1. Get ___
  2. Be in charge of
  3. Run off
  4. Get along
  5. Cope with
  6. Make do
  7. Get by somehow
  8. Engineer's staff get on
  9. Maiden takes a long time to cope
  10. Control over several people in a company
  11. Pull through
  12. Cope with a boy when grown up?
  13. Run a horse in maine
  14. Run west perhaps astride horse
  15. Handle, cope with
  16. Get by, cope
  17. Handle and control the business
  18. Make do somehow
  19. Servant takes long time to control
  20. Make out the guy is on time
  21. Take charge?
  22. Run! it's no time for women's libbers!
  23. Could 050 be up in south america?
  24. Old as he is , he can still cope
  25. Handle, run
  26. Run (eg, company)
  27. Look after run a business
  28. Train myself to straddle a horse
  29. Control area beset by disease
  30. Person given time to supervise staff
  31. Run west maybe having stolen horse
  32. Can he cope with advancing years?
  33. Can cope with him being on time
  34. Take responsibility for staff salary cut from the start
  35. To have to sope like this puts years on a fellow
  36. Take control of area in grip of disease
  37. However old he is, he will cope
  38. Can one cope, being as old as he is?
  39. People take time to get on
  40. Govern people on decline
  41. If he gets overtime, he can just cope
  42. Lead from the dugout
  43. Despite anno domini he can cope
  44. Locks protecting silver handle
  45. Handle husband with maturity
  46. Old as he is, he can get th end of 27 across
  47. Run; cope
  48. Handle, oversee
  49. Though getting on in years, he can still cope
  50. Run, be in charge of
  51. May he contrive to get old?
  52. Guide the team
  53. Thus could one contrive to put years on him
  54. Run, administer
  55. Being so old, can he cope?
  56. One of those running office briefly for engineer
  57. Supervise from the dugout
  58. He is old enough to cope with this
  59. Crosaire being so old, how does he cope?
  60. However old, he can cope
  61. Old as he is, he can cope
  62. Despite how old he is, he can cope
  63. Control, direct, run
  64. Get along somehow
  65. However old he is, he can cope
  66. Supervise staff and get on
  67. How will he cope with getting old?
  68. Fellow having plenty of time to run a business
  69. Make the important decisions
  70. He can get on in years but still cope
  71. Chap has time to run
  72. Cope with time on isle
  73. Sadly mean to grasp silver and run
  74. Oversee as a team
  75. Run, oversee
  76. Cope with twenty-one?
  77. To oversee, supervise or be in charge of people
  78. Cope with a in the dog's attack
  79. He will get older (like crosaire) but still cope
  80. Exercise control - don't fail
  81. Be in charge of something
  82. Administer deal with
  83. Run a team
  84. Be in overall control of

Crosswords containing the word "MANAGE"

  1. Manage to secure short period in office when it’s cold
  2. Barely manage, with "out"
  3. Manage
  4. Manage some poetry in the middle of poem
  5. Manage, somehow
  6. Manage, as a bar
  7. Manage hot american group
  8. Manage firm used by royal navy in cheshire town
  9. Manage to do
  10. Manage to avoid