1. Dancing nude almost felt necessary
  2. Necessary, requisite
  3. Oral work by female university student is requisite
  4. Length of thread but no hems of lace required
  5. Requisite work reportedly on source of energy european ignored
  6. Required one third of length to be cut from thread?
  7. End fuel with reprocessing required
  8. End fuel upset - that's necessary
  9. Wanting massage, say, left after four, forgetting regulars
  10. Stephen king title, with "things"
  11. Nude elf -- dressing up is required!
  12. Nude elf (anag.)
  13. Stephen king title word
  14. Poverty-stricken, requiring fund lee organised
  15. Money that cannot be disposed of?
  16. Flue with end restored is required
  17. End fuel chaos - it's vital
  18. Necessary for nude elf
  19. Essential massage is said to precede outbreak of flu
  20. Paying attention's new for husband, but indispensable
  21. Necessary to report what baker will do to rearrange end of 35 across
  22. Knight heartlessly fuelled rioting with demands
  23. Imperative ned's given fuel (energy's dropped back three places)
  24. Wanting to be born, died with bad flu
  25. Poor, unfed, requiring drug hostel ultimately?
  26. Injection, perhaps, to remove foreign article necessary
  27. Born and died almost loaded with money
  28. New feud brewing among the spanish poor
  29. Impoverished, needy, poverty-stricken, skint
  30. With most elderly, fun may be requisite
  31. … necessary to end fuel spread
  32. Nude left almost shivering — what’s required?
  33. Stephen king title word with "things"
  34. Essential tyneside editor gets flu treated
  35. They say massage before flu treatment is essential
  36. Vital contribution from knock kneed full back
  37. Its imperative to get under end of quilt every so often
  38. End fuel crisis as required
  39. Oral massage perfect, but not entirely necessary
  40. Knock kneed fullback far from totally indispensable

Crosswords containing the word "NEEDFUL"

  1. Needful and correct rules hard to follow
  2. Needful
  3. Falstaff's needful, but for one earl unfortunately more needy