1. Alliance
  2. American, for one
  3. Not any more
  4. The "l" in n.l. or a.l.
  5. Class, division
  6. Distance definable, for me, as initially in four pieces
  7. Collection of teams
  8. French article unclear, dismissing initial alliance
  9. Play group
  10. Nautical measure
  11. Alliance - old measure of distance
  12. Old measure of distance
  13. Measure of what certain sportsmen hope to win
  14. Part of n.f.l.
  15. Group getting the french fever
  16. Competition distance once used
  17. Forerunner to the u.n. __ of nations
  18. Group of sports teams that compete
  19. A set of teams that plays against each other
  20. Farm __ system of minor teams
  21. Part of nhl
  22. Nautical measure, about 3? miles
  23. Old measure of about three miles
  24. Conniving
  25. Long to give the french pain by association
  26. Union - measure
  27. Distance travelled at sea creates bond
  28. The french fever for union
  29. Association's main measure
  30. Organised competitive sport: the 'french disease'?
  31. Maritime measure
  32. Three miles
  33. Association of teams for competition
  34. Old measure of distance, about 3 miles
  35. The — of gentlemen; comedy series set in the fictional locale royston vasey
  36. Group of clubs; distance
  37. A legend from university in river alliance
  38. Major or minor thing
  39. The french leading fit group
  40. Word with ''little'' or ''major''
  41. Miles might get the french fever
  42. Old distance measure of about three miles
  43. Group's distance across the water?
  44. Combination; three miles
  45. Three nautical miles
  46. At length one can make this compact
  47. Nautical distance
  48. Long-distance partnership
  49. Sporting contest seen in distance
  50. Competing group of clubs
  51. Three miles or so
  52. Running through cork around august formulating coalition
  53. Former measure, approx. three miles
  54. Group of the french to cross swords without resistance
  55. Miles for association
  56. Agreement at a distance
  57. Sporting competition gets the french fit
  58. Three-mile unit
  59. '80s band human ___
  60. At length this forms an association
  61. Combination of groups for a purpose, sports clubs perhaps
  62. Alliance, association
  63. Miles can be in association with this
  64. Old units of distance
  65. Old distance of about three miles
  66. Old unit of distance
  67. 'nautical measure, about 3¿ miles (6)'
  68. There's precious metal for you in cork flower club
  69. The french fit into a sporting group
  70. Group seen in the distance
  71. Confederacy
  72. Association of states or sports teams
  73. Group of sports clubs; about three miles
  74. The french fit band together
  75. Alliance's outdated measure
  76. Union for mutual advantage
  77. With a glue 'e is miles
  78. Association of sports clubs
  79. Group of teams for 5,000 metres, roughly
  80. Sports association
  81. Group of sports clubs in an organised championship
  82. Boost for brussels hibernian association
  83. Group of sports clubs
  84. Three miles, roughly
  85. Irishman reverses trim sign for cooperative
  86. Roughly three nautical miles
  87. Coalition that's given the french the shivers?
  88. Clubs competing over three miles
  89. About five kilometres for the union
  90. Group of countries in mutual cooperation
  91. Sports group
  92. Group of teams
  93. Contest stage around a universal point
  94. American or national
  95. Alley cats?
  96. Group working together in the distance
  97. The alliance extends over three nautical miles.
  98. Alliance giving the french the shivers
  99. A measure of class
  100. About three miles
  101. Group of teams competing over a period
  102. Roughly three miles
  103. The way to make miles compact?
  104. Association of sports teams
  105. 1967 joseph losey film adaptation of a novel of the same name by nicholas mosley with a screenplay by harold pinter
  106. Distance for captain nemo
  107. Group of sports clubs that play for a championship
  108. Former measure of distance
  109. Coalition: the french disease
  110. Kind of rugby 7 little words
  111. The l in mlb and nhl 7 little words
  112. Majors division
  113. Group of football clubs
  114. Pro sports association
  115. An alliance of three nautical miles
  116. Association of sports teams to organise matches
  117. Association for a common purpose
  118. Old measure of three miles
  119. Association for mutual co-operation
  120. A bit of the business is only for the initiated
  121. Group in shelter nursing endless fever
  122. Miles in of agreement
  123. Organized competition between several sports teams
  124. Group of teams that compete against each other
  125. Group association of a common interest
  126. A group of teams that compete for rank and title
  127. Over a season, sport clubs play each other in a __
  128. You can be out of it when aiming too high
  129. Band that sang don't you want me: the human __
  130. Athletic association
  131. The l of nfl
  132. What the l stands for in nhl
  133. The l in cfl
  134. The parisian complaint unit
  135. Human , band that asked dont you want me
  136. French article put forward case right to leave union
  137. Sports teams are often part of one
  138. The two main forms of rugby are union, and this
  139. Video game of legends
  140. Comic, film about group of extraordinary gentlemen
  141. The extraodinary gentlemen were in one
  142. Teams grouped together covered three miles, once
  143. Batman, wonder woman are part of the justice

Crosswords containing the word "LEAGUE"

  1. Major league league: abbr
  2. Keith ___, rugby league wing who held the record for the most super league appearances and tries
  3. Football league initially probing premier league club complaint?
  4. ___ soccer league top-level major professional soccer league that preceded mls existing from 1968 till 1984: 2 wds.
  5. A town in west yorkshire on the river aire; home to a rugby league super league team
  6. Rugby league club that won the super league for the eighth time in 2017
  7. Only olympic gold medalist to have played major league baseball and national football league: 2 wds.
  8. Only athlete to be a major league baseball all-star and a national football league pro bowler: 2 wds.
  9. Baseball great who was the only player named mvp of both the national league and the american league (2 wds.)
  10. Fall __ another name for the annual mlb world series played betwen the champions of the american league and the national league