1. Crossbreed
  2. Dog or cat breed
  3. Toy dog
  4. Bluish-gray cat
  5. Toy dog breed
  6. Small breed of dog named after an island
  7. Small breed of dog of pure white coat
  8. From valletta
  9. People who trouble me least
  10. Blue-gray cat
  11. Hammett's falcon
  12. A falcon
  13. Breed of cat or dog
  14. Small silky-haired spaniel
  15. Like a falcon of fiction
  16. Like a famous falcon
  17. Sweet manx language
  18. Group held up by man, sort of cross
  19. Bluish cat
  20. Like a film falcon
  21. Island people - type of cross
  22. Someone from valletta?
  23. Like a famed film falcon
  24. Mediterranean language
  25. From an island being kind of cross
  26. Man holding back group from island
  27. Man holding educational journal is kind of cross
  28. White lap dog
  29. Only semitic language that's an official language of the european union
  30. Nationality of citizen of valletta
  31. The — falcon, 1941 film
  32. Pedigreed cat
  33. The people who got cross during ww2
  34. Hammett falcon
  35. European man admitting set-back
  36. How bits of steel make mother sort of cross
  37. Steal me for mediterranean islander
  38. Set meal prepared for islander
  39. Pigeon put back when captured by man
  40. Description of cross fellow disturbed by returning group
  41. Man having to admit set-up is kind of cross
  42. Small white toy
  43. The ___ falcon (1941 humphrey bogart film)
  44. Silky-coated dog breed
  45. The __ falcon, sam spade hunts down a statuette
  46. The __ falcon, sleuthing done by sam spade
  47. The __ falcon, dashiell hammett tale of sam spade
  48. Small breed of dog, also known as cokie
  49. The falcon john huston took to screen in 1941
  50. The __ falcon, detective movie with bogart
  51. Nationality of someone from malta
  52. Semitic language officialized by the eu
  53. Semitic language written with the roman alphabet
  54. From valletta, perhaps
  55. Knightly orders kind of cross
  56. Small, white dog breed named after origin country
  57. The __ falcon, film noir based on hammett's book
  58. Blue- or gray-furred cat
  59. Like hammett's falcon
  60. Met seal migrating from mediterranean island
  61. Little white toy
  62. Long haired toy dog from a mediterranean island
  63. The falcon, film noir of a sam spade story
  64. Eight pointed cross of mediterranean island
  65. Petite dog breed with long white hair

Crosswords containing the word "MALTESE"

  1. Old maltese money
  2. Mary of "the maltese falc
  3. Peter of the maltese falcon
  4. Thelma of "the maltese fa
  5. Maltese money
  6. Mary who played brigid o'shaughnessy in 'the maltese falcon'
  7. Maltese monetary unit
  8. Genre for "the maltese fa
  9. Maltese cap.
  10. Former maltese currency