1. Rainbow color
  2. Blue hue
  3. Color of duke ellington's
  4. During excavation, opening for oxford blue
  5. Spectrum member
  6. Purplish-blue
  7. University college working around rector being rarely seen
  8. Roy g. biv part
  9. Shade deeper than heliotr
  10. Dark blue dye
  11. Turbulent ______: 1994 album by joni mitchell
  12. Turbulent ______: 1994 album by 6, 16 down
  13. Deep violet-blue colour
  14. Pea plant's doing badly, i gathered
  15. Part of a rainbow
  16. Fashionable and fancy ring, dark blue
  17. Spectrum part
  18. Blind i got partly to provide shade
  19. Colour of decapitated mythological monster
  20. At home like middle of doors to show colour
  21. Trendy, like old colour
  22. Deep violet blue color
  23. Colour round head of davy jones
  24. Blue ring found after home search
  25. Color in an ellington title
  26. In bahrain dig out tropical plant
  27. Violet almost lodging with love
  28. One doing redevelopment for violet
  29. Blue is leader, doing jumps
  30. Shade deeper than heliotrope
  31. At home, papers over crack and stain
  32. At home approve old colour
  33. Blue diamonds one's kept in home are stolen?
  34. I enter about five hundred till all is blue
  35. The colour i get, trapped by refusal
  36. Blue/violet dye
  37. Colour i associate with wrongdoing
  38. Colour of dye obtained from this plant
  39. Stain mum gets out of party frock, in the middle
  40. Colour of popular dye, initially, i blend
  41. Violet's neighbour doing somersaults round island
  42. During first part of dinner i turn blue
  43. Blue-violet
  44. I like to fill in negative colour
  45. Anil
  46. In the hundreds i leave till all is blue
  47. Deep-blue dye or colour
  48. Deep violet-blue dye
  49. Deep purple
  50. Colour is fashionable till over
  51. In this i do the spadework around till all is blue
  52. Ellington song mood
  53. In this i do the spadework around the north on 11 across till all is blue
  54. With being out of breath, i turn blue
  55. Dye of a kind i got from woad
  56. Violet makes attempt to pursue popular detective
  57. Deep dark blue
  58. Dark blue shade
  59. Blue-violet colour
  60. Color of duke ellington's 'mood'
  61. Spectrum hue
  62. At home, woman needs to match a colour
  63. At last i leave till all is blue
  64. Jones, the figure in blue
  65. Duke ellington's mood?
  66. Colour — i'd go in (anag)
  67. Colour of little lady in fashionable game
  68. Deep violet
  69. Out of the blue north returns to have dig at nothing
  70. ___ girls (singers featured in "wordplay")
  71. During end of cold spell i turn blue
  72. Sort of rubber almost a success in making dye
  73. "mood ___" (ellington song)
  74. Jones kept blond finally using dye
  75. How i leave at last till all is blue
  76. Voguish, like duck's colour
  77. One doing exercises gaining colour
  78. Fashionable, like job centre colour
  79. I of roygbiv
  80. Blue plant dye
  81. Concerned with archaeological excavation of woad
  82. In excavation, find nothing of the plant
  83. Spectrum color between blue and violet
  84. I leave at last till all is blue
  85. Old architect holding dead plant
  86. Rainbow shade
  87. Looking blue, i'd go in for treatment
  88. Mood - (duke ellington)
  89. Turn up wearing fashionable old colour
  90. Cyan + magenta
  91. A deep blue colour
  92. Dark blue dye (plant)
  93. Violet-blue dye from leaves of plant of the same name
  94. Sapphire relative
  95. Plant from country not a success
  96. Colour that's fashionable, like ochre originally
  97. Deep violet blue
  98. I, doing badly, colour
  99. I add nitrogen and use a spade round plant
  100. Violet-blue colour
  101. A rainbow colour
  102. Blue needed by country missing a game
  103. Deep blue colour
  104. Sixth of seven on the visible spectrum
  105. The first person doing swirls in colour
  106. Settlement; new mexico native
  107. First person is doing badly with violet
  108. Film company's short: the meaning of green and blue
  109. Colour of the spectrum
  110. Violet dye
  111. Jones, perhaps, died entering deep blue
  112. Roy g. biv penultimate
  113. Deep reddish blue
  114. Fall back in marathon, mutually
  115. Shade of 33-across
  116. Violet-blue dye
  117. Closer to fine band ___ girls
  118. Spectral colour
  119. Classical architect receives dutch plant
  120. Rainbow color before violet
  121. Shade on the visible spectrum
  122. How much for a horse?
  123. At last i leave it till all is blue
  124. That's one and in god till all is blue
  125. Enjoying popularity, like old colour
  126. __ girls, amy ray and emily saliers
  127. Dark blue/purple colour
  128. Deep blue dye, historically from plants
  129. Colorful intercontinental hotel brand
  130. Plant yielding blue dye
  131. Deep purple rainbow color
  132. Colour jones applied round front of door
  133. I like nothing about new source of dye
  134. Deep blue-violet color; a plant used to make dye
  135. Up north, break up ground for duck with dark blue colour
  136. Richards red gave green in this!
  137. The i in the acronym name roy g. biv
  138. Dark blueish purple shade
  139. Comes between blue and violet in the rainbow
  140. In diamonds i go for blue colour
  141. Dye for denim

Crosswords containing the word "INDIGO"

  1. Indigo, e.g
  2. Bird, duck, with head of indigo, in part
  3. Color like indigo
  4. Source of indigo
  5. Indigo and others
  6. A love for indigo
  7. Indigo dye source
  8. Henna and indigo
  9. Indigo source
  10. Indigo dye