1. Boat with less cargo?
  2. Like
  3. Barge ___
  4. Match alternative
  5. Zippo, e.g.
  6. Match, perhaps, easier to pick up
  7. Smoker's accessory
  8. Boat more likely to float?
  9. Less heavy
  10. Goods barge
  11. Fastest traveller ahead of monarch in boat
  12. Open boat that smoker may use
  13. Fire-raiser's craft
  14. Boat carrying less cargo?
  15. Alternative to match
  16. Not so much tonnage as the others in port
  17. The girl could be more blonde
  18. Barge; less heavy
  19. The girl taken another way becomes less wearying
  20. Ship to shore boat
  21. The girl being tossed about in boat
  22. Kind of craft that matchless person may use
  23. Less heavy smoker may resort to it
  24. Boat that's easier to move
  25. A fire ship?
  26. Barge; one needed by smoker
  27. Barge carrying less weight
  28. More buoyant boat
  29. Landing craft?
  30. The girl (anag.)
  31. Boat with a flat bottom for carrying heavy loads
  32. Annoying man heading off for boat
  33. Smoker's implement
  34. Fire supplier that's not as serious
  35. Barge with comparatively little cargo
  36. The girl may turn out to be brighter
  37. The girl's new form, after dieting?
  38. Barge - alternative to match
  39. Canal boat with a flat bottom
  40. Barge after being unloaded?
  41. On water it might start a fire to make the car go
  42. A barge is not as heavy
  43. Not heavy
  44. More manageable boat
  45. Substitute for match, less effective in scrum?
  46. It may be obtained from the girl at the tobacconist's
  47. Large barge
  48. Wretch ignoring british boat used in unloading?
  49. Less dark and less heavy
  50. Barge carrying less cargo?
  51. Does it need a fire ship to make the car go?
  52. Barge's means of ignition
  53. Ship carrying less cargo?
  54. More delicate practice shot has length instead of direction
  55. Boat for one on a diet?
  56. Barge into the girl
  57. Brighter, yet more frivolous
  58. Smoker's gadget
  59. Vessel with less tonnage
  60. Tender, launch
  61. The girl turns out as substitute for the match
  62. A substitute for the match
  63. Device for igniting cigarette
  64. Smoking accessory
  65. The girl messing about in a boat
  66. Alternative to match that's comparatively easy to shift
  67. Less profound origins of gothic horror in volume of edgar allan poe?
  68. Except at the start, pain's not so severe
  69. Flat-bottomed barge
  70. One giving offence has head cut off
  71. Boat is, having unloaded
  72. Vessel relieved of some cargo?
  73. Barge floating more easily?
  74. Barge; igniter
  75. (hist.) light open carriage for one or two people
  76. Barge of lesser weight
  77. Of less weight
  78. Boat for heavy loads and fire igniter
  79. What this puts into the cargo may make it not so heavy
  80. Less weighty
  81. __ fluid; strong-smelling fuel for starting fires
  82. Portable device for starting fires
  83. Less heavy
  84. Weighs less than something else
  85. Lamp __, victorian who illuminated the streets
  86. Device for setting a fire going
  87. Perhaps a bright spark gets the girl drunk
  88. Vessel, part of which captain bligh terrorised
  89. Perhaps spill vessel to make it so
  90. Open boat in spill
  91. Perhaps lucifer terrified the girl ...
  92. Spill - open boat
  93. Flat-bottomed barge - not so heavy
  94. Barge ignites on the dash
  95. Boat with less ballast?
  96. Flame source
  97. Arsonist in boat
  98. A portable device that creates a flame
  99. Boat thats easier to carry
  100. Ignition device in vessel
  101. Handheld device for creating a flame
  102. Small device for starting a fire
  103. Fuel filled handheld device for starting fires
  104. Not so heavy smokers accessory
  105. The new girl ordered sandwiches containing less fat
  106. Bleached pastel
  107. Fire creating object instead of matches
  108. Ship carrying less ballast
  109. Something waved at concerts prior to the age of cellphones
  110. Less serious
  111. More entertaining alternative to match

Crosswords containing the word "LIGHTER"

  1. Hue lighter than lime
  2. Lighter fuel
  3. Lighter
  4. Lighter option
  5. Lighter fuels
  6. Lighter brand
  7. Lighter cargo
  8. Get lighter
  9. Lighter charge
  10. Lighter side?