1. Like
  2. Eg, a native of delhi
  3. Kind of wrestling
  4. One type of elephant
  5. New delhi native
  6. Like bollywood films
  7. Cuisine choice
  8. Eg, delhi native
  9. From mumbai?
  10. Third largest ocean the mine of gems
  11. Ocean where christmas island is located
  12. Parcheesi is an adaptation of __ cross and circle
  13. Ocean that covers 20% of earth with water
  14. __ summer unseasonably warm autumn weather
  15. Ocean where the island of mauritius is located
  16. __ runner tall upright breed of domestic duck
  17. Ida inn provides for this nationally
  18. One of the cherokees gets iron maiden to release more
  19. Asian support hotel welcomes back
  20. Word with summer or giver
  21. American originally going back to help in the pub?
  22. A ___ summer
  23. Native of new delhi
  24. Asian
  25. Red instates?
  26. This club is for swinging types
  27. Lucrative t20 cricket competition played in 15 / 21 and other cities
  28. From kolkata
  29. Native of delhi
  30. Take it as read, by the sound of it, across the atlantic
  31. American aborigine
  32. Take it as red in the usa
  33. Instates the red?
  34. Of a subcontinent in asia
  35. 2, for one
  36. Take it as read, by the sound of it, in 26 down
  37. Foreigner demanding service shown up in hotel
  38. Restaurant help served up in hostelry
  39. Raises donations in pub dinner
  40. Denizen of new delhi, say
  41. Eg, native of mumbai
  42. In america one might take it as read, by the sound of it
  43. Relating to native of bombay, say
  44. Cuisine associated with a chicken dish called murgh
  45. This summer may happen in late autumn
  46. Native of delhi, say
  47. A foreigner returning to assist in a public-house
  48. In usa, red
  49. In one in daniel you might take it as read, by the sound of it
  50. Neighbor of an 8-down
  51. Girl sitting in home, an asian
  52. One's brave in america and to be found in asia
  53. Tepee occupant
  54. One at a delhi counter, say
  55. Denizen of delhi, say
  56. May be asiatic or n. american
  57. If in the girl it's red, then it might be one of 2 down
  58. Of the sub-continent
  59. Ida inn provided for this nationality
  60. Asian who returned to help in pub?
  61. One that might make one see red in the states
  62. Sub-continental native
  63. Progressive field ballplayer
  64. Native american
  65. From kolkata, perhaps
  66. States where one might be red
  67. Maybe see you sound like one of them in america
  68. Ida inn provided for this notionality
  69. Red inthe states
  70. Nagpur native
  71. Subcontinental
  72. Player at jacobs field
  73. Native of north america
  74. Relating to asian subcontinent
  75. He's from 16 down
  76. Delhi native
  77. This might be red and in after one
  78. There's only one a there, it seems
  79. Diana may have it in her to sound so red
  80. From the asian country where new delhi is found
  81. This might help one up into the hotel
  82. Take it as read, by the sound of one, in states
  83. Take it as read, by the sound of it, that one is in america
  84. From mumbai, perhaps
  85. Mumbai native
  86. By the sound of it, take it as read in the usa
  87. Nationality of salman rushdie
  88. Third-largest ocean
  89. 'inland, but found on pakistan border (6)'
  90. That could be brave and red (6)
  91. In america, one may take this as read, by the sound of it
  92. One from the sub-continent
  93. Like bollywood
  94. Type of ink or summer
  95. One may take it as red in america
  96. Ocean between africa and australia
  97. __ summer unusual warm spell in early autumn
  98. Native to bombay, say
  99. Ida inn provides for this nationality
  100. Native of america
  101. Native american or denizen of new delhi, say
  102. In 1, this needs 17 down to get red, perhaps
  103. See you sound as if you're red with this
  104. In and about one this might be red
  105. That might make one see red in the states
  106. In america one may take it as read, by the sound of it
  107. States that one's red there
  108. In the states one may take it as read, by the sound of it
  109. Ocean off the east coast of africa
  110. Cuisine in which mulligatawny soup originated
  111. French and __ war, fight for european dominance
  112. Oceans meeting at cape agulhas: atlantic and __
  113. Ocean surrounding the island of mauritius
  114. Oceans bordering south africa: atlantic and __
  115. The three main oceans: pacific, atlantic, and __
  116. Ocean surrounding the island of zanzibar
  117. Ocean bordering australia on the west
  118. Ocean separating africa and australia
  119. The world's third-largest ocean, located in asia
  120. Only ocean named after a country
  121. Ocean where the 2004 "boxing day tsunami" occurred
  122. Ocean surrounding the country of madagascar
  123. Period of atypically warm fall weather: __ summer
  124. Third largest ocean
  125. Born in the country where the taj mahal is located
  126. __ cobra; deadly snake charmers' companion
  127. Someone from the country known for the taj mahal
  128. From south asian country with new delhi as capital
  129. That's how i'd turn up inside in an american or an asian sort of way
  130. Din about scot acquiring nationality
  131. Might be brave, but not in the subcontinent
  132. States red there
  133. Take that as read, by the sound of it, in states
  134. One a for red in usa
  135. Ocean around the small island nation of mauritius
  136. Mumbai resident
  137. Din about mr hislop acquiring nationality
  138. Cuisine from south east asia, includes jalfrezi
  139. Ocean that the arabian sea is part of
  140. From asian country with new delhi as capital
  141. __ dribble; stick-turning technique in hockey
  142. From delhi perhaps
  143. Person from jaipur
  144. Apache or comanche
  145. New delhi resident
  146. Cuisine in which basmati rice is popular
  147. Area of the face that includes the glabella
  148. One of the four oceans
  149. __ sunset, elton song sampled on ghetto gospel
  150. Goes around indonesian vegetarian in one of the cherokees
  151. One grandmother hold papers upset declaring nationality
  152. Nationality of poet rabindranath tagore
  153. Citizen of new delhi
  154. Ocean that the zambezi river flows into
  155. Asian elephant species, classified as endangered
  156. From or related to the country of mumbai and delhi
  157. Nationality of many hindus
  158. Ocean surrounding the nicobar islands
  159. Fashionable girl meeting an inhabitant of mumbai, perhaps
  160. Ocean that lies between africa and asia
  161. This ocean touches africa, asia and australia
  162. Mauritius's ocean
  163. Ocean that lies between africa and australia
  164. Ocean in which the seychelles are located
  165. The ocean bounded by africa to the west
  166. The worlds third largest ocean
  167. Ocean on which australias west coast lies
  168. Nationality of field hockey legend dhyan chand
  169. Ocean in which the maldives are located
  170. Ocean on which perth, australia, stands
  171. Third largest of the worlds oceans
  172. Ocean on which maputo and mombasa stand
  173. Native of, eg, delhi
  174. Bollywood actor, for one
  175. Motorcycle, american motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1901
  176. Bay of bengalõs ocean
  177. Game poultry breed originally from cornwall

Crosswords containing the word "INDIAN"

  1. Indian city whose name is an anagram of some indian music
  2. Indian prince, ruler of one of the former native indian states
  3. Cowboy and indian indian
  4. Indian thus turning indian?
  5. Albanian-indian nun who was the first asian woman (she adopted indian citizenship) to win the nobel peace prize: 2 wds.
  6. Indian city, site of a siege in the indian mutiny
  7. Indian music runs to the fore in indian city
  8. Indian city right to the fore in indian music
  9. American indian conceals a singular wrinkle
  10. An indian might get one: