1. Aerialist's get up
  2. Ballerinas wear
  3. Dance class wear
  4. Ballet attire
  5. Workout wear
  6. Trampolinists wear
  7. Foot part raised, carried in fat gymnast's stretcher
  8. Lad tore ragged, stretchy costume
  9. Dancer's garment
  10. Ballerina's tight-fitting
  11. Dance class outfit
  12. It's a tight fit
  13. One-piece garment
  14. Trapeze artist's attire
  15. Dance piece
  16. One piece garment used by gymnasts ballerinas
  17. Fat, squeezing end of foot up in garment
  18. Ladies, at first wobbly, dare to wear this for aerobics?
  19. Ballerina's garment
  20. Dancer's piece of clothing
  21. Acrobat's garment
  22. Dancers might wear this animal skin, but with a change of heart
  23. Gear for a gymnast
  24. Exercise piece?
  25. Ballet garment
  26. Dancer's attire
  27. Aerobics garment
  28. Acrobat's costume
  29. Item acrobats are told to change?
  30. Dancer's costume
  31. Dance/exercise garment
  32. Love sailor in light costume
  33. Garment used eg in ballet or yoga
  34. Suit in a circus
  35. One of ten eaten up by fat cat
  36. Acrobat costume
  37. Dancer's body suit
  38. Bodysuit named for a trapeze artist
  39. It's named for a trapeze artist
  40. Dancers' wear
  41. Circus outfit
  42. One-piece garment worn by acrobat
  43. Do alter for acrobat's garment
  44. Ballet class garment
  45. Single piece for a dancer
  46. Circus performer's garb
  47. Do alter unusually tight-fitting garment
  48. Ballet-class wear
  49. Garment for a gymnast
  50. Sign sailor died in onesie
  51. Garment worn by dancers
  52. Skin-tight garment worn by acrobats
  53. Tight-fitting garment for gymnasts
  54. Skintight suit
  55. Dancer's tight-fitting garment
  56. Dance garment
  57. Gymnast's tight costume
  58. Characters in isle of man almost late for dancer's outfit
  59. Sign exasperated expression will return in tight outfit
  60. Gymnast's garment
  61. Burmese capital
  62. Managed to make progress in burma
  63. Skin-tight garment
  64. Tight-fitting garment
  65. One-piece garment for acrobat
  66. Tight-fitting garment, for gymnasts say
  67. Stretchy one-piece garment
  68. For the 30 across one gets fat around a toe turned up
  69. Lycra outfit worn by a gymnast
  70. Close-fitting one piece worn by a ballerina or gymnast
  71. Skin-tight one piece for dancers, no leg coverage
  72. Lycra gymnastics outfit
  73. Gymnast’s costume
  74. Bodysuit worn by a ballerina
  75. Trapeze garb
  76. End up in fat gymnast's garment
  77. Tight-fitting one-piece garment
  78. . . . the flying trapeze guy
  79. One-piece garment used in gymnastics or dance
  80. Fitted, stretchy item worn for dance or gymnastics
  81. Body suit for dancers
  82. Dance outfit
  83. Close-fitting garment worn by dancers
  84. Do alert model in garment for dancing
  85. Acrobat's garb
  86. Garment worn by ballet dancers
  87. Habit of dipping injured toe in fat
  88. Time goes in for prince in cat costume
  89. Tight fitting garment worn by gymnasts
  90. One piece outfit worn by acrobats
  91. Skin tight dance uniform

Crosswords containing the word "LEOTARD"

  1. Leotard, e.g.
  2. Bespoke leotard? i am surprised
  3. Made bespoke outfit for setter wearing tatty leotard
  4. Jules léotard and amelia bloomer, for two
  5. Fitted leotard i fancy
  6. Sandwich or leotard, e.g.
  7. Elasticated leotard, one fitted perfectly
  8. Like a leotard? secured silence to speak
  9. Léotard and silhouette, e.g.
  10. Toon lead singer in a leopard-print leotard