1. Fraud
  2. Elaborate april fool
  3. Hoodwink
  4. Relative of fake news
  5. Crop circles e.g.
  6. Piltdown man, notably
  7. Major prank
  8. Flimflam
  9. Trick central characters in show with source of audience vote
  10. Deception
  11. Martian invasion report,
  12. Practical joke
  13. Bigfoot photo, e.g.
  14. Humorous or malicious deception
  15. April 1 news story, maybe
  16. Fraudulent event
  17. Leg-pull
  18. Malicious act making husband or aunt initially cross
  19. Fool's house with a cross
  20. Piltdown man, say
  21. Piltdown man, for one
  22. Kid giving old vietnamese leader a kiss
  23. Deceptive deed
  24. Good thing to check snopes.com for
  25. 1938 "the war of the worlds" broadcast, for one
  26. Many a p.t. barnum exhibit
  27. Ufo photo, perhaps
  28. Ultimately, irish bull includes a joke
  29. The piltdown man, e.g.
  30. Trickster's deception
  31. Welles' martian invasion broadcast, e.g.
  32. Welles's 'the war of the worlds,' e.g
  33. Horse race at epsom broadcast for 27
  34. Chain letters, usually
  35. Debunked thing
  36. April fool's prank
  37. House with a faulty sign? that's deceptive
  38. With an initial switch of taps, beguile fool
  39. Spare tire, essentially
  40. Scam or sham
  41. The protocols of the elders of zion, e.g
  42. April 1 event
  43. April 1st event
  44. Barnum's 'feejee mermaid,' e.g
  45. Welles' 'war of the worlds,' e.g.
  46. Something intended to deceive
  47. Canal flows uphill for god
  48. Like a famous welles radio broadcast
  49. Horse — farm animal — eating a gull
  50. Barnum's fiji mermaid, for one
  51. The performances of milli vanilli, essentially
  52. Like some u.f.o. sightings
  53. Snow job
  54. A joking kind of deception
  55. Fool henry beheaded to win round?
  56. Deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage
  57. Some macho axe-wielding fool
  58. Sting, for instance
  59. Finishes off with two aquaria and ten cod
  60. Hands out again introductions by spoof
  61. Take in hostilities only asterix ends
  62. Attempt to attract attention with a kiss that deceives
  63. Big con
  64. Deliberate trickery
  65. It's not real
  66. Hardwoods called for a trick?
  67. The finding of a virgin mary-shaped gummy candy, e.g
  68. Elaborate deception
  69. The 1938 broadcast of "the war of the worlds" was one
  70. Deceptive trick, a leg-pull
  71. April 1 trick
  72. Playful fraud
  73. Set up housing loans from halifax banks
  74. Leg-pull, short-cut after half-hour
  75. Elaborate lie
  76. Spam content, often
  77. Deceptive trick, could be malicious
  78. Practical joke, a leg-pull
  79. Husband gets bull with a deception
  80. Act of humorous or malicious deception
  81. 1869's cardiff giant e.g.
  82. April fools' day rumor for e.g.
  83. Deceptive trick
  84. Fake story on april fools’ day for example
  85. Elaborate prank
  86. Intended trick or prank
  87. Elaborate fraud
  88. The war of the worlds broadcast notably
  89. Phony discovery, perhaps
  90. A fraud or deception
  91. The cardiff giant, notably
  92. A plan to deceive
  93. Ufo sighting that was faked for instance
  94. Mencken’s history of the bathtub e.g.
  95. Many an urban legend
  96. Deception such as the piltdown man
  97. Elaborate fake
  98. Snopes subject
  99. Deceive dupe
  100. What conspiracy theorists say neil armstrong's lunar landing was
  101. Malicious call
  102. Starts hell of a xylophone for local spoof
  103. Fraudulent trick
  104. Elaborate ruse
  105. Photo of the loch ness monster for example
  106. Two short tools for fool
  107. Many an april 1 news item
  108. Deceptive ruse

Crosswords containing the word "HOAX"

  1. A winter's tale character in the midst of hoax, raging briefly
  2. Armed force keeps on ignoring hoax trains
  3. Certain internet hoax
  4. Parody, hoax
  5. Hoax over rubbish presented as decree
  6. Caretaker: "i was taken in by trojan hoax"
  7. Jape - hoax
  8. Potential hoax subjects
  9. Subject of a classic hoax
  10. Himalayan hoax