1. Was off
  2. Went first
  3. Headed for
  4. Word aptly found in controlled and marshaled
  5. Was on first
  6. Trailblazed
  7. Opened with
  8. Was in front
  9. Started
  10. Put down the first card
  11. Set the bar
  12. Went by
  13. Had the helm
  14. Emceed, e.g
  15. Captained
  16. Commanded
  17. Directed
  18. Controlled
  19. Came up
  20. Preceded
  21. Had charge of
  22. Shown, in a way
  23. Blazed a trail
  24. Conducted
  25. Brought on
  26. Had the upper hand
  27. Fluorescent bulb alternative, for short
  28. Guided element of a type of display
  29. Was ahead
  30. Played first
  31. Was like fred astaire to ginger rogers
  32. Paved the way
  33. Was presidential
  34. Was a bellwether
  35. Hobbled
  36. What moses did
  37. Took by the hand
  38. Had more points
  39. Went ahead
  40. Skippered
  41. Took the van
  42. Showed the way
  43. Stayed in front
  44. Set the tempo
  45. Went off at first light?
  46. Presided over
  47. Reminders
  48. Took the vanguard
  49. Marshaled
  50. Escorted
  51. Digital watch part: abbr.
  52. Outranked
  53. Played the first card
  54. Played a heart, say
  55. Had no catching up to do
  56. Ran first
  57. Wielded the baton
  58. Set the pace
  59. Group spirit
  60. Was a pioneer
  61. Spearheaded
  62. Part of some watches, for
  63. Had an edge
  64. Called the shots
  65. Fronted
  66. Batted first, with "off"
  67. Was in charge
  68. Had the advantage
  69. Light-headed
  70. Laid out a club, maybe
  71. Chaired
  72. Took charge
  73. ___ into temptation (tempted to do wrong)
  74. If m is over this, then you've been fooled
  75. Was out front
  76. Was in command of
  77. Common diode, abbr.
  78. Seemed likely to win
  79. Was in the van
  80. Was in first place
  81. Was up a few strokes
  82. Said radiation protection was in the van
  83. "you ___ me away from home" rod stewart
  84. Took the reins
  85. Was guiding light
  86. Was on top
  87. Add this leading to the bad
  88. Was first on the trail
  89. Conducted, as an orchestra
  90. Worked as a tour guide
  91. Guided; small light
  92. Took point
  93. Directed the band
  94. Induced
  95. Orchestrated
  96. Had no need to rally
  97. Was a leader
  98. Type of "zeppelin"
  99. Chaired, say
  100. Emulated rudolph
  101. Acted as point man for
  102. Light ahead
  103. Had followers
  104. Held first place
  105. The sovereign a top newsman guided
  106. Wasn't a follower
  107. Rod stewart "you __ me away from home"
  108. Got all behind
  109. Was in the van, but not lightly, by the sound of it
  110. Put out the first card
  111. Had the most points
  112. ___ zeppelin
  113. Paced the field
  114. Took (control)
  115. If i'd done this i'd have had little to do with it as a boss
  116. Came first, being sort of light
  117. Was in the driver's seat
  118. Was #1
  119. Took a horse to water?
  120. Quarterbacked
  121. Had the best record in
  122. Was ahead of everyone else
  123. Was in front of the pack
  124. Wasn't tied or behind
  125. Was a guide
  126. Had the lowest score, at augusta
  127. Something emitting light showed the way ahead
  128. Ushered in, as involved in subtle deception
  129. Made the first move
  130. Was ahead of the rest
  131. Had no one to catch
  132. Got the ball rolling
  133. Outpaced
  134. Was first to get replacement for tungsten lamp?
  135. Was a trendsetter
  136. Wasn't behind anyone
  137. Was at the helm
  138. Brought, as a horse to water
  139. Was in front of the others
  140. Electronic display, abbr.
  141. Flashlight bulb successor: abbr
  142. Acted as a guide
  143. Protest the hero "___ astray"
  144. ''one thing ___ another''
  145. Was a trailblazer
  146. Did show — heavy metal — for radio
  147. Drawn, but not lightly, by the sound of it
  148. What any first-place finisher did
  149. One did this in with the winner
  150. Headed the pack
  151. Outpaced the pack
  152. Played first, in bridge
  153. What the leader did to lend weight to it, by the sound of it
  154. Light-emitting diode (abbr.)
  155. Light was at the front
  156. Enjoyed front-runner status
  157. “guided from the front”
  158. Sounds as if it's no light matter to be in command
  159. Gary moore "___ clones"
  160. Throws light on sample of double dealing
  161. Blazed trails
  162. Bulb option, briefly
  163. Put the first card down
  164. Wait, by the sound of it, in the front
  165. "you ___ me away from home" lyric from "maggie may"
  166. Started out
  167. Was ahead in points
  168. Past participle of lead
  169. Was the person in front
  170. Sounds very heavy to have been in the van
  171. Was in charge of everyone
  172. Took the initiative
  173. Played a club, maybe
  174. Energy saving bulb
  175. Did a conductor's job
  176. The responsibility of having been in charge sounds heavy
  177. Started the trick
  178. Digital readout part, for short
  179. The french duke was first
  180. Stayed at the front of the line
  181. Sounds heavy to have been in command
  182. Trailed no one
  183. Sounds as if something heavy was in the van
  184. Went first to show the way
  185. Assumed command
  186. By the sound of it, wait for what came first
  187. Pioneered
  188. To have been the leader sounds no light matter
  189. Regular diode with the french depth
  190. Played usher
  191. Was a conductor
  192. Roald who created willy wonka
  193. Was second to none
  194. Crystal rectifier
  195. Light emitting diode, for short
  196. Set the pace, perhaps
  197. First and foremost, this was heavy, by the sound of it
  198. Part of some watches, for short
  199. Set a course
  200. Topped the field
  201. Got to the point?
  202. Held first
  203. Feeble and hard up, changing note for wife
  204. ___-guided
  205. Sounds heavy enough to have been at the front
  206. Like some lamps
  207. Sounds heavy for one to have been in charge
  208. Was first in line
  209. Immigrant song rock band ___ zeppelin
  210. Semiconductor light source found in many electronic devices: abbr.
  211. British legends of rock, '___ zeppelin'
  212. Was in the forefront
  213. Started the parade
  214. ___ astray (gave bad advice to)
  215. Guided by a person
  216. Was at the fore
  217. Took command of
  218. His directions ___ us nowhere. (didn't help much)
  219. Was winning
  220. Played the first card in bridge
  221. Stairway to heaven band ___ zeppelin
  222. When the levee breaks rock band ___ zeppelin
  223. Set a good example perhaps
  224. Took the baton
  225. Escorted a tour
  226. Was ahead partway through a race
  227. Didn't follow
  228. Fronted as a parade
  229. Band behind stairway to heaven ___ zeppelin
  230. Acted as tour guide
  231. Jimmy page's band ___ zeppelin
  232. ___ zeppelin of good times bad times
  233. Went in advance of others
  234. Went at the head of others
  235. Type of electrical light that is long-lasting: abbr.
  236. It sounds heavy enough for reg to have come back with it for the book-keeper
  237. Sounds rather heavy to have been in he van
  238. That sounds as heavy as the end of 34 across
  239. Heavy-sounding as 17 across
  240. Add this is bad
  241. Sounds heavy enough to have been in the van
  242. Sounds heavy to have been in the van
  243. Was ahead of the pack
  244. Fronted a team say
  245. Was sounding heavy in the van
  246. Rock's ___ zeppelin
  247. The south would have runners to have been in front like this
  248. Sounds heavy in the van where it was
  249. Took by the hand and showed the way
  250. Initially, the common diode was first
  251. Took charge of say
  252. Spearheaded a campaign say
  253. Thing in the latest headlamps
  254. Wasnt down
  255. Steered
  256. He ___ us into a trap.
  257. Modern bulb letters
  258. Was ahead in the polls
  259. Halogen alternative
  260. Was in the vanguard
  261. Was the front-runner
  262. Headed the group
  263. Guided a troop say
  264. Took charge of a search operation say
  265. Acted as a role model say
  266. Ran ahead of
  267. Escorted the french director
  268. Zeppelin leader?
  269. Went in front, having source of light
  270. Was up
  271. Headed up
  272. Acted as guide
  273. Was the president of
  274. Took charge of
  275. Guided by small light
  276. Was first on a trail
  277. Took the reins say
  278. Set an example say
  279. Showed the way
  280. Was in front
  281. Took the reins
  282. Was in first place
  283. Was in charge of
  284. Apt rhyme of ahead
  285. Showed the way say
  286. When the levee breaks rock band zeppelin
  287. Traffic signal light abbr
  288. Was at the front of the pack
  289. Going to california singer zeppelin
  290. Blazed a trail
  291. Was a trailblazer
  292. Was in first
  293. Got the point?
  294. Lord emsworth originally entering came first
  295. Did escort give name away
  296. Like some televisions

Crosswords containing the word "LED"

  1. Black ___ 1971 song by the rock band led zeppelin which was a part of led zeppelin iv
  2. Where led zeppelins stairway led
  3. Before victory, south led amazing trick
  4. Led astray and misused a month back
  5. Shaw who led the gramercy
  6. Non-believer in force led one to change direction
  7. Led off
  8. He led miners from cliff to ravine
  9. Media co. led by the sulzberger family
  10. Led, as a jazz band