1. Bit of gossip
  2. Agenda listing
  3. Two in the news
  4. Gossip bit
  5. See 71-down
  6. List unit
  7. Couple that is getting married — about time
  8. Part of a list with bullets
  9. Short, as an article
  10. Short news piece
  11. Any thing
  12. Hot
  13. Amazon unit
  14. Twosome
  15. Doohickey
  16. Big-ticket ___
  17. Follower of a bullet
  18. Thingamajig
  19. Whatsis
  20. Couple i encountered going north
  21. Tabloid tidbit
  22. Piece of news: unit
  23. Line (up)
  24. Couple of the week, e.g.
  25. See 31-down
  26. Unit in an online cart
  27. Pair
  28. Agenda particular
  29. Line-___ veto
  30. In the news
  31. Article
  32. Bullet point
  33. Bullet accompanier
  34. Subject for gossips
  35. In thing
  36. Column couple
  37. Brangelina once
  38. Unit next to a bullet point
  39. Two stars, perhaps
  40. List component
  41. Part of an agenda
  42. One with a list
  43. Couple, in a gossip column
  44. Paragraph in the newspaper, say
  45. Tabloid pair
  46. One counted in an express
  47. Couple i came upon heading west
  48. Object of gossip
  49. Per unit
  50. Twosome on tmz e.g.
  51. Columnist's squib
  52. News squib
  53. Auction unit
  54. Couple on a gossip page
  55. Topic of gossip
  56. Collector's ___
  57. Tabloid couple
  58. List entry
  59. Two who smooch, say
  60. Newscast segment
  61. Matter to be discussed
  62. Tabloid fodder
  63. Part of a list
  64. Some thing
  65. Checklist part
  66. Thingum
  67. Tabloid twosome
  68. Syrian capital
  69. It's on the agenda
  70. List part
  71. Tmz twosome
  72. Talked-about twosome
  73. Couple in a column
  74. Piece of news one encountered on rising
  75. Short news bit
  76. News bit
  77. News clipping
  78. Hot pair
  79. Individual unit, or a couple
  80. Individual unit
  81. Agenda part
  82. Inventory unit
  83. Couple in the news
  84. Gossip subject
  85. Gossip topic
  86. A couple in the end misbehaving, all kicking off
  87. Gossip's subject
  88. One satisfied when returning an article of clothing, for example
  89. Checklist bit
  90. Steady couple
  91. Tabloids twosome
  92. Agendum, e.g.
  93. Agenda unit
  94. News paragraph
  95. Agendum
  96. Individual article
  97. One-inch news story
  98. News tidbit
  99. Gossip tidbit
  100. Twosome in the gossip col
  101. In action
  102. A couple one bumped into on the rebound?
  103. One in an express checkou
  104. Thingamabob
  105. Whole individual unit
  106. Ledger entry
  107. Piece of news
  108. News story
  109. Subject for gossip
  110. Particular
  111. Auction offering
  112. Two people romantically linked
  113. List member
  114. Couple i encountered on way back
  115. Single thing
  116. Agenda addition
  117. Couple needing space after sex
  118. Short news clip
  119. Piece of paper
  120. Ben and j. lo, once
  121. The thing is there are lots more like this with them
  122. Child the result had this couple married much earlier
  123. Thing on a list
  124. Came across one up here quite a lot
  125. What chrissie hynde and ray davies were
  126. Individual unit on an agenda
  127. Individual unit in a list
  128. News article
  129. Romantic couple's bit of news
  130. Bit of e! channel news
  131. Couple in the tabloids
  132. Tidbit for the tabloids
  133. Met up with one quite a lot
  134. A couple in one piece
  135. Line of a list
  136. Shopping list entry
  137. Gossip-column entry
  138. What dating rockers are
  139. Pair feature in news bulletin
  140. Canoodling couple, maybe
  141. In turn, came across one lot of this
  142. Menu component
  143. Some news, a bit of excitement
  144. I assembled returned article
  145. Tabloids couple
  146. Thingy
  147. Object (to)
  148. Notice that bloke in 'eastenders' consuming endless cuppas
  149. ''big ticket'' thing
  150. Piece of information i came across after revolution
  151. Checkout lane unit
  152. It's bid
  153. Star pair
  154. A particular time should be fixed
  155. Tabloids pair
  156. Agenda thing
  157. Story leaders in the express monitored
  158. One of 10, say, in a supermarket's express checkout lane
  159. What a lot of time it takes! (4)
  160. One thing, poor mite
  161. Gossip column note
  162. Couple missed opening of ceremonial mass
  163. Feature i encountered on rising
  164. Two lovebirds
  165. News piece
  166. Settled back with independent article
  167. Hollywood pairing
  168. There's a lot of it going back as i encountered one
  169. Unit in an online order cart
  170. The point is one joined up
  171. Agenda line
  172. Line on a shopping list
  173. Here is a lot i met up with (4)
  174. Agenda bullet
  175. Couple, to gossipers
  176. There's a lot of it here - came across one back there
  177. One may be next to a bullet
  178. Newsy note
  179. Runs out of terminus with bit of news
  180. Unit on a list
  181. Big-ticket ___ (expensive purchase)
  182. A bit of news?
  183. Checklist detail
  184. A piece of news in a newspaper
  185. Dating pair
  186. Romantically involved couple
  187. Encountered one back there quiite a lot
  188. People couple
  189. What a lot of that thing with 'em!
  190. Thing on a tour rider
  191. Sixteen's would be rare indeed
  192. Cd in amazon cart
  193. Express lane unit
  194. One of a series (or a couple!)
  195. Passionate pair
  196. They're romantically tied — that's the thing
  197. News blurb
  198. Couple become tired, going over houses
  199. Where there's a lot, i encountered one on the back here
  200. There's a lot of it with them
  201. Hot couple
  202. Receipt detail
  203. One thing, or a couple
  204. Thing on the agenda
  205. Object in a list
  206. Particular thing
  207. A lot of time is needed to make this
  208. Tabloid pair, maybe
  209. Couple's story
  210. Budget entry
  211. Couple came up against independent review
  212. Bulleted listing
  213. Gossiped-about pair
  214. Gossiper's topic
  215. A lot of this encountered one up here
  216. An article or just a snippet in the news section
  217. Checklist line
  218. Star twosome
  219. Power couple
  220. Story the author collected from the south
  221. One lot of time came across one up there
  222. Came across one of them up there with the whole lot of it
  223. A lot came across one back there
  224. Component found going around itsy-bitsy system
  225. Social note
  226. Gossip nugget
  227. Met up with one and a lot of it
  228. A lot of unaspirated advice to hit them
  229. Came across one - or a lot up here
  230. Unit on a 2-down
  231. News feature given bad time
  232. Express line unit
  233. A lot met up with one
  234. Single thing on a list
  235. It takes a lot of time to get it back with them, in short
  236. Satisfied i got a write-up in the article
  237. Couple from india backing police
  238. Squib
  239. Twosome, tabloid-style
  240. A lot of unaspirated advice to knock them?
  241. Seperate article in an enumeration
  242. Gossip column duo
  243. Detail (in a list)
  244. See 67-across
  245. Thing i encountered upon retirement
  246. On return, confronted one with the article
  247. Loving couple
  248. Something on a list
  249. Star couple
  250. __ entry
  251. What a lot of advice from the unaspirated to strike them!
  252. Bit of news also out of date
  253. Thing that time changes
  254. Short newspaper piece
  255. Agenda entry
  256. Couple with sex appeal repel me
  257. Encountered one the wrong way a lot
  258. Independent sub's unfinished story
  259. Twosome you read about
  260. Collector's __ (rarity)
  261. It might get a tick on a list
  262. List bit
  263. Couple with some intention to entertain marriage?
  264. I met up with a lot of this
  265. Celebrity duo
  266. An ___ detail
  267. Gossipy tidbit
  268. One lot encountered one back here
  269. Two movie stars dating, e.g
  270. Part of many a column
  271. Gossip magazine twosome
  272. Nurse isn't among mutineers or detail
  273. Gossip column squib
  274. Separate article
  275. Was introduced to a single, returned as a couple
  276. Thing i encountered on the way back
  277. Gossip twosome
  278. One thing among many
  279. Pair in a gossip mag
  280. What a lot of advice to the cockney to defend himself!
  281. Couple in people
  282. Piece of information for partners
  283. It gets me upset in the newspaper
  284. The lot came up and encountered one
  285. Laundry-list component
  286. Newsworthy pair
  287. Gossip column twosome
  288. Detail - entry
  289. There's a lot of it where one came across one
  290. Two stars, maybe
  291. Time for a sporting accessory
  292. Gossip magazine couple
  293. It's checked when it's done
  294. Individual thing, element, matter, initially
  295. What a lot of it there is with them
  296. It may be next to a bullet
  297. National examiner couple
  298. An article or just a few lines in the newspaper
  299. One entry in ledger book, or a couple
  300. Part of a supermarket list
  301. Entry in a gossip column
  302. Canoodling couple, in the tabloids
  303. In time for constituent
  304. Separate object or unit
  305. Unit or distinct part
  306. Liz smith squib
  307. One of this is a lot of it with them
  308. Something on the agenda
  309. Something in list gone over by site manager
  310. Piece of news one came across on the way back
  311. Couple, to 3 down
  312. Thing on an agenda list
  313. Feature scrap with male going down
  314. One unit on a list
  315. Gossip page pair
  316. Docket entry
  317. Single article
  318. Romantic couple despite marriage fraying at the edges
  319. Couple one encountered on way back
  320. There's a lot of this
  321. Single piece of news
  322. Celebrity couple, slangily
  323. A particular variation of time
  324. Hollywood couple
  325. Bad time for news channel
  326. Amazon.com cart unit
  327. Time out feature
  328. Separate unit for couple linked
  329. Anything on a list
  330. Twosome in the gossip columns
  331. Couple subject to gossip
  332. Bit of excitement for pair possibly including ...
  333. Couple from italy got together on the rebound
  334. One or a couple?
  335. New couple in people, e.g.
  336. Couple with something on the agenda
  337. People seeing each other
  338. Piece of news i encountered on return
  339. Gossip-column subject
  340. Extract from quite moving article
  341. Listing on ebay
  342. Time out with one of the constituents
  343. 24 i came across on the way up
  344. Shopping-list addition
  345. I settled back for a bit of news
  346. One side without a thing
  347. There's lots of it with them
  348. Couple, to tmz
  349. Retired police inspector's heading unit
  350. Gossiped-about couple
  351. Nugget of news
  352. Met up with one a lot
  353. Twosome in a gossip column
  354. Something i force backwards
  355. Bullet __: list highlight
  356. Couple, in "star"
  357. Thing next to a bullet
  358. Bit in a newspaper
  359. Couple, in gossip
  360. Agenda insert
  361. One piece of news, or a couple
  362. Tidbit of gossip
  363. Couple of stars together, e.g.
  364. Part of white mountains seen in detail
  365. One thing on a list
  366. One unit
  367. Checklist unit
  368. Supermarket-line unit
  369. Two stars dating, e.g.
  370. It takes little space in the newspaper
  371. Dating stars, perhaps
  372. One often follows a bullet
  373. Object or unit
  374. Newsworthy couple
  375. Couple carrying on? the thing that's upset me
  376. Pair in the news
  377. Object; piece
  378. Express-checkout unit
  379. Time to unveil unit
  380. People pair, perhaps
  381. Twosome, to tmz
  382. It may follow a bullet
  383. How one met up with one bit of the list
  384. This encountered one up quite a lot
  385. Brody dalle and tim armstrong were one for a while
  386. About time for a piece of news
  387. Article (on list or in news)
  388. Celeb pair
  389. Brangelina, e.g.
  390. Gossipy news
  391. Particular couple
  392. Discussion point
  393. News dispatch
  394. Supermarket-checkout unit
  395. Independent answered back after article
  396. Express checkout lane unit
  397. An article or two with a link
  398. Twosome in the news
  399. There's a lot like this one has met up with
  400. Supermarket express lane unit
  401. See couple run out of ceremony, having got married
  402. There's a lot of this on the list
  403. Scandalous bit
  404. A-rod and j-lo, in march 2017 headlines
  405. Indivual unit
  406. Couple in piece on bulletin
  407. What a lot like this i met up with!
  408. Tabloid couple, e.g.
  409. Piece changed in time
  410. News note
  411. Lots like this one came across one up
  412. It might be a mite that there's such a lot of
  413. ___ number (catalog datum)
  414. Encountered one up for a lot of it
  415. Single article on a list
  416. Dating celebrities
  417. One counted in an express checkout
  418. Couple going out together ran into one on way back
  419. Column bit
  420. Couple that might be snapped by paparazzi
  421. Bit of news to broadcast
  422. A bullet often precedes one
  423. Agenda element
  424. Piece in paper -- that article gets the writer upset
  425. Shopping pickup
  426. Some sharp writers who mustn't be crossed
  427. Couple killing time
  428. Two people in people, maybe
  429. Newsletter piece
  430. Pamela anderson and tommy lee, once
  431. Particular about kite mark? quite the reverse
  432. Any listed thing
  433. It might follow a bullet
  434. Something on a grocery list
  435. Checkout-line unit
  436. Kimye or 17-across, e.g
  437. It takes a lot for it to get me up
  438. I work in various places with no positive object
  439. John and yoko, for one
  440. News flash
  441. That's the thing over them on the list
  442. Star might buy a big-ticket one
  443. Back here, came across one, and that's the lot
  444. Tomkat or brangelina, e.g.
  445. The pair from independent weather service review
  446. Individual article or unit
  447. Get it with them - a lot of it
  448. News morsel
  449. Invite me to cover story
  450. One in a grocery cart
  451. Gossip column bit
  452. Agenda detail
  453. Checkout-counter unit
  454. Piece of news i came across on the way back
  455. Article i paid up for
  456. Can of corn at the market, say
  457. One met up with a lot of this
  458. Dating celebrities, to a tabloid
  459. Couple from india encountered on the way back
  460. Novel time piece
  461. Commodity
  462. Only one thing, yet there's a lot of it for sale
  463. A single thing, poor mite
  464. Time to manoeuvre to gain entry
  465. Celebrity pair, usually
  466. It may have a bullet next to it
  467. Entry on a list
  468. News story, 'sex appeal and the writer', getting sent up
  469. Novel timepiece
  470. The thing i bumped into, turning
  471. It takes a lot of time to make it
  472. Something i came across, looking up
  473. ''hot'' merchandise
  474. They are as one together — that's the thing with them
  475. Topic covered up in the excitement
  476. New couple in the news
  477. Came across a lot of one such back here
  478. Listed thing
  479. Bullet follower
  480. Grocery list component
  481. Gossip-column couple
  482. Magazine piece
  483. Report: give it to me in turn
  484. Listing individually
  485. Birth announcement, e.g.
  486. Two lovers with sex appeal taking me aback
  487. Society page duo
  488. Couple emerging from exit seem half-cut
  489. Account for lost time
  490. Shakespeare's second best bed for a couple?
  491. Brangelina at one time
  492. A single thing, or a couple
  493. One prisoner at the centre serves drink - it presumably creates its own pressure
  494. Line on map indicating one's old local
  495. Bullet point entry
  496. Romantically linked pair
  497. Collector’s ___ (rare thing)
  498. List entry for one
  499. Santa's entry on a gift list
  500. Time to order something
  501. One on a shopping list
  502. Online cart listing
  503. Entry on a shopping list
  504. Agenda bullet point
  505. To-do list entry
  506. Celebrity couple
  507. List line
  508. Somewhat polite, mannerly, couple
  509. Checklist entry
  510. Couple's sexual relations upset me
  511. Romantically linked couple
  512. Shopping cart unit
  513. Checklist component
  514. Publishable snippet
  515. Short news story
  516. Gossip column tidbit
  517. Bullet point on a powerpoint slide for example
  518. Component on a list
  519. Amazon listing
  520. One of many on a list
  521. Celebrity couple in tabloid jargon
  522. Just one thing, poor mite
  523. 'one thing, poor mite (4)'
  524. 'just one thing, the mite (4)'
  525. Time for kkk?
  526. There's a lot of advice from the unaspirated on how to hit them
  527. What a lot of advice from the unaspirated to strike out at them!
  528. By the sound of it allot it to them
  529. Such a lot of time!
  530. Short newscast piece
  531. There's a lot of it with
  532. Back to have come across one that's on the list (4)
  533. There's such a lot of it that i came to one of it up here
  534. Met up with one when the cockney came to blows with them
  535. A lot of time to have encountered one back there
  536. Came across one of a lot back there
  537. A lot of it with me back at last
  538. A lot of this i met up with
  539. Me and what's it are a couple
  540. Came across one lot of this back here
  541. Couple upset one after the other
  542. Pair in the tabloids
  543. One lot of time to make
  544. Going steady? let 'em 'ave it!
  545. Object satisfied, i returned
  546. Couple came together, one facing the ceiling?
  547. Duo in the news
  548. Feature a couple
  549. Came across single turning into a pair
  550. One of 10 or fewer maybe in a checkout lane
  551. Article on computer science needs space …
  552. News ___ (something that's reported)
  553. Big-ticket ___ (pricy purchase)
  554. Online cart unit
  555. Romantic couple
  556. Cover of magazine turned over, after sex article
  557. Bag of chips at checkout say
  558. Two people considered together
  559. Unit in a shopping cart
  560. Article in a shopping cart
  561. Bullet point e.g.
  562. Account entry
  563. Shopping-cart addition
  564. Part of a checkout aisle count
  565. Couple, to a gossip columnist
  566. Bulleted list entry
  567. One thing or a twosome
  568. Checkout unit
  569. Celebrity couple in tabloid-speak
  570. Celebrity gossip subject
  571. Single thing like something in a shopping cart
  572. Part of a meeting agenda
  573. News nugget
  574. Object thing
  575. Time to break something
  576. Public pair
  577. Twosome in the news, or the news itself
  578. Couple of stars, say
  579. Two in a romantic relationship?
  580. Two people widely seen as one?
  581. White magic involving couple
  582. Singe article
  583. Shopping basket filler
  584. Individual purchase in an amazon cart
  585. To do list entry
  586. Line on a grocery list
  587. Couple of people
  588. Single object
  589. Unit in an online cart
  590. One of an express lane's 15 maximum
  591. Part of an agenda
  592. Two people in people maybe
  593. Part of a list
  594. <span>couple</span>
  595. Independent satisfied over article
  596. Object displaying kite mark
  597. Listed entry
  598. Agenda point
  599. Discussion point on an agenda
  600. Thing in a shopping basket
  601. Cart unit
  602. Twosome in variety
  603. List element
  604. Single thing like something in a grocery cart
  605. Two of us
  606. One on a list
  607. Fashionable pair
  608. Bullet on a list
  609. Article i encountered on the way back
  610. Something purchased
  611. Unit at the checkout counter
  612. Couple one encountered upon return
  613. Couple i ran into knocked over
  614. Couple, pair of 12, one returned
  615. Part of a shopping list
  616. A or the
  617. In touch weekly twosome usually
  618. One thing or a couple
  619. Sex with hoskins repelled couple

Crosswords containing the word "ITEM"

  1. Line-item item
  2. -- a time (item by item)
  3. Item worn by women near item worn by men
  4. Garden item that sounds like the plural of another garden item
  5. 'clue' item'clue' item
  6. Bibliotheque item
  7. Craft shop item
  8. Bathroom item
  9. Galley item
  10. Modern hotel room item