1. Arrangement of sondheim being purely for pleasure
  2. Pleasure-seeking
  3. Supply me with dosh in search for pleasure
  4. Philosophy of epicurus
  5. Pursuit of pleasure
  6. Lifestyle devoted to pleasure
  7. Living for pleasure
  8. Assume one's keeping within the boundary in seeking pleasure
  9. His demon (anag.)
  10. Gratification of 'the don' is murder
  11. Taking pleasure in pleasure
  12. Hard way to admit transgression after rebuffing indulgence
  13. Pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence
  14. Philosophical principle of pleasure-seeking
  15. Doctrine that pleasure is the highest good
  16. Pleasure principle
  17. Intense enjoyment makes his demon wild
  18. Devotion to pleasure
  19. Explosive fellow is male seeking excessive pleasure
  20. The pusuit of pleasure as life's greatest good
  21. It's a pleasure to put this philosophy into practice
  22. Pleasure-seeking housewife disheartened -- academic is married!
  23. Belief that pleasure is the highest good
  24. Demon going wrong with his excessive pursuit of pleasure
  25. The belief that pleasure is the chief good in life
  26. The pursuit of happiness as a matter of principle
  27. The pursuit of and devotion to pleasure
  28. Process of pleasure-seeking
  29. Ethical pursuit solely of pleasure
  30. System based on pleasure as the highest good

Crosswords containing the word "HEDONISM"

  1. Scorer's outburst of hedonism?
  2. Onetime japanese capital associated with the 'floating world' lifestyle of hedonism
  3. Hedonism for sondheim
  4. Place for hedonism
  5. Satisfied honour - is hedonism admissible?
  6. Hedonism is this composer's undoing
  7. Time of extravagance and hedonism
  8. Immature type finds something outstanding in a burst of hedonism
  9. During second month, found information connected with church hedonism