1. Mode of expression
  2. Piece of cake or easy as pie
  3. Love encapsulated by one obscure turn of phrase
  4. Characteristic mode of expression
  5. “double talk” is one
  6. Distinctive expression
  7. Figure of speech
  8. Colorful phrase
  9. Vernacular
  10. Money talks e.g.
  11. Translator's obstacle
  12. One slow to comprehend old dialect
  13. One, for one
  14. Turn of phrase in papers i'm carrying round
  15. Turn of phrase in papers on isle of man
  16. Local language, say
  17. By hook or by crook, e.g.
  18. Go for broke, e.g.
  19. Southern france backs introduction of old patois
  20. Hit the ceiling, say
  21. Expression of unwise person taking time off to get married
  22. Going to the dogs, e.g.
  23. Common expression such as "cry over spilt milk"
  24. Unintuitive thing for lan
  25. Translator's challenge
  26. Local linguistic usage
  27. Manner of speaking
  28. Red, for one
  29. Colloquial saying
  30. Challenge for a nonnative
  31. Peculiar expression
  32. Expression
  33. Artistic style
  34. Colloquialism
  35. Dialect
  36. Cut to the chase, say
  37. Language quirk
  38. ''red eye'' or ''green thumb''
  39. 'knock it off' or 'get it on,' e.g.
  40. Screw the pooch, e.g.
  41. 'i had ten thousand, in a manner of speaking (5)'
  42. Turn of phrase
  43. Thick-headed opposition leader after one particular phrase
  44. Phrase, metaphor
  45. By the seat of one's pants, e.g
  46. "up the creek," is one
  47. Word usage peculiar to a specific group
  48. How i had ten thousand, in manner of speaking
  49. Language used by people or group
  50. Man with proof of identity, in a manner of speaking
  51. I had taken over island, in a manner of speaking
  52. ''hang one's head,'' e.g
  53. Man associated with papers — 11, for example?
  54. 'bring home the bacon,' e.g
  55. "fly off the handle" is one
  56. "one for the books," for one
  57. Fool changing the ending, in a manner of speaking
  58. Cold shoulder or hot corner
  59. Phrase such as over the moon
  60. "jump the shark," e.g.
  61. Rock and roll, e.g
  62. I would go to 14, in a manner of speaking
  63. Language lesson
  64. Colloquial phrase
  65. Moron's tail replaced by moron's head, in a manner of speaking
  66. I would go to the tt races location with style
  67. Language used by a people of group
  68. 'cut corners' or 'slash prices'
  69. Bit of dialect
  70. I'd recalled way of working one part of speech
  71. I had become attached to the isle of man in a manner of speaking
  72. Challenge for a nonnative speaker
  73. I'd take one instant to take up jargon
  74. Parlance
  75. Oddly neglected bird man, in a manner of speaking
  76. Challenge for an interpreter
  77. Said i omitted part of the colloquialism
  78. "hit the books" is one
  79. "talk turkey" or "eat crow"
  80. Language peculiarity
  81. Characteristic style of expression
  82. Translating challenge
  83. Challenge for an e.s.l. student
  84. "cat got your tongue?" e.g
  85. In southern france, recurring old expression
  86. In a manner of speaking, i hadten thousand
  87. "in the doghouse," for one
  88. Form of language that's the same on island
  89. Language peculiar to a particular group
  90. 'in a pickle,' e.g
  91. Under the weather, e.g
  92. "actions speak louder than words," e.g
  93. ''fly off the handle,'' e.g.
  94. Local style of expression
  95. ''kick the bucket,'' for one
  96. 'full of beans' or 'in a pickle,' e.g
  97. Linguistic peculiarity
  98. Don't take it literally
  99. Hit the sack, e.g.
  100. Eg, over the moon
  101. 'up the creek,' e.g.
  102. Language used by people or group, vernacular
  103. Man protecting little girl, in a manner of speaking
  104. Way of putting things
  105. Expression i love: 'dusky shrouds'
  106. "throw in the towel," e.g
  107. Language form
  108. Bite the bullet, e.g
  109. Expression that does not make literal sense
  110. Prestigious award? i had one first, in a manner of speaking
  111. Immigrant's hurdle
  112. Nonliteral expression
  113. Linguistic quirk
  114. Figurative expression
  115. 'in the red,' e.g
  116. Man with identity initially revealed by way of speaking
  117. "eat crow," e.g.
  118. For crying out loud, e.g.
  119. Turn of phrase fool shortened on mobile
  120. Fool mostly getting millions for a turn of phrase
  121. Piece of cake, e.g
  122. Man embracing girl, in a manner of speaking
  123. Man disturbed by girl's mode of expression
  124. Man led by instinctive force, in a manner of speaking
  125. Characteristic language of people or group
  126. "talk turkey," e.g
  127. "in the doghouse," e.g
  128. Man digesting girl's characteristic use of language
  129. Cash in one's chips or pay the ultimate price, e.g
  130. Expression that's foolish -- 'time is money'
  131. "when pigs fly," e.g
  132. How to talk about instincts? me? coming up!
  133. I had ten thousand, in a manner of speaking
  134. Characteristic style of a period
  135. Neat leaving mediation, in a manner of speaking
  136. Expression that's characteristic of particular group
  137. "eat crow" is one
  138. One is 'easy as pie'
  139. Language used by group, parlance
  140. 'hot to trot' or 'cold feet'
  141. Use of language
  142. Spoken language
  143. Peculiar speech form
  144. I had isolated part of the uk, in a manner of speaking
  145. Ten thousand i had, in a manner of speaking
  146. Beat around the bush, e.g
  147. Language learner's hurdle
  148. Did i omit to include phrase?
  149. Way of speaking a foolish person changed finally
  150. Hard-to-translate phrase
  151. "hit the hay" or "hit the road"
  152. Man grasping woman's characteristic style
  153. Special turn of phrase
  154. I would find ten more initially to see the light for example
  155. Use of words
  156. ''go to the dogs,'' e.g.
  157. "burn the midnight oil," for one
  158. Saying one's stupid to accept love
  159. Turn of phrase from one, not so bright, about love
  160. Common phrase
  161. Language of a people or group
  162. Said i omitted some form of expression
  163. Peculiar term diane found in offshore isle
  164. Dictator given order shows a particular expression
  165. Speaking style
  166. It's not literal
  167. 'the devil is in the details,' e.g
  168. Expression of one gloomy about love?
  169. Form of words in wedding response keeping one married?
  170. Form of linguistic expression
  171. "lose one's head" or "lose one's shirt"
  172. Dialect of a region
  173. Burn the midnight oil, e.g
  174. Shoot the breeze, e.g
  175. Saying specific to a certain language
  176. Set phrase
  177. Man following backward girl's turn of phrase
  178. Language learner's challenge
  179. Language of a people of group
  180. It's just an expression
  181. Barking up the wrong tree, e.g
  182. Special linguistic usage
  183. Wally wastes time on masculine mode of expression
  184. Phrase, expression
  185. 'give up the ghost,' e.g
  186. Man collaring detective, in a manner of speaking
  187. Me, pretentious, girl? au contraire, in a manner of speaking
  188. Colloquial speech
  189. Hit the hay, say
  190. Expression of love in south of france that's taken the wrong way
  191. There's really nothing in the midi back there in a manner of speaking
  192. Quirky phrase
  193. Dialect or vernacular
  194. I would go to british isle for regional speech
  195. I had ten grand, in a manner of speaking
  196. In dialect, it's one mode to start with
  197. Some said i omitted dialect!
  198. Local language
  199. Characteristic style, vocabulary
  200. Nothing in the midi up there, as the saying goes
  201. "up the creek" or "down the hatch"
  202. Dialect i'd picked up in the isle of man
  203. "on the fence," for example
  204. Seems i had ten thousand, in a manner of speaking
  205. Specific vocabulary
  206. "sitting duck," e.g
  207. Figurative language
  208. One unclear, empty, figure of speech?
  209. In a manner of speaking, i had ten thousand like this
  210. 'full of beans,' e.g
  211. Get one's goat, e.g
  212. "eat crow" or "talk turkey"
  213. In the wings or in full swing
  214. On easy street e.g.
  215. Strong suit or weak sauce
  216. Two girls upset about one’s form of expression
  217. “oft-quoted phrases or expressions such as “”apple of my eye”””
  218. Common expression like beat around the bush
  219. Take the cake e.g.
  220. In a pickle or in a jam
  221. I love to wear dumb expression
  222. Phrase with a figurative meaning
  223. Hit the ceiling, e.g.
  224. Play it by ear or see eye to eye e.g.
  225. Dog-tired or cat burglar
  226. In seventh heaven or on cloud nine
  227. 34 across for instance
  228. Dialect, vernacular
  229. Style of speaking characteristic of a specific group
  230. Challenge for a translator
  231. An expression of how i had ten thousand
  232. Talk turkey or chicken out
  233. Seems i hadf ten thousand, in a manner of speaking
  234. Ten amid the mid, as they say
  235. Language oddity
  236. Group of words in which the meaning may not be obvious
  237. 'in the raw,' 'in the red' or 'in the running'
  238. Zeus's inamorata in midstream in a manner of speaking
  239. Man following some subconscious speech pattern
  240. Former african leader taken up with girl, in a manner of speaking
  241. I love to get stuck into stupid dialect
  242. Translator's hurdle
  243. Turn of phrase that shows who i am when i'm backed
  244. On the ball or off the grid
  245. Take the cake or cream of the crop
  246. It's raining cats and dogs for one
  247. Peculiarity of phrase in a language
  248. Cool beans or warm fuzzies
  249. In my bag e.g.
  250. Figure of speech that doesn't translate literally
  251. Down in the dumps say
  252. Manner of speaking or writing
  253. Let the cat out of the bag for one
  254. "apple of my eye," for example
  255. Hit the road, say
  256. Pull someone's leg in a manner of speaking
  257. Feel blue or see red
  258. Fell on deaf ears or giving the cold shoulder for instance
  259. Play it by ear e.g.
  260. Horse around or rain cats and dogs
  261. 'green thumb' or 'purple prose'
  262. Challenge for translation
  263. "pound the pavement" or "break the ice"
  264. Take a chance or take a look
  265. Theres nothing in one stupid phrase
  266. Vocabulary characteristic of a specific group
  267. Ants in ones pants or bee in ones bonnet
  268. Figure of speech such as spill the beans
  269. On the ball or off the wagon e.g.
  270. Bad apple for example
  271. Figure of speech that may not translate literally
  272. In the red or in the black?
  273. Piece of cake for one
  274. On the ball or off the wagon e g
  275. Hit the nail on the head e.g.
  276. Speak of the devil e.g.
  277. Under the weather e.g.
  278. Man following retired woman&rsquo s turn of phrase
  279. Form of expression
  280. Hit the nail on the head e g
  281. Dialect id picked up in isle of man
  282. Rings a bell e.g.
  283. In a pickle e.g.
  284. Going to the dogs for example
  285. In la-la land e.g.
  286. Nonliteral phrase
  287. “beat around the bush ” for example
  288. Love trapped by one obscure colloquialism
  289. It might get lost in translation
  290. Distinctive phrase fool finally changes
  291. Its commonly said
  292. Piece of cake e.g.
  293. Under the weather say
  294. Raining cats and dogs, for e g
  295. Bite the bullet, e g
  296. Under the weather or piece of cake , e g
  297. Under the weather or raining cats and dogs, e g
  298. Its raining cats and dogs, for one

Crosswords containing the word "IDIOM"

  1. Like a jaybird, in an idiom
  2. Choir mucks about, avoiding hard compositional style in modern idiom
  3. Suffix with idiom
  4. Idiom: abbr.
  5. Come out __ not so subtle boxing idiom
  6. Big __ sports idiom meaning more important
  7. Womb, in an idiom
  8. Sticking point in an idiom
  9. Look-alikes, in an idiom
  10. Unusual idiom, it's portrayal of a moronic state