resident
  70. Alpine resort for someone living the high life?
  71. Many a sherpa
  72. Darjeeling language
  73. Predominant language in darjeeling
  74. Sherpa, commonly
  75. Alpine arrangement spoken well in the himalayas
  76. Indian neighbor
  77. Majority language in darjeeling
  78. Someone from kathmandu
  79. Neighbor of a 116-across
  80. Many a sherpa
  81. Sherpa, typically
  82. Kathmandu citizen
  83. Native of kathmandu
  84. Like many sherpa people
  85. Alpine rocks from a mountainous country
  86. Language in which ho and hoina mean yes and no

Crosswords containing the word "NEPALI"

  1. Mystery creature that nepali finally reveals
  2. Nepali in play?
  3. Nepali, e.g
  4. Iraqi or nepali
  5. Undocumented nepali?
  6. Subject of a onetime nepali hunting license [true fact!]
  7. Nepali in british or indian army
  8. Nepali transport
  9. Nepali (anag.)
  10. Nepali or tibetan