1. Take a shot
  2. Lift ones spirits?
  3. Drink to excess
  4. Drink up!
  5. Drink author's left out of authoritative guide
  6. In the course of climb, i bend down
  7. Knock back
  8. Drink (alcohol)
  9. Soak or steep; fancy way to say drink alcohol
  10. Drink with one honoured person receiving international baccalaureate
  11. I mainly encountered round fish in drink
  12. Bend one's elbow
  13. Namely, catching 1000 fish in drink
  14. Be able to take in, as of liquids
  15. Absorb; drink
  16. I am coming back about one, to decline drink
  17. Tilt a glass or two
  18. In france i'm currently a 5 down
  19. Drink, take in
  20. Tope that is swallowing minute fish
  21. I'm supported by sweetener right away in drink
  22. Consume minute fish that is put outside
  23. Take in liquids
  24. One's sweetener, perhaps, that's not right for drink
  25. Quaff
  26. Take in (with one's mother's milk?)
  27. One doctor's given one two notes to take in
  28. Down back road, it holds number of figures for last race
  29. The setter's most reliable reference work's not left down!
  30. Have a drink
  31. Guzzle
  32. Drink with two setters entertaining another in b & b
  33. Swallow that is covering miles heads for barn in britain
  34. Setter's a feeder and 'e's to be a drinker
  35. Following one doctor i live for drink
  36. Have a drink or two
  37. Compiler likes men and women to live and drink
  38. Drink in — assimilate
  39. Knock back a few
  40. Drink absorb liquid
  41. Have some booze
  42. Partake of drink
  43. Drink or absorb into mind
  44. Drink or swill alcohol
  45. I’m seen with bible forsaking large drink
  46. Learn take in
  47. Reach for the skyy
  48. I am getting cash inducement without right drink
  49. Tipple
  50. Guzzle quaff
  51. Have a cocktail
  52. Drink in
  53. During climb, i begin to drink
  54. Setter and setter drinking drink and drink

Crosswords containing the word "IMBIBE"

  1. After retiring, travellers will imbibe hotel drink
  2. Lacking self-restraint at home, happy to imbibe endless wine
  3. Chose to imbibe last of alcohol, getting drunk
  4. Song about one beginning to imbibe wine
  5. Imbibe, ''animal house'' style
  6. Imbibe slowly
  7. Imbibe six-pack brother rejected
  8. It provides liquor we imbibe at home with the papers
  9. A mother getting rick to imbibe from old flask
  10. Near source of water, needing to imbibe cold drink before bed