1. Whaling spear
  2. Keep talking tediously about old weapon
  3. Whale-hunting spear
  4. Long barbed spear used for whaling sealing
  5. Spear-like instrument used in whaling
  6. Spear for fishing
  7. Spear used in hunting whales
  8. Barbed whale-spear
  9. Queequeg's weapon
  10. Go on bearing old weapon
  11. Continue to talk annoyingly about old weapon
  12. Barbed missile
  13. Weapon for whales
  14. Barbed whaling spear
  15. Marx concerned with missile
  16. Whale spear
  17. Ideal for those getting to grips with moby dick, for instance, or a slip of the tongue?
  18. Go on about catching nothing with one of these
  19. Whaler's missile
  20. Whaler's weapon
  21. Whaling weapon
  22. Spear for old whaler
  23. With nothing on the end of it, the instrument is penetratingly sharp
  24. Instrument having nothing on a barbed spear
  25. Spear with a line attached for fishing
  26. "moby-dick" weapon
  27. Cabinet minister holding defence arrangements - a spear
  28. Wartime precautions in house covering possible missile
  29. Barb from groucho's brother performing
  30. Actor with no words to say, using spear
  31. Speak tediously about old word often used in moby-dick
  32. Talk tiresomely about old spear
  33. Whale-catching missile
  34. Pequod weapon
  35. Whale spear
  36. The whaler's spear
  37. Marx talking about object of whaling industry?
  38. Keep talking about old weapon
  39. Spear used in whaling
  40. Weapon for whaling
  41. Whaler's pointed tool for capturing prey
  42. Weapon used by whalers at sea
  43. 'with strings attached and nothing on, can have the whale of a killing (7)'
  44. Talk incessantly about duck's weapon
  45. Weapon for 27-across
  46. Anti-whale weapon
  47. Long heavy spear
  48. Talk tediously about old hunting weapon
  49. Queequeg wielded one
  50. Inuit marauders member born kodiak noatak
  51. Talk tediously about old whale killer
  52. Talk incessantly about old weapon at sea

Crosswords containing the word "HARPOON"

  1. Harpoon, e.g.
  2. Scientist works here with harpoon and cage? not he
  3. Discards harpoon held by cheat - quite the reverse
  4. Use a harpoon
  5. Harpoon
  6. Food related; sort of gore harpoon or jab
  7. Harpoon, essentially
  8. Harpoon material
  9. 'thy hour and thy harpoon are at hand!' speaker
  10. Harpoon or javelin