1. Fragrant lily
  2. Flower getting hearts fluttering in yacht
  3. Flower with a bulb
  4. Fragrant bulb
  5. Flower named for a tragic
  6. Liliaceous plant in yacht manoeuvring by hotel
  7. Blue-pink spring flowers from bulbs
  8. Apollo named a flower after him
  9. A bulbous perennial herb native to the mediterranean
  10. Fragrant bulbous plant
  11. Hothead in yacht going out with relative of lily
  12. Flower, in an achy hint
  13. Sounds like the way to greet the girl till all is blue
  14. Fragrantly-flowered bulb
  15. Bulb-based plant with fragrant bell-shaped flowers
  16. Plant bushy lilac again with only eastern-facing pairs
  17. Fragrant blue white or pink bulbous flower
  18. Clue about bank coming up, hard, which proves bloomerclue about bank coming up, hard, which proves bloomer
  19. Divine hero of greek mythology
  20. Any hitch in the flower?
  21. Bulbous perennial herb of the lily family
  22. The sound of a friendly greeting to a girl you know, till all is blue (8)
  23. The familiar way to greet the girl till all is blue
  24. Sounds like a familiar way to greet cynthia till all is blue
  25. Cynthia arranged to visit hospital with plant from lily
  26. Hail a blooming girl like 24 across, by the sound of it
  27. In greek myth, a beautiful youth killed by a discus thrown by apollo, his lover
  28. Henry is trendy aboard yacht, training with relative of lily
  29. Lily can resolve any hitch
  30. Highly scented flower from bulb
  31. Bucket on tv bulb
  32. Bucket associated with this flower, appearances being important
  33. Bulbous house plant
  34. Bulbous flower
  35. Zircon variety
  36. Popular flower grown from bulb
  37. Is this a flowery way to greet cynthia?
  38. The way you might be greeting cynthia till all is blue
  39. Bucket for flower
  40. Flower husband presented to poorly cynthia
  41. Fragrant perennial
  42. Plant making most of hand itchy somehow
  43. Any hitch may be attributable to this bulb going out
  44. Mrs bucket in 'keeping up appearances'
  45. Plant with colorful flower clusters
  46. Hullo, cynthia! you're looking blooming blue
  47. Flower child's second in yacht to be replaced
  48. Sounds like the way to greet the blooming girl till all is blue
  49. Bluish purple
  50. -- bucket, main character in the tv sitcom 'keeping up appearances'
  51. Flower named for a tragic figure in greek myth
  52. Germs race a bit out of control
  53. Plant hard to transport in yacht
  54. Bloom with showy clusters
  55. Liliaceous plant of the mediterranean with a thick flower stalk
  56. __ macaw; bright blue parrot of south america
  57. Spring bulb with many bracts and pastel colors
  58. Greet the girl in flowery, familiar fashion
  59. Flower thats often purple
  60. Spring bulb flower and a female name
  61. Keeping up appearances
  62. Spring bulb with many pastel bracts

Crosswords containing the word "HYACINTH"

  1. Cousin of a hyacinth
  2. Mother of hyacinth, in my
  3. Hyacinth relative
  4. Hyacinth holder
  5. Rhubarb plants left among roots of willowherb, azalea and hyacinth
  6. She had one hyacinth and the greeks called her a muse
  7. Hyacinth
  8. Hyacinth ___, tv character played by patricia routledge
  9. Wild hyacinth
  10. Wearing footgear place tip of hyacinth into a piece of turf