1. Lacking the skill
  2. Popular record, but ultimately unskilful
  3. All thumbs
  4. Bumbling
  5. Like inspector clouseau
  6. Hopeless
  7. Lummox
  8. Klutzes
  9. Awkward, clumsy
  10. Bad at ones job
  11. Lacking dexterity
  12. Ham-handed
  13. Lacking the knack
  14. Useless
  15. Foolish to write about getting involved in it
  16. Like a stumblebum
  17. Maladroit
  18. Fumbling
  19. Clumsy ox
  20. Awkward person originally caught in one trap
  21. Clumsy pioneer regularly taking part
  22. Tending to bungle things
  23. Bungling in record time
  24. Feckless
  25. Awkward
  26. Like wile e. coyote
  27. Fashionable pet hopelessly clumsy
  28. Bad sex perverse writer's included
  29. Awkward writer reflected in it
  30. Incompetent
  31. Like a butterfingers
  32. Ham-fisted
  33. Like the keystone kops
  34. Handling badly
  35. Less competent
  36. Fumble-fingered
  37. Bungling
  38. Awkward when swan turns up in it
  39. Not up to the task
  40. All thumbs, so to speak
  41. Bungle-prone
  42. Unskilful
  43. Useless italian holds enclosure the wrong way round
  44. Prone to bumbling
  45. Blundering
  46. Not competent to put pet in together
  47. Like a schlimazel
  48. Incompetent set up association of writers in italian
  49. Likely to fumble
  50. Foolish one - majority of planet
  51. Showing lack of skill -- it holds writer up
  52. Clumsy clue, not initially hard, about record
  53. Awkward, showing no skill
  54. Incompetent, in record time
  55. Unskilful, awkward
  56. Like guitarist who's all thumbs
  57. Incompetent writer held up by it
  58. Clumsy
  59. Clumsy fiance spits regularly
  60. Clumsy writer got up in it
  61. Devoid of skill
  62. Clumsy, awkward
  63. Hardly sure-handed
  64. Into oriental exercise, but somewhat clumsy
  65. Useless writer turns up in it
  66. Like the pointy-haired boss in 'dilbert'
  67. Lacking any competence
  68. Standard required in a piece of work (colloq.)
  69. Clumsy, i knock over writer with front of trolley
  70. Incompetent or gauche
  71. At home with pet mongrel? that's awkward
  72. Not skillful
  73. Prone to goofs
  74. Though clumsy, it does hold the coop up
  75. Foolish writer on reflection restricted by drink
  76. Awkward sex holding writer back
  77. Butterfingered
  78. Not at all skillful
  79. Lacks skill with pet in building
  80. Is 'e a bit awkward in one pint?
  81. Clumsy, bungling
  82. Hopeless writer's shown up in appeal
  83. I find the majority of the planet silly
  84. Not very competent
  85. Prone to bungling
  86. Unskilful or unsuitable
  87. Uncoordinated
  88. Clumsy - silly
  89. Not able to get the writer back into it
  90. One catch about parking out of place
  91. Likely to err
  92. Fatuous reflection in lent penitential season
  93. No good at all in the point-to-point
  94. Write about city centre without bungling
  95. Showing a lack of competence in record time
  96. Not able
  97. The object is to keep backing writer that lacks skill
  98. It's irrelevant in english training
  99. Totally helpless
  100. With cigarette end found in pint, turned awkward
  101. Bungling writer thrown over in the end
  102. Clumsy in gym, grabbing end of horse
  103. How clumsy in the broken pet
  104. With no skill
  105. Incompetent or awkward
  106. Far from proficient
  107. Clumsy and incompetent
  108. Clumsy writer retiring divides irish times' leaders
  109. Klutzy
  110. Hardly handy
  111. Oafish
  112. It holds writer up being cack-handed
  113. Like maxwell smart
  114. Displaying no dexterity
  115. Like clouseau
  116. To shut up about entering it is pointless
  117. Awkward number not starting exercises
  118. Write back 'the article enclosed is lacking in expertise'
  119. Liable to screw up
  120. Useless home record — heading for this
  121. Very awkward
  122. Useless writer's put up in it
  123. Unskilful writer held back in computer studies
  124. Hopeless putting writer back in it
  125. Unskilful writer backward in italian
  126. Foolish in record time
  127. Hopelessly incapable
  128. It can contain the prison uprising that's pointless
  129. Unable to do the job competently
  130. Like homer simpson or herman munster
  131. Unskilful or absurd
  132. Liable to bungle
  133. Popular record originally thought unsuitable
  134. Lumbering
  135. Accident-prone
  136. Foolish writer retired in italy
  137. Not at all handy
  138. Incompetent in english and games
  139. Hardly competent
  140. Entering software industry, writer turned awkward
  141. Likely to bumble
  142. Lacks skill to train pet in
  143. Clumsy, incompetent
  144. Hapless
  145. Useless exercise by pioneer oddly forgotten
  146. Popular record, though initially awkward
  147. Unfit for purpose
  148. Decidedly unskillful
  149. Clumsy, out of place
  150. Incompetent and ineffectual
  151. Absurd or unskilful
  152. Far from skillful
  153. Likely to bungle things
  154. I'm awkward - and in record time
  155. Useless in record time
  156. Far from handy
  157. It's useless putting catmint in it
  158. Not at all competent
  159. Silly - unskilled - unsuitable
  160. Popular old record, though initially unsuitable
  161. Far from competent
  162. Not competent to put pen together in it
  163. Likely to botch the job
  164. Unskillful
  165. Skill-less
  166. Useless writer is shown up in it
  167. Useless computers holding writer back
  168. Incompetent, clumsy
  169. Clumsy writer held up by computer technology
  170. Prone to bumbling
  171. Far from competent
  172. Having no skill
  173. Not up to the task
  174. Liable to screw up
  175. Foolish patient forgetting a time for treatment
  176. Maladroit fiance spat regularly
  177. Revealing unskilfulness in record time
  178. Clumsy writer going wrong way in italian
  179. Where rugby union needs to go to make it break out is silly
  180. Completely unskilled

Crosswords containing the word "INEPT"

  1. The inept furniture mover
  2. Inept boxers in slang
  3. Less inept
  4. Road looking hazy with one tucking into whisky? that’s inept
  5. Socially inept person
  6. Brainy, socially inept so
  7. Inept person
  8. Socially inept sort
  9. Pathetically inept person
  10. New hebrides regularly excluded the socially inept