1. Beersheba's desert
  2. Beersheba is near it
  3. Israeli region that includes eilat
  4. Israeli desert
  5. Mideast desert
  6. Israel's southern triangl
  7. Beershebas region
  8. Desert ne of the sinai peninsula
  9. Dry region south of beers
  10. Semi-desert, say, occupying half of nevada
  11. In north-east, for example, start of virtual desert
  12. Beersheba's locale
  13. Beersheba is in it
  14. Ben-gurion setting
  15. It comprises the southern
  16. Beersheba locale
  17. Desert bordering the sina
  18. Israeli desert region
  19. Over half of israel
  20. Barren me region some have generously backed
  21. Israeli place name that m
  22. Desert near sinai
  23. The southern part of israel, on the gulf of aqaba, a triangular-shaped semi-desert region
  24. Semi-desert area of southern israel
  25. Desert attractive genevieve -- partly as comeuppance?
  26. Israel's ___ desert
  27. Give generously, raising more than enough for part of israel
  28. Arid part of israel
  29. Middle east desert region
  30. Desert of israel
  31. Site of israel's timna park
  32. Desert region, say, covered by half of us state
  33. It comprises the southern half of israel
  34. Geographical name from the hebrew for "dry"
  35. Desert with a view of beersheba
  36. Part of israel not once raising vegetables?
  37. Dry region south of beersheba
  38. Southern israeli desert
  39. Ben-gurion university locale
  40. Israeli wasteland
  41. Israeli place name that means 'south'
  42. More than half of israel
  43. Much of israel
  44. Desert region of israel
  45. Arid area of mojave, generally to the west
  46. Desert the greens - almost end moving to the left
  47. Desert bordering the sinai peninsula
  48. Arid israeli area
  49. Semi-desert area, say, in western half of nevada
  50. Arid region of israel
  51. Site of several kibbutzim
  52. Not every good european voter heads for the desert
  53. Even good ground produced this area
  54. Desert, for example, in largely arid state
  55. Never ever green, even vaguely thats primarily desert
  56. Edible plants raised by niles banks in arid area
  57. Much of israel
  58. Green stuff eaten up in desert

Crosswords containing the word "NEGEV"

  1. Negev native
  2. Like the negev
  3. Ancient negev dweller
  4. Negev native, e.g.
  5. Country where the negev desert is located
  6. Negev nation
  7. Negev desert country
  8. The negev's nation
  9. Negev desert
  10. Large israeli city in the negev desert