1. Like
  2. Duke of ___, character in the two gentlemen of verona
  3. European fashion capital
  4. Italian opera center
  5. Home of la scala
  6. Where to see "the last su
  7. Easternmost of fashions “big four” cities
  8. Where "otello" premiered
  9. La scalas home
  10. Prospero's dukedom
  11. Lombardy capital
  12. La scala's city
  13. Where verdi's "otello" pr
  14. La scala locale
  15. Biblioteca ambrosiana loc
  16. Home of "the last supper"
  17. Ambrosian library locale
  18. Italian city
  19. Where "falstaff" premiere
  20. Capital of lombardy
  21. Where to see 'the last supper'
  22. 87-across fashion center
  23. Fellow seen around the italian city 300 miles from rome
  24. Second-largest italian city, after rome
  25. Did they have spots knocked off them in istanbul?
  26. City with la scala opera house
  27. Jimmy greaves used to play here
  28. Home of the italian stock exchange
  29. Italian city with la scala opera
  30. Where to see leonardo's "the last supper"
  31. Italian city with la scala opera house
  32. Where verdi's 'otello' premiered
  33. Article of 1049 featuring 19?
  34. Ambrosian library setting
  35. Italy's fashion center
  36. Major fashion capital
  37. Home of da vinci's "the last supper"
  38. La scala's locale
  39. Sforza castle locale
  40. 'the last supper' location
  41. Fifty in the main town of italy
  42. A.c. ___ (ronaldo's club)
  43. European fashion center
  44. Tourist destination of lombardy
  45. Amazed expression going round the italian city
  46. Biblioteca ambrosiana locale
  47. Where the last supper is located
  48. Internazionale
  49. Doorstep deliverer kilometres away in city
  50. The italian man about town
  51. Ray wilkins passed through here!
  52. In italy he is about 150, it seems
  53. Cove encircles the italian city
  54. Ac --, italian football team
  55. 'the last supper' city
  56. La scala city
  57. Home to the sforza castle
  58. Inter ___ (european soccer powerhouse)
  59. Sedan named for an italian city
  60. La scala location
  61. Prada's headquarters
  62. ___ kundera, author of 'the unbearable lightness of being'
  63. Ray wilkins and mark hateley played here
  64. Guy admits the italian is in italy
  65. Second-largest city in italy
  66. Home of armani and prada
  67. Italy's fashion capital
  68. Lombardy's capital
  69. 'the last supper' locale
  70. Fellow touring the italian financial centre
  71. La scala site
  72. European fashion city
  73. Versace headquarters
  74. Motorway lane cut short in city
  75. Lover embracing the italian football team
  76. Article in italian penned by fellow in italian city
  77. 1990 world cup venue
  78. Home of leonardo's "the last supper"
  79. Article in use fraudulently hidden by a novelist
  80. 'last supper' setting
  81. Home to versace and valentino
  82. Italian fashion capital
  83. Fashion capital of italy
  84. Italian fashion hub
  85. Italian fashion center
  86. Sforza castle site
  87. Armani's headquarters
  88. Italian fashion city
  89. Mail off to new city
  90. Italian fashion centre
  91. Global fashion capital situated in italy
  92. City in lombardy; chief financial centre of italy
  93. Children's author not entirely captivating a european city
  94. 2001-12 czech republic striker; liverpool fc 2005 champions league final winner
  95. __ fashion week (clothing trade show in italy)
  96. Lombardy city
  97. Major fashion city
  98. Lost following internat-ional break (man city)
  99. Italian city with a semiannual fashion week
  100. Mario prada's birthplace
  101. Italian city known for fashion
  102. Italian city that is a major fashion capital
  103. Global capital of fashion in italy
  104. Italys second city
  105. City of north italy
  106. Italian city somewhat international i mean, on reflection
  107. Notes new centre for fashion

Crosswords containing the word "MILAN"

  1. Milan opera house la ___
  2. Milan opera house
  3. I must leave milan in fear, a place of fond imaginings
  4. Man, in milan
  5. M., in milan
  6. House of milan
  7. Milan native
  8. Inter milan's first on bet slips
  9. Lake north of milan
  10. Seaport south of milan