1. Trim staff with hospital area about to close
  2. Covered in poo, water hardly in short supply to get hands cleaner?
  3. Hand and nail treatment
  4. Treatment available in a nail bar
  5. Fellow with one remedy giving cosmetic treatment
  6. One who does this might have studied a handbook
  7. Hand beauty treatment aka mani
  8. Job for which you give someone a hand
  9. Professional hand treatment
  10. Professional care for the hands
  11. Do i have it handy to heal him?
  12. I treat by hand the fellow who is 14 down
  13. Treatment of the hands
  14. Guy one has to heal, giving attention to extremities
  15. Work i do to make him well by nailing him
  16. Professional filing system?
  17. Care of hands and fingernails
  18. Work on nails - cracked, and certain to be without tip
  19. Care of hands and nails
  20. Handy treatment for groom
  21. Hand in work
  22. Person that is holding dog having paws seen to?
  23. A numeric approach to care of the hands
  24. There's work on hand for him i make well again
  25. Professional care for the hands
  26. A numeric sort of digital improvement
  27. The treatment of the handmaiden?
  28. Hands/nails treatment
  29. Cosmetic treatment for the hands
  30. This type of filing is a handy job
  31. Trim fellow has one kipper
  32. Main treatment and remedy for those biting their nails perhaps
  33. Job that may include filing
  34. Chap with one remedy for attending to someone hand and foot perhaps?
  35. Wild flower gets the beauty treatment
  36. Filing service
  37. Fellow being healed by me gets professional grooming
  38. I make him well with work on hand
  39. Cosmetic nail treatment
  40. Nailing work?
  41. Sort of treatment provided by wild flower in yorkshire
  42. Hand treatment
  43. The guy i remedy with a cosmetic treatment
  44. Cosmetic care of the hands
  45. Well, that's the handy way i make him
  46. Process of making fingernails fancy
  47. Hand treatment involving painted nails
  48. Brittle savoury biscuits in the form of knots or sticks
  49. Do i have a hand in making him well?
  50. Well, i make him a handyman
  51. Hand care treatment including nail polish
  52. Have your fingernails filed and polished
  53. Cosmetic treatmenr for hands and fingernails
  54. Get one’s nails done
  55. Treat your nails to this
  56. Cosmetic treatment for hyperactive waterway
  57. Cosmetic treatment for fingernails
  58. Polish process for hands
  59. Nail buffing, shaping and polishing treatment
  60. Pampering that involves painting fingernails
  61. Act of painting someone's nails
  62. It's a handy job requiring cutting-edge technology?
  63. Pampering fingernail treatment
  64. Chap i make better, giving treatment for nails
  65. Pampering session for your hands and nails
  66. Neatly trim thick hair covering current dog
  67. Salon treatment for hands, fingernails

Crosswords containing the word "MANICURE"

  1. Digital manicure shaped tip of fingernail
  2. Manicure destroyer
  3. Manicure tool
  4. Manicure target
  5. Item used in manicure
  6. Manicure candidate
  7. Place for a manicure
  8. Manicure implement
  9. Manicure boards
  10. Manicure feature, often