1. Belfry sound
  2. Ken changed two pounds for toll
  3. Ring (in)
  4. Sound of passage
  5. Mournful ring
  6. Mournful chime
  7. Sound at a funeral
  8. Sound of a funeral bell
  9. Sound of a tolling bell
  10. Dead ringer?
  11. Sound ominously
  12. Mournful peal
  13. Ring slowly
  14. Slow ring
  15. Toll
  16. Funereal bell sound
  17. Toll, ring
  18. They say little helen is sound
  19. Ominous sound
  20. (of bell) ring solemnly
  21. ''the curfew tolls the ... of parting day'' (gray)
  22. Solemn sound from king and his mistress
  23. Solemn sound of bell
  24. By the sound of it, it might have been for little nell in the end
  25. Ringer for dead king and girlfriend?
  26. Lugubrious chime
  27. Toll of bell
  28. That would sound for the little end of her in dickens
  29. Ring given by king to his lady friend
  30. Ring ominously
  31. Ominous ringing
  32. Toll, as a large bell
  33. Solemn toll
  34. King meets mistress to give a ring
  35. Funeral-bell
  36. Mournful toll
  37. ''the curfew tolls the ... of parting day'' (thomas gray)
  38. Sounds as if there was little of this for death, by sound of it
  39. Funeral bell sound
  40. End of grand dickens character
  41. Death toll?
  42. What no doubt sounded for the sound of dickens' little girl
  43. Mournful sound
  44. Funereal ring
  45. Final bell?
  46. Bell's toll
  47. Chime ominously
  48. Solemn warning king's given over ex-orange-seller
  49. Funeral toll
  50. Ominous bell sound
  51. Dead ringer for king with pretty, witty mistress
  52. End for king charles' mistress
  53. Ominous toll
  54. Of late that's the sort of ring you get
  55. Solemn ring
  56. Sorrowful bell sound
  57. Ring bells as at a funeral
  58. Some gullible person an outcast
  59. Solemn sound
  60. Ring solemnly
  61. That goes for the little girl at last, by the sound of it
  62. Funeral sound
  63. Royal mistress heard in 'the ring'
  64. Ring king's given to little girl, literally
  65. Girl heard something indicating death
  66. Ringing warning sound
  67. Dead ringer for pepper sprinkled on old measure of textile
  68. Solemn tolling

Crosswords containing the word "KNELL"

  1. Bell knell isn't muffled
  2. Knell?
  3. The curfew tolls the knell of parting day poem
  4. "contempt and — will be my knell" (the winter's tale)
  5. Maybe use a ten, sounding knell for fight club venue?