1. Unorthodox opinion
  2. Rejection of church dogma
  3. Present sociology's case for unorthodox view
  4. Religious dissent
  5. Inquisition infraction
  6. Religious unorthodoxy
  7. Unorthodox belief present with syria’s leaders
  8. Odd parts of essay on goddess ultimately dismissed as contrary to usual belief
  9. Grounds for excommunicati
  10. Diet of worms concern
  11. Nicene council concern
  12. Reason for excommunicatio
  13. Unorthodox belief
  14. Present leaders of synod display non-conformist belief
  15. Opinion opposed to conventional belief
  16. Joan of arc's crime
  17. Dangerous pronouncements
  18. Martin luther's crime
  19. Comes from a greek word meaning choice
  20. It may make a church cross
  21. The wrong idea? this is why i speak
  22. Unorthodoxy - apostasy
  23. Doctrine that differs from the orthodox
  24. Let me introduce yankee's contrary belief
  25. Nonconforming opinion
  26. Let me present the ultimate in blasphemy!
  27. One of joan of arc's crimes
  28. Inquisition charge
  29. This is the reason for report -- to inquisition?
  30. Behold ultimate in nonconformity?
  31. Divergence from orthodoxy
  32. Opinion contrary to accepted beliefs of religion
  33. Unorthodox thinking
  34. Cause for burning at the stake
  35. This is the place for y to be unacceptable
  36. Unorthodox religious opinion
  37. Opinion opposed to the usual belief
  38. There's your hidden error
  39. Opinion opposed to orthodox belief
  40. A pointing out of almost the last character in gnosticism?
  41. Belief contrary to the orthodox
  42. Opinion contrary to those of orthodox religion
  43. Belief opposed to the norm
  44. Deviation from orthodox religious thinking
  45. Act of messing with doctrine
  46. Radical rejection of church dogma
  47. Opinion contrary to accepted religious belief
  48. Unconventional belief
  49. Joan of arc's offense
  50. Reason for an inquisition
  51. Religious non-conformity
  52. She puts roger in his place with blasphemy
  53. Doctrine at variance with the orthodox position
  54. This is the place for y to be unacceptable, it seems
  55. Opinion contrary to generally accepted beliefs
  56. Excommunication provocation
  57. Contrary belief
  58. Opinion contrary to accepted beliefs
  59. Dissenting religious belief
  60. Unorthodox doctrine
  61. Where synod squashes unorthodox belief
  62. Bird leaves derbyshire with religious disbelief
  63. It's not accepted that y is at this point,perhaps
  64. Unorthodoxy
  65. This is where you'll find the ultimate in unorthodoxy?
  66. Grounds for excommunication
  67. Belief contrary to authorised teaching of a religion
  68. This is why, say, it's impious
  69. Ecumenical council concern
  70. This is why broadcast is unacceptable opinion
  71. Hears why, so to speak, you shouldn't believe it
  72. Non-orthodox opinion
  73. Let me show you why i say this view is unacceptable
  74. Behold the ultimate in heterodoxy?
  75. Reason for luther's excommunication
  76. Non-conformist belief can be sheer madness at the end of the day
  77. Present sly student dropped, with refusal to conform
  78. Doctrine at odds with orthodoxy
  79. Unorthodox religious belief
  80. Opinion contrary to orthodox belief
  81. Yes her (anag.)
  82. The woman's promiscuous -- not a minority view
  83. Opinion contrary to accepted religious beliefs
  84. Opinion opposed to orthodox religious teachings
  85. Unorthodox opinion in this place is unknown
  86. Belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion
  87. Charge against galileo
  88. At this place heartless remark is a no-no for the faithful
  89. Galileo's crime
  90. Iconoclasm
  91. What galileo was nearly convicted of
  92. Seemes this is the y that's unacceptable
  93. At this point y is found to be unacceptable
  94. Belief that goes against the accepted religion
  95. Speaking against god
  96. Blasphemy
  97. Belief contrary to religion
  98. Opinion at odds with religion
  99. Girl's simple article overlooked heterodoxy
  100. In this place is an unknown contrary opinion
  101. I give you the ultimate in impiety!
  102. Belief that's anathema to the orthodox
  103. Luther's crime per the diet of worms
  104. Doctrine that differs from the orthodox position
  105. This is the ultimate in blasphemy?
  106. That womans back, extremely sensible why most people dont believe this!
  107. Joan of arc's crime
  108. Behold the end of messy religious disagreement?

Crosswords containing the word "HERESY"

  1. Convenient limits to heresy
  2. Cutting out heresy vacuously repeated around popular faction? cripes!
  3. Top heresy about magician's cry
  4. Renounce (a heresy)
  5. Heresy
  6. Political idealist, say, got off with kind of heresy
  7. Heresy, no doubt, is exposed here
  8. Seat of heresy in fatal bigotry
  9. English character nearly a heresy (levellers' view)
  10. Old saints, if meeting heresy, ultimately become rigid